Shea Butter: A Moisturizing Powerhouse

loccitane,shea butter,shampoo,conditioner,reviewWhen I wore my hair naturally in two-strand twists or in a twist-out style, I relied on shea butter to moisturize and strengthen my hair. But I always thought shea butter was too heavy for relaxed or finer hair types.

Fortunately, I was wrong. There are many products on the market that use the moisturizing powerhouse shea butter to condition, moisturize, and strengthen all hair types. Two products that caught my attention recently are L’Occitane’s Shea Butter For Dry Hair Shampoo and Shea Butter For Dry Hair Conditioner.

L’Occitane’s Shea Butter For Dry Hair Shampoo is a light sudsing shampoo with a subtle, calming scent. I was impressed with how soft and smooth my hair felt after using the shampoo – even before conditioning. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, though, I suffer with itchy scalp. So, while the shampoo cleaned my hair well without stripping it, it did not calm my itchy scalp, even after shampooing twice. Since that first trial, I’ve used Shea Butter For Dry Hair Shampoo after shampooing with Tea Tree Shampoo as a way to begin softening my hair before using conditioner. I like this shampoo combination a lot.

I then follow with L’Occitane’s Shea Butter For Dry Hair Conditioner. Shea Butter For Dry Hair Conditioner is a lightweight conditioner that packs a punch. I left the conditioner on for five minutes and then rinsed with lukewarm water. The conditioner rinses well and does not leave a heavy coat on my hair. I was pleasantly surprised at this conditioner’s ability to soften, smooth, and de-frizz my hair.

Give your hair a chance to soak up natural moisture. Try L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Dry Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

Nicole L.B. Furlonge

Pureology is Pure Volume!

Pureology Pure Volume ConditionerI am a big fan of any conditioner that adds a lot of moisture and body to my hair without weighing it down. Usually, if I go for volume my hair seems to get a little dry, and if I go for moisture there is no volume. Then I think, hmmm, should I just go for color-treated? ARGH! What is a girl to do?

Now I know, go straight for Pureology Pure Volume Conditioner. It’s a weightless conditioning creme which controls fly aways and adds body and shine to your hair. Normally when I see the word “weightless” I think “useless” but not this time! My hair has a nice smooth sheen to it, and there is plenty of added volume. Plus it doesn’t feel greasy or like I used too much conditioner.

Bonus Points! It’s specially formulated for color-treated hair, 100% vegan with no animal testing, alcohol free and offers thermal and UVA/UVB protection. (And yes, they have a Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo too!)


Which CHI 1″ Flat Iron is right for YOU?

CHII know, I know, your best friend has a CHI flat iron and you want one too. Or maybe your hairstylist told you to buy a CHI so you can get those silky straight strands at home. I hear it all the time, “I want to buy the CHI 1″ Flat Iron.” I gladly answer, “Sure, which one?”

CHI truly is an innovative brand well known in the beauty industry for producing some of the most sought after flat irons on the planet, and it seems as if absolutely everyone has been told to buy one. But, there are so many CHI’s out there; CHI Original, CHI Turbo, CHI Pink, CHI Nano… which CHI is right for you?

The Similarities:
In addition to all being fabulous flat irons, they do share a few common features such as:

  • 1″ curved plates for straight and curly styles
  • Ceramic, Ionic and Far Infrared Technology to smooth down the hair’s cuticle and create sleek, shiny hair without damage
  • Flash heating for quick heat-up times
  • Quick recovery time – this eliminates damaging hot spots that can damage your hair

So at least you know whichever CHI you choose, you’re getting an absolute powerhouse dedicated to smoothing your hair with every snag-free glide, but read on to find out what each CHI is famous for…

CHI Original Ceramic Flat IronCHI Original 1″ Flat Iron
Product Snapshot: This professional salon model is a best-seller for good reason…it’s awesome. Part of CHI’s original collection of flat irons, this versatile styling tool has an ergonomic design and curved edge plates to create any style from straight to curly and everything in between. With a flash heating element and fixed temperature setting, the power to create the style of your dreams is your hands, and with ceramic, ionic, infrared technology, frizz is nowhere to be found.

The main difference: Fixed temperature – it provides the exact amount of heat every time, and everyone loves this iron.

CHI Pink Dazzle Flat IronCHI Pink 1″ Dazzle Ceramic Flat Iron
You get the professional CHI Original Ceramic 1″ Flat Iron in, you guessed it – PINK! With its ergonomic design and curved edge plates you’ll be straightening and curling constantly. Plus, Farouk Systems will donate a portion of all sales (from October -December) of this limited edition pink flat iron to support national breast cancer awareness. It’s a great cause and a great tool.

Why I love it: It’s a limited edition iron – the same as the CHI Original – but a portion of all sales go to support National Breast Cancer Awareness. What’s not to love?

CHI Turbo Flat IronCHI Turbo 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron
Turn on the turbo and get a great style fast with the CHI Turbo 1″ Flat Iron. Ceramic, ionic technology seals in the hair’s natural moisture and shine by smoothing the hair cuticle, creating a healthy static-free shine. Variable temperature settings from 175 to 356 degrees F allow you to control the amount of gentle, far infrared heat as you style. Negative ion activity straightens your hair making it sleek and smooth, and the curved edge plates allow you to make curls and waves as well.

What’s so special? Variable Temperature Settings – you control the amount of heat your hair needs – perfect for if you cannot use your iron on the hottest setting. Plus, I think the Turbo grips you hair much better than the Original model. This matters if your hair is somewhat difficult to straighten.

Bonus points: Felt heat protection on the outside of the iron.

CHI Nano Ceramic Flat IronCHI Nano Ceramic 1″ Flat Iron
Product Snapshot: If you’re looking for the latest in technology, you’re looking for the CHI Nano 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron. This ceramic ionic professional appliance features include flash heating in under 10 seconds, curved edge plates for curling and straightening, and a temperature setting from 302-356 degrees F. Innovative Nano Silver Technology in the iron eliminates bacteria, creating a germ-free environment every time you use it. Talk about innovation! CHI rocks.

Why it’s a best-seller: Nano Silver Technology eliminates bacteria on the iron. That’s cool. Very cool.


CHI Nano Digital Ceramic Flat IronCHI Nano Digital 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron
Product Snapshot: With the latest in Nano Silver Technology and Digital Control Options, this CHI Nano Digital 1″ Flat Iron is sure to become your new best friend. Packed with innovative technology including Nano Silver Technology that eliminates bacteria on the appliance, creating a germ-free environment every time you use it, this ceramic ionic professional appliance features flash heating, far infrared heat and curved plates for creating straight styles, flips and curls.

The perks: Nano Silver Technology eliminates bacteria on the iron, which as you know is very cool; it also has digital control options. If you want a hi-tech tool, this is it!

The breakthrough technology used in the development of CHI appliances has given them a competitive edge by allowing them to create truly unique products and styling tools that are so well known in the industry they are asked for time and time again. From the latest in far infrared, ceramic and ionic technology to pioneering the newest Nano Silver technology, CHI tools not only out perform other appliances, but some of their tools actually sterilize themselves.

If you’re ready to style your hair like a professional, you’re ready for CHI – go directly to our CHI Flat Irons section, it’s chock full of CHI – in our favorite 1″ size.