Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment with Collagen

What is Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment and does it work? Yes yes yes! Rejuvenol is a brazilian keratin based temporary straightening treatment that will keep your locks sleek and shiny for up to 5 months. It is very similar to the Keratin Complex by Coppola and the Global Keratin with Juvexin. The big difference? Rejuvenol has many more straightening options for the stylist or the at home professional. Rejuvenol has an original formula but also has a formaldehyde free version, a 1 hr treatment, and a 24 hr treatment. What is a 1 hr treatment? You only have to keep it in your hair for 1 hr and then you can rinse it out. Yay! Much better than the 72 hours you have to wait for Keratin Complex and Global Keratin. That is definitely revolutionary.

We posed a few much needed questions to the people at Rejuvenol and got some fantastic answers! Read on.

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment over Japanese straightening?
A: Yes, you can do the treatment over any kind of straightening.

Q: Is the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment a relaxer?
A: Yes, it is a treatment based of Keratin that naturally relaxes your hair.

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment after coloring?
A: Yes. For better results we recommend doing the treatment after coloring your hair.

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment on top of relaxed hair?
A: Yes, you can do the treatment over any previously relaxed hair.

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment on previously chemically treated hair?
A: Yes, you can do the treatment over any chemical treatment.

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment on highlighted hair?
A: Yes, we recommend to wait at least 2 weeks before or after the treatment

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment on virgin hair?
A: Yes, but it won’t last as long as previously colored or chemically treated hair.

Q: Can you do the Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin Treatment on children, if yes, what age?
A: Yes, we recommend on children 12 and over.

Q: Can I color my hair & do the treatment?
A: Yes, we recommend you color the hair first, wait at least 1 week then do the treatment.

Q: Can I color my hair after the treatment, and when?
A: Yes, we recommend to do so only 2 weeks after you have the treatment.

Q: Can I wash my hair after the treatment and when?
A: Yes, buy only 4 whole days after you have done the treatment.

Q: Can I wear a ponytail or tie my hair?
A: No. Only 4 days after the treatment.

Q: What should i do if my hair gets wet during the first 4 days?
A: Blow dry immediately. Do not use a flat iron.

Q: Can I go into pool or ocean after the treatment?
A: Yes, however rinse hair with fresh water afterwards.

Q: How long will the treatment stay on my hair?
A: 2 months on virgin hair, 4 – 5 months on any other type of hair.

Q: What shampoo can I use after doing the treatment?
A: We recommend the Rejuvenol shampoo because it does not contain Sodium Chloride & it also has Keratin and Collagen.

Q: Do I have to do touch-ups on my next visit or the whole head?
A: You can do the whole head or partials.

Q: When should I have the treatment done again?
A: 3 months or as needed.

Q: Can I do the treatment every month?
A: Yes

Q: Should I cut my hair before the treatment?
A: We recommend cutting your hair afterwards, so this way you can trip the dead ends at the end of the treatment.

Q: Can I use hair spray, gel mousse, or any other hair products on my hair during the 4 day period?
A: Yes, products that contain no sodium chloride.

Q: If I get any ridges in my hair when I sleep, what should I do?
A: Use a blow dryer to straighten the ridge in your hair.

Q: Can I do the treatment while pregnant or nursing?
A: No, it is not recommended.

Q: Can an infant be present while the treatment is being done?
A: No, the smell might irritate the child

Q: Can I use this product on high-lift hair?
A: Yes, lower the flat iron temperature to 325 – 350 degrees and test a strand first.

Japanese, Brazilian, Keratin Straightening Do’s and Don’ts

This week, I’m going to get my hair Japanese straightened.

It’s kind of a big deal. It works phenomenally – I won’t have a single curly hair left!

But my hair will be more sensitive to a lot of factors, and that’s something I need to give serious consideration to.

Award-winning colorist, Mia, has done her research and she wants to share color tips for chemically straightened hair.

“I get clients coming in all the time asking if they can color their chemically straightened hair. There are so many new straightening techniques out there that it can sometimes get confusing. So I’ve done my own sleuthing and compiled a list of a variety of treatments and the do’s and don’ts regarding coloring.”

Thermal Reconditioning/Japanese Straightening
Thermal reconditioning (also known as TR, Magic Straight, Ionic Perm, Bioionic Straightening, Yuko System, Liscio, Japanese Straightening, Japanese Straight Perm, Straight Perm and Rebonding) is a Hair Straightening procedure uses heat to change the shape of the hair. After the cuticle is broken down with chemicals, locks are ironed straight with a hot iron. A neutralization process then closes the cuticle, causing hair to stay straight. For women who spend hours each week blow-drying their hair into submission and dodging raindrops like bullets, thermal reconditioning is worth the time and money.

This hair straightening technique will normally last from five months to a year. It all depends on the rate of growth of your hair. Since new hair will grow to its normal characteristics, you will need to only touch up the new hair.

Afterward, you will be able to use standard good quality shampoos and hair conditioners. The treatment is pretty much permanent, until the hair grows out. You will want to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays, (intense sunshine); so applying hair products with UV protection like the Maijan Pure Organic Argan Oil is recommended. Lastly, you will need to wait at least four to six weeks before coloring your hair.

Keratin Treatment
Whether it is called Brazilian keratin treatment, Coppola keratin straightening, Keratin Complex treatment, Liquid keratin, and Global keratin, etc., the primary product used in this conditioning treatment is keratin. Keratin is a tough protein found in skin, hair and, nails. The chemical aldehyde, a derivative of formaldehyde, assists the keratin infusion into the hair.

Unlike the thermal reconditioning system (Japanese straightening) which thermally and chemically restructures the hair bonds to create permanent stick straight hair, the keratin procedures recondition the hair preventing frizz while allowing it to wave, curl, or be flat ironed straight. Hair gradually returns to its original state without the awkward growing out stage inherent to the Brazilian hair straightening. This advantage becomes its disadvantage; the treatment is not permanent and lasts anywhere from eight weeks to four months.

You need to wait two-three weeks before and after you do any other chemical treatments including coloring. For best results always do the coloring before Keratin treatment. After treatment the Keratin coat your hair like a thin layer of film and colorants might not penetrate the hair they way it should.

Ionic Hair Retexturizing (IHR)
Ionic Hair Retexturizing is the latest Japanese hair straightening technique, which locks in moisture and nutrients during the ironing process, to improve the condition as well as straighten the hair. It works best on non-chemically treated hair. Treatment lasts up to 6 months depending on the growth rate of your hair.

Always remember the healthiest hair usually has the fewest chemicals applied. Having both straightening and coloring may not be the best option for everyone. Being able to work with healthy, shiny hair will allow Mia to give her clients the very best results.

By Aly Walansky

Flat Irons for Brazilian Keratin Treatments

When performing the Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatment (BKT), the Keratin Complex by Coppola Treatment, the Global Keratin Treatment, or any other Keratin based treatment the straightness of your hair is only as good as the flat iron you are using. We have reviewed a number of flat irons and straightening irons and have found the best flat irons to get your locks silky straight. These flat irons will help to activate the Keratin treatments and create longer lasting results.

What to look for?
Titanium Plates
When straightening your hair with any Keratin treatment your flat iron plates must be made with titanium. Titanium has an unbelievable ability to retain high heat. Most ceramic surfaces will loose heat as soon as you start to iron. The titanium plates will retain the heat once you start straightening. This will result in that beautiful shine on your hair.

450 Degrees or Above
In order to activate the keratin in the treatment the temperature of the flat iron temperature should be approximately 450 degrees. Normally when ironing your hair you honestly don’t need anything above 400 degrees or so but when doing the Keratin treatment it is important to have an iron that can go up 450 degrees.

Best Flat Irons for the Keratin Treatments

Here is our list of the best flat irons to use when performing a keratin treatment.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 Inch Flat Iron Straightenerbabyliss nano flat iron,babyliss flat iron 1",babyliss flat   iron

Hot Tools 1 inch Pink Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

hot tools flat iron,hot tools pink flat iron

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 1/4 Inch Flat Iron Straightener

babyliss flat iron,babyliss nano flat iron

Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline Titanium 1 Inch Flat Iron

babyliss flat iron,babyliss white flat iron

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