Oprah’s Hair is All Hers

Oprah Natural

On Oprah’s show yesterday they talked all about hair – black hair, white hair, and everything in between.  Chris Rock was a guest on the show launching his new documentary Good Hair.  Oprah revealed to Chris Rock that her hair real not a weave.  The picture above proves it!  You go Oprah.  I know there are millions of jealous women out there.  Check out our slideshow of Oprah’s Hair timeline.

Oprah’s Hair on the NY Show


Oprah has really out done herself this time with an incredible half up half down bouffant hair style at her NY premiere show!   Oprah, oh how I wish I could have been at this NY show.  It was a definite party and this hair do was fit for a queen.  I have been noticing a little more bouffant lift in the hair.  Have you?