Nicole Richie’s New Do


Nicole Richie was spotted in Hollywood with her new ‘very simple’ do.  She trimmed her hair 6 inches but kept her blonde color.  To me it doesn’t look that different but I guess 6 inches is 6 inches.

Celeb Style: Nicole Richie

Nicole RichieNicole Richie’s sideswept bangs give an updated, modern twist to the retro feathered look of years ago, and is a simple style to recreate. Straighten hair with a domed flat iron like the HAI Elite Tong and when you get to the last two inches of the section of hair, flip the iron outward to create a gentle flip upward. For the back of hair, turn the iron inward so the hair flips under. Finish with a touch of Davines Defining Shine Pomade to keep your flips from flopping.