Emo Hairstyle How To

Emo hairstyles, aka Scene hair, is all the rage. With celebrities, Idol hopefuls, and rockers sporting the ‘do we know that everyone wants the Emo look. Equip yourself with a big can of hairspray, think Rave, and a pin sized tooth comb and watch Alyysa’s video. You will be on your Emo way!


Spring 2008 Hair Trend: Bangs are Back

We’ve spotted a number of celebs sporting fun, flirty bangs lately. If you’re looking to bang it out, it’s a great idea to go to your stylist armed with a few celebrity pictures for inspiration. Just remember, bangs this year are slightly curved under, not stuck to your forehead. Cleopatra bangs are so 80’s.

Top Five Flat Iron Styling Tips

FHI 1 inch Flat IronFlat irons are best known for creating straight styles, but you can also add body and volume, create curls and make waves as well. It just takes a little product, practice and patience. If your flat iron has a rounded style barrel (and most of them do!) you’re ready to create these must-have styles with ease. These top requested flat iron styling articles and videos to get you styling like a pro!

Straight Styles: Flat Iron Straightening Success, a step-by-step tutorial for the straightest strands around.

Adding Volume: Pump up the Volume on your Bob, transform your bob from flat to fab with these top tips.

Curly Styles: Creating Curls with a Flat Iron, yep, bouncy coils in no time.

Waves: Make Some Serious Waves with a Flat Iron, tips for making those waves you crave.

Styling Tips: Flat Iron Styling with GHD, showcases tips and tricks with a ghd flat iron and some strand supporting styling products.

Got your favorite flat iron? Get going!


A Handy Little Hairbrush Guide

There are so many different kinds of brushes, you could really go nuts. But which brush is the best one to use? It all depends on your hair type, and your styling needs. Our friends over at BaByliss have it down to a science – literally, their brushes are so technologically advanced! We created this handy little hair brush guide based on the scoop we got from them.

Babyliss Heatwaves Hair BrushThere are many different types of brushes designed to produce different styling results to your hair. The brush you decide to use should reflect the type of hair you have and the end result you would like to achieve. Some of the most popular styles of brushes are the paddle, cushion, vent and round brushes, but which one is right for you?

Paddle brushes are flat and wide and great for creating smooth, straight styles on long hair.

Cushion brushes are available in many different sizes and feature a cushion that holds the bristles. These brushes are great for massaging your scalp and smoothing out hair.

Vent brushes are designed to create volume while blow-drying or air styling, since the openings in the brushes allow air to flow through resulting in quicker drying time.

Round brushes are used to add body and volume.

Smaller barrel brushes create curls, whereas larger barrel brushes straighten and smooth hair.

Thermal round brushes are designed to use while blow-drying, since hot air from the blow-dryer heats the barrel up and allows the hair to set and dry faster.
At StyleBell we love choices! Feel free to visit our Hair Brush Section to find the best brush for you.


Flat Iron Styling with GHD

ghd Obedience CreamTo achieve straight, sleek locks:
Lightly mist hair with GHD Thermal Protector then use a little GHD Obedience Cream (pictured).
Open the iron and place a section of dry hair between the plates.
Ensure that the iron is as close to the root as possible before closing the plates.
Gently move the iron downward – from root to tip – in one simple gliding motion.
Repeat the process for each section of hair, gliding once from roots to ends.
GHD makes a protectant for every hair type – check them out here: GHD Thermal Protectants.
ghd Thermal Protectant Coarse HairTo achieve stunning curls:
Lightly mist hair with GHD Thermal Protectant (pictured).
Section the hair, and lightly dab some Obedience Cream to secure hold when creating each curl.
Position the iron vertically, 1 inch away from the root.
Gently close the iron with minimum tension.
Turn the iron 90° clockwise and continue to turn the iron another 90°.
For an intense, S-shaped, vertical curl, pull the iron very slowly away from the head in a continuous smooth movement.
To complete the style, repeat for all sections.
Finally, separate and dress the curls with your fingers.
ghd Pink Ceramic 1To achieve seductive, waves:
Lightly mist hair with GHD Thermal Protector.
Section the hair, and lightly rub a little GHD Smoothing Balm to eliminate frizz and secure hold while styling.
Position the iron vertically, 1 inch away from the root.
Gently close the iron with minimum tension.
Turn the iron 90° clockwise.
Pull the iron very slowly away from the head in a continuous smooth movement.
Want more? View this!
See how easy flat iron styling can be with GHD as your guide? GHD is a leader in heat-styling with professional ceramic styling irons plus GHD Thermodynamics™, a collection of heat styling products.

Visit our GHD section for more information or go directly to one of our GHD sections for product details: GHD Hair Care, GHD Hair Brushes, GHD Flat Irons.

The Scoop on Curling Flat Irons

I’m shopping for a flat iron that will straighten my hair all the time but be used to create curls sometimes. What’s your favorite flat iron for creating curls or are they all the same?
– Sue via email

FHI Platform Tourmaline Flat IronThe good news now is that most flat irons on the market today have a curved edge design so they can create curls as well as straight styles with almost all of them. If you like how well the flat iron performs on your hair when you straighten, most likely it will create nice curls for you as well. Finding the best iron for your hair type and texture is the most important step.

Once you have found a flat iron that straightens well for you, depending on your natural hair type, length and texture, how well your hair takes and holds the curl usually just takes a little more practice and a little more product.

To learn how to create curls with a flat iron, I’d suggest a little light reading to help you get started. We can show you how to achieve that carefree curly look. It just takes a little practice, patience, and the right tools – check out our step-by-step instructions here: Flat Irons Really Do Create Curls!

I would definitely suggest using a little curl cream first to help coax your hair into creating the curls, and then use the tiniest bit of texturizing product after you’ve finishes to help lock those curls in place. No one wants droopy flat curls – they should be outlawed. Curls should always be bouncy and have lots of movement, and they can, thanks to all of the curl friendly products out there!

As for my personal favorites, I like the FHI Platform (pictured above), the CHI Turbo, and the GHD MK4 for creating curls on my hair type – thick and straight with a tiny bit of texture. Both of these irons seem to grab my hair very well when I style. I will also say these irons work extremely well for me when I straighten my hair, so I know I’ve found the right irons for my hair type and texture.

You might want to check out our Curling Flat Irons section to help find the tool that works for you.


Can I use a Maxiglide on ethnic or relaxed hair?


“I am African American with thick, relaxed hair. Can the Maxiglide straighten my ethnic hair type? Will the ‘steam’ frizz this type of hair?”
Tammie via email

Maxiglide Flat IronAnswer:
You can definitely use the Maxiglide Flat Iron on ethnic or relaxed hair. I recommend using it on dry hair along with a thermal protectant to lightly coat your hair before you start styling. The thermal protectant along with the ceramic iron will close the cuticle therefore helping hair stay soft and straight and not frizz in humid temperatures. Plus, if your hair is already delicate, you want it as protected as possible.
To use the Maxiglide if your hair is especially frizzy, dry, brittle or stubborn hair, first, without applying a lot of pressure, barely close the iron and quickly go over the frizzy, brittle part of the hair which is usually the last 3-7 inches before the ends, with 1 or 2 bursts of steam. (This will soften the hair, much like you would iron out a tough wrinkle in a shirt). Then go over the entire section from the roots to the ends WITHOUT THE STEAM.

Please note I do not recommend the use of any heat styling appliance on very, very damaged, fragile hair, and I would always use a flat iron with a thermal heat protectant, for added protection to my hair.

For more questions and answers about the Maxiglide Flat Iron you should definitely check out this article: Maxiglide, Everything you want to know and more, you’ll love it!

Need some visual aids? The following video willl help you get started and straightened in no time…


Going Curl Crazy with Caruso

Caruso SalonPro HairsetterBy far, Caruso is one of the cult-favorites among curl-divas everywhere, for good reason – it works so well. The curls created with the Caruso Hairsetters are so long-lasting, once you try the Caruso you are hooked for a lifetime. With such a great track record and a large base of loyal followers, Caruso knows the secret: Curls love to bounce!

Here’s a quick snapshot on how Caruso creates the longest lasting curls ever:

1. First infuse your Caruso soft foam roller with gentle steamed moisture.

2. Then simply wrap each section of hair around on the infused roller and cover with a shield. Remember to vary the direction of each roller to create a natural, curly look. Keep thinking “curls are carefree, never structured.”

3. The patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speedy results if used with your hair dryer. Either way, as the steam evaporates, it’s transferred to the hair, locking in each curl.

4. Gentle moisture penetrates to the hair’s molecular core allowing it to relax and bend. Curls love to bend.

5. As moisture evaporates, hair is “set” in curled position. And I mean SET. Like, all day set.

Did you know?
The molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing. Because there is no damaging heat, you can use the Caruso Professional system as often as you like. Simple, gentle steam works like magic creating the frizz free, soft curls everyone wants.

And talk about curls! With the Caruso the curls you can create are soft and bouncy and keep their shape (and bounce) all day long. The curls also last well into the next day if you are one of those every-other-day type of stylers.