Redken’s Fab Blow-Out Tips

Many women pay top dollar to get an ultra-sleek salon blow-out.  A great salon blow-out creates luxurious foundation for any style and adds polish to hair, which seems impossible to replicate at home. But impossible it is not!  With these easy expert tips and the right products, you’ll be blow-drying like a pro in no time!

Tools You Will Need: 

1)  Wide-tooth comb to evenly disperse product and untangle hair
2)  Round medium-sized boar bristle brush or nylon/boar bristle combination brush
3)   Blow-dryer with an ionic feature to seal in the cuticle and lock in moisture for high sheen (not recommended for fine hair). Get one that has at least 2 heat settings: high heat for initial drying, low heat for finishing. Make sure your blow-dryer has sufficient voltage and a nozzle for a controlled, polished finish.
4)  A flat iron creates a sleeker, smoother finish and keep ends from curling under. If you choose to use a flat iron after you blow-dry, use on hair after completely dried and make sure it has ceramic plates to diffuse heat with maximum results and less damage.
Easy Steps for the Perfect Blow-Out

Redken\'s Blow Drying Hair Tips1) Apply a blow-dry product, like Redken Satinwear 02 Blow-Dry Lotion or Redken Straight 05 Straightening Balm to hair and use a wide tooth comb to evenly disperse product.

2)  Blast-dry hair on high heat until 80% dry, working from the scalp to the ends using fingers to disperse heat throughout the hair.  For added volume at the roots, turn hair upside down while drying 80% using a boar’s head bristle brush.

3)  Clip hair into 3 sections: 2 on the sides and 1 in the back.

4)  Blow-dry each section one inch at a time using a thick, medium-sized boar bristle brush and low heat. Use the nozzle on your blow-dryer to keep the airflow pointed down the hair strand to prevent unwanted fly-aways that can be exacerbated from humidity.

5) For each section, start drying hair at the scalp and then move down to the mid-length of hair. When the mid-length is dry, finish the ends.  To avoid your arms from getting tired, make sure to keep both your elbows at shoulder level, and use your wrists and lower arm to move the brush and dryer. And if you need to, take a break in between sections.

6)  To finish the look, touch up each section with a flat iron.  For additional control and frizz-free shine on your night out on the town, finish with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to keep that blow-dried perfection all night long.

7)      Before heading out, spritz on some Redken Vinyl Glam 02 Mega-Shine Spray for instant gloss and a glam finish!

To add even more movement and bounce to this already sleek blow-out, “Roll two velcro rollers in the front two sections of your hair after your blow-dry is complete,” suggests Redken session stylist, Patricia Morales. “While the rollers are in place, apply your makeup. Then, let the rollers down and you’ll have beautiful waves with extra movement and lift in the front and you’re ready to go – a trick I often do when styling Demi Moore’s hair.”

A polished blow-out can easily be done at home with the right tools and advice directly from the pros! But remember, practice makes perfect, and soon you will master the look in no time. Thanks Redken for these fab blow-out tips.  For more information visit

Product Reviews: HAI SST Tourmaline Hair Dryer

sb-00113-2t.jpgAre you looking for a hair dryer that is just as good or better than the T3, but at half the price?  Of course you are!  I put my old blow dryer aside and I spent the last month testing out the newly redesigned HAI SST Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer.  (StyleBell insider note: HAI is redesigning their entire HAI classic line of hair appliances including the straightening irons and the hair dryers.)  After using the dryer daily I am 100% sold.  The hair dryer changed the texture of my hair from frizzy and dry to soft and shiny.          

StyleBell’s Review
Very easy to hold and extremely lightweight – Think Lexus versus Volvo
Far infrared heating element decreased my drying time by half
3 airflow settings allowed me to get just the right amount of flow
Hair was noticeably stronger and healthier less frizzy
Price point was in my budget at $99.95  

Do you have a HAI SST Dryer?  Let us know what you think of the dryer.

Have You Met HAI?

HAI elite of San Diego, California, have created both HAI classic and HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools and implements. The president of the company, Richard Ouellette is a hairdresser and an inventor who felt that stylists around the world needed tools that would allow them to enhance their creativity by straightening, smoothing, curling, and creating directional shape in hair. The superior line of HAI elite Ceramic styling tools was developed for salon professionals by professionals, led by world-renowned designer Phillip Wilson through our six Southern California based Salons. The HAI elite tools are the latest addition, and were created with the most current innovations in materials and design.

HAI elite Tong 2O.R.M.
HAI elite prides itself in being leaders in innovation with new age ceramic tools providing stylists enhanced comfort effectiveness and creativity. The body of the HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons is designed with Optimum Resonant Materials consisting of Tourmaline, Serpentine and Chinon. This combination purifies, stabilizes and deodorizes hair. By emitting both negative and positive ions the ORM actually improves the condition of the hair! Shown: HAI Elite Tong 2″ Styling Tool.

HAI elite Rod Styling ToolCeramic Fusion Technology
HAI elite utilizes “ceramic fusion” technology, the same used on Space Shuttle. Ceramic Fusion technology is the layering of a solid ceramic plate, a very thin layer of metal (aluminum) to conduct consistent heat, then another layer of ceramic with a heater running through, offering surround heat- designed to last in a professional environment. Power fuses the two substances together preventing any rough spots, cold spots, chemical stains, or chipping, while insuring complete transmission of a high degree of far infrared rays. Shown HAI elite Rod Ceramic Styling Iron.

HAI Elite Digistik Hair StraightenerMEGA Ion Producing Technology
HAI elite utilizes negative Ion technology – with the infusion of Tourmaline the HAI elite fine ceramic tools we increase the output of IONS that give off both positive and negative electrical charges that act as antioxidants which produce health. With the MEGA Ionic technology we are able to entrap moisture in the hair and seals the cuticle for beautiful shine and condition. Shown: HAI elite Digistik Styling Tool.

HAI elite Turbo Hair DryerFar-infrared Heating
Far Infrared heat works on an atomic level to ionically charge the hair. Far infrared heat locks in color and seals in moisture resulting in healthier hair. With the far-infrared heat, HAI elite ensures the professional hair designer protective control over various hair types and conditions, including chemically fragile and chemically straightened hair, by sealing in natural oils and moisture to the cuticle. Shown: HAI Elite Turbo HAIonic Hair Dryer.

Innovations in Design
HAI elite fine ceramic tools offer flash heating in seconds, are superbly balanced, light in weight, attractive and extremely stylist friendly with 10-foot swivel chords to maximize work convenience. HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons have beveled edges, which are essential for complete control in straightening, curling or adding flip to the hair with a simple twist of the wrist. Built for professionals our circuit board heating elements have grommets to keep secure prior to soldered.

Professional Temperature Controls
HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools operate at 110 volts, 50 watts and are set at 170 degrees, with flash heating from .05 seconds. The digital heat adjusts from 60 degrees for fine hair and up to 390 degrees for straightening and controlling long, thick, curly and unruly hair.



For more information and product details, visit our HAI and HAI elite sections.