Celeb Style: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan - New York Magazine CoverAh, Lindsay Lohan. Nude photos huh? Funny, we’ve all seen you up close and personal many a time getting in and out of your rides sans-bloomers. Oh, but this is different, a photo shoot, I get it! New York Magazine (one of my faves) has plucked little miss fresh from rehab and I’ll never do it again Lohan out of obscurity? Oops, I mean tabloid central to pose in nothing but her freckles as none other than Marilyn. Monroe. Dare I even type that? There’s only ONE Marilyn. But really, all you need is that classic Marilyn blonde ‘do and your three-quarters of the way to pulling it off. Complete glamour captured in time, her hairstyle must be the most iconic style around. One quick glance at the strands and it’s pure Marilyn. As for Lindsay, I’ll admit it, she does looks great. Just keep it clean Li-Lo, keep it clean – unfortunately we all know what happened to dear Marilyn.

Madonna Sunsilk Video Clip

If you caught our earlier post, you know that Sunsilk is running a commercial during the Superbowl featuring Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Shakira in a “Life Can’t Wait” promotion. If your life can’t wait for the Superbowl, no problem, here’s a sneak peak!

Madonna + Shakira + Marilyn Monroe Equals…

MadonnaOne killer ad campaign from Sunsilk! These three style icons, well recognized around the world for their passion, talent and ever changing, risk-taking looks, will be featured in a new ad campaign to be aired during the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Capturing the life-defining moments of these three beauties, the campaign hopes to inspire women to have the confidence to live their own lives to the fullest. Encouraging women to take “leaps of faith in their own lives and looks”, this message will be supported by a full blown “life can’t wait” media blitz on billboards, Myspace, AOL, you name it! We’ll be keeping an eye out.

P.S. If your life can’t wait for the superbowl, catch a sneek peak of the video.