Choosing the Correct Hair Color

Deciding on a new hair color isn’t always easy. How do you choose which color is best for you? Those tiny swatches on the boxes of hair color just don’t cut it, do they? Don’t be afraid to enlist some help from your stylist! Armed with a ton of hair-color swatches (and potions that help create these colors) a professional stylist is able to consult with you to help you find the color that works best with your skin tone and eye color. Don’t worry, my stylist has assured me that even if you don’t have your salon do the coloring for you, they are still happy to help you find an at home choice that will suit your strands. The best part? No more holding up the box to your head and asking a friend what she thinks. The video below shows some tips on how a stylist will help uncover the best haircolor for a client.


Curl Watch: Young Hollywood

From Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Watson to Miley Cyrus, young Hollywood has embraced curls in a big way! This short video montage showcases the cutest curly styles on the hottest young celebs.


Sex and the City Movie Trailer

Wanna see the Sex and the City Movie trailer? I couldn’t help but post this – hey it’s Friday, why not? I’m a huge SATC fan. The fashion, the shoes, the sex… and of course BIG! My favorite four are back and I can’t wait! Definitely cosmos tonight…

Big Bodacious Buns – Two Styles You Can ‘Do

Ford Models hairstylist Ashley Javier shows us two options for creating beautiful buns worthy of any big bash. First up a becoming, bending bow that’s both attention getting and elegant, then a beehive-y bun that’s almost as big as Heidi Klum’s 2008 Oscar hairstyle. Both of these styles work best with longer hair and are all the rage right now. There’s lots of buzz about the buns, it’s already our second post this week!


Crunchy Curls? Scrunch ‘Em

Davines Curl Enhancing SerumI have naturally curly hair that I blow dry, straighten, big barrel curling iron, tie up, twist, bun, braid and at times secure with a pencil while I’m at work. But sometimes it’s really nice to let my hair air dry. It not only gives my hair a much needed rest from the MANY heat appliances I love so much, it also give me a break from styling.  Makes me wonder where I find all that time everyday to style? Hmmm…. 

On the days that I do let my hair air dry I always like to use a little product to help coax and control my curls so they don’t dry into a frizzy mess – never a good look. First I use a leave-in conditioner – right now I’m loving Infusium 23, I got the giant bottle from Target. I really load up too. If the bottle says to use a ‘dime size’ portion, I figure I’m using about $1.25-$2.00 in assorted change.

Then I follow with some curl cream, I usually will use anything that says curl or cream or both. Lately my faves have been Bumble & bumble Curl Creme – Kinky Chick and Davines Love Curl Enhancing Serum (pictured). I find this conditioner/cream combo will really create the nice defined curls I want but sometimes they dry a little crunchy. If you have curly hair you know what I mean.

Nothing is worse than a crunchy curl! Curls should be light and full of movement. Happy curls love to bounce – not hang there looking all stiff and crunchy. What to do? Scrunch ’em. How? Watch this… finally a video from someone who understands, thanks Jessicurl!

Celeb Style: Christian Siriano

Christian SirianoOf course Christian Siriano is Project Runway’s fan favorite. Who else could it be? We all know he’s fierce and ferosh. He’s been telling and showing us all season. He’s extremely creative, super talented and of course I should mention his edgy little hairdo. Half tiny woodland creature, half serious, it’s this close to an emo hairstyle. Plus, he adores his flat iron (I’d pick up a ghd IV 1/2″ mini flat iron for this style) and his giant can o’ hairspray as much as I do – what’s not to love? You go Ferocia Coutura, you really are our favorite. Best of luck in Bryant Park we can’t wait to see your collection.

Consider this short video homage to your hairstyle and fierceness. 

Short Hairstyle Ideas

Considering a shorter hairstyle? You won’t be at a loss for inspiration if you check out this video montage chock full of ideas. Classy, sassy, pixie or punk, you name it – it’s on here.


Runway Hair with Kerastase

Need a quick fix? Check out this short video montage of Luigi Murenu’s looks from the fashion runways, representing one of our favorite brands, Kerastase. Some of the hairstyles are sassy and some are quite simple, but all show serious style.