Are Your Bald Spots Showing?

If you have thinning hair, I have one question for you…Have you tried Toppik? Toppik is a safe, natural and undetectable way to improve the appearance of thinning hair without harmful drugs, chemicals or surgery. We conceal our pores, our pimples, our tummies, why not conceal our thinning hair? Intrigued? Keep reading…

Tooppik Hair Building FibersToppik Hair Building Fibers are made from pure organic Keratin Protein – the same protein found in human hair. These tiny microfiber “hairs” are electro-statically charged to form a magnetic attraction with your existing hair – however thin – and blend perfectly to conceal the appearance of thinning and balding in seconds. Just shake and GO! It even works on peach fuzz.

Plus it comes in eight, color-matched fiber choices so you can conceal thinning hair on any natural hair color from snow white to jet black and every shade in between. A few shakes of Toppik above your thinning areas will disperse thousands of tiny hair-like fibers that will match your existing hair color, and bond with your own hair to conceal thinning and create a more natural looking, thicker, fuller head of hair.

And, no, it won’t come off! The secure bond stays put all day (and night) even in rain, wind, you name it – it won’t come off until you wash it out. Safe, secure and undetectable as close as two inches away…now that’s a solution we all like!

So say goodbye to the ‘sweep’ and the comb-over! If you are experiencing thinning hair and are looking for a natural, simple solution, give Toppik a try. It’s safe and easy to use, and it’s a great non-surgical alternative.

Bonus Points: The Travel Size is the perfect way to try the product for a few days without committing to a big bottle. You’ll see a natural, thicker looking head of hair (without chemicals!) in seconds and you’ll never have to worry about detection.

See for yourself! Here’s a quick video on applying Toppik…

Why wait? Eliminate the look of your thinning hair with Toppik. You can learn more by reading Toppik – The Instant Solution.


Do I need Toppik Fiber Hold Spray?

Do I need to use the fiber hold spray with toppik? – Gloria via email

No, you don’t need to use the Fiber Hold Spray with your Toppik. Toppik hair fibers are actually are electro-statically charged to form a magnetic attraction with your existing hair – and will stay put without any outside help. Genius, we know! These tiny hair-like fibers mix and securely bond with your own hair for a natural look that is undetectable as close as two inches away, and will stay put through wind, rain, whatever comes your way.

Toppik FiberHold SprayThat being said, many of our customers prefer using Toppik Hair Fibers with Toppik FiberHold Spray to really ensure the fibers stay put for a long amount of time. This spray was specifically developed to increase the bond between Toppik Fibers and your thinning hairs, and can even be brushed after it dries for a softer look. Using the Fiber Hold Spray allows for more complete coverage of the Toppik Fibers and will provide the ultimate hold that is guaranteed to last.

Great for every day, or just for special occasions, Toppik does an incredible job of making people with thinning hair look and feel better. To learn more about Toppik, I suggest reading Toppik – The Instant Solution.

– StraightBelle