Parched Hair? Try Terax Miele Shampoo

Terax Miele ShampooWhen your hair is dry it’s particularly fragile and weak. It’s also trying to tell you that it lacks essential moisture and nutrition and that it’s going to make you look bad until you give it what it needs. Yep, hair has a funny way of getting what it wants or you’ll suffer the consequences.

 To re-hydrate your hair, you should try using a gentle shampoo like Terax Miele Shampoo with Honey and Elder Flower. This shampoo will not only cleanse your hair, it will replace the lost moisture without harsh chemicals that could cause potential damage. Who wants damage? Or I should say additional damage. Face it, dry hair is this close to being seriously damaged.

At first I became hooked on Terax by their Original Crema Conditioner – I’m a huge fan – I know, me and about a million others! – so I thought I’d give this shampoo a try. Terax shampoos contain modern, natural ingredients that focus on gentle care for specific hair needs, and lately my hair has been looking a little overworked and let’s just say far from its best. I wanted to use something gentle and moisturizing; something that would pamper my hair. Terax Miele Shampoo did just that.

Miele shampoo features Terax’s exclusive gentlewash system which contains carefully selected botanicals and sunflower seed extracts that gently cleanse (hence the ‘gentle’-wash) and preserve your hair color without stripping your hair’s natural emollients. No one wants a shampoo that strips the hair, and if your hair is already dry and vulnerable to breakage, you want to make sure your shampoo is gentle with a capital “G”. Unless you like bad hair days? I didn’t think so.

It’s also loaded with beneficial ingredients honey and elder flower to clean and protect your hair while adding additional moisture, and my dry hair seemed to just drink in. I could feel the texture dramatically improving as I worked up the lather. What better experience than feeling the products benefits?

I’ll also give Terax Miele shampoo bonus points for being sulfate and sodium chloride free, and having no artificial colors or harsh chemicals – guess they weren’t kidding when they said gentle. But don’t let gentle fool you, this shampoo is effective. It’s got Dandelion to keep your hair in proper pH balance and it contains essential wheat protein to give your hair healthy strength. It also has a touch of grape seed to provide powerful antioxidants and Sunflower Seed Extract to preserve your color. It smells clean and fresh… exactly how you want your hair to smell. And mine does.

Of course I’d suggest following with Terax Original Crema Conditioner, but I’m sure you already knew that.


Ten Healthy Hair Tips

If you’re looking to improve the health of your hair, these ten tips are tops!

1- Never wring your hair with a towel, gently blot instead.

2- Switch your hair dryer to a cooler setting when hair is 60%-70% dry and finish.

3- Remember to deep condition once a week.

4- Use your flat iron on the lowest setting that will still straighten your hair.

5- Always a thermal protectant before using a heat appliance.

6- Don’t brush wet hair, it’s too vulnerable, use a wide tooth comb instead.

7- Use a conditioner with Panthenol, Keratin or Vitamins to add strength and nutrients.

8- Be gentle, use damage-free ponytail holders.

9- Reduce sun exposure by finding hair care with UVA/UVB protection.

10- Don’t skimp on nutrition – drink lots of water, eat whole grains and veggies.


Runway Hair with Kerastase

Need a quick fix? Check out this short video montage of Luigi Murenu’s looks from the fashion runways, representing one of our favorite brands, Kerastase. Some of the hairstyles are sassy and some are quite simple, but all show serious style.


Frizzy Hair Tip

Aloe Vera PlantAre you plagued by the frizzies? Try Aloe Vera! Squeeze a little gel out from one of the leaves and apply to your palms. Then rub your hands together and run them through your hair, especially the ends. Nice and smooth… and frizz-free. It’s the plant that keeps on giving.

P.S. Aloe Vera Gel from the drugstore works too, it’s a tiny bit tacky on the skin but it’s great for frizz.


Winter Hair Needs Special Care

You make time for brunch with friends and for date night, so why not get in the habit of scheduling time for a hair treatment? Hair is especially fragile when the weather is colder. Between the super hot showers and the harsh winter weather your hair is prone to static and damage constantly. Good thing there are plenty of deep conditioning, moisturizing, replenishing and restorative hair treatments you can use at home that are dedicated to keeping those locks in perfect health.

Whether you pick a deep conditioning mask, a fortifying hair restructuring serum, a leave-in hair strengthening cream or a thermal color protectant, there are wide array of options available that with minimal time and effort will produce fabulous, salon quality results without a big investment. Here are some top winter picks by hair type:

Davines DEDE Leave-In MistFine, Lifeless Hair: The #1 culprit of bad hair days everywhere is fine, limp hair that just lays there lifeless. If this isn’t bad enough, in the winter it sits under a hat getting flatter by the second. Try something like CHI Nourish Instense Fine Silk Masque or Davines DEDE Leave-in Mist (pictured) to liven up that disappointing ‘do.

Dry, Damaged Hair: Broken, damaged hair lacks moisture big time. This problem gets magnified in the winter time when your skin and hair lose the most moisture, and is especially bad if you hair is curly or textured. Try products like Kerastase Nutri Sculpt Leave-in Repair and Joico K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor to undo all that damage. Dry hair can turn brittle in the winter, especially the ends.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp TreatmentDry Scalp: This is a common winter problem that Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment (pictured) washes away quickly with therapeutic tea tree oil and eucalyptus.

Color-Treated Hair: You want to keep your color looking vibrant and glossy, not dull and dried out. L’anza Color-Preserving Trauma Treatment will give your locks the moisture they need without washing out the color.

Normal: Yes, even normal hair needs a boost in winter weather. Try a leave-in lotion like CHI Silk Infusion to keep your strands silky smooth during those super cold months.

So save that money for ice skating and hot chocolate and do your nutritive treatments at home. These daily, weekly and bi-monthly treatments will keep your hair healthy and hydrated all winter long.


Zero Calorie Fudge

Fudge Putty Change your hair as often as you like and always be in style with Fudge Putty Medium Hold Styling Clay. Simply style your hair one way for day and then without shampooing, create a new style for the evening. How easy is that? Short styles are so versatile, and this putty makes it a breeze to go slick one day, spike-y the next! Longer locks? Piece-out a sexy, messy look with extra texture. Fudge not only defines and separates the hair, it also creates volume – and you know we LOVE volume!

It works on both damp and dry hair, but we like it on dry hair best. Toussled today, tame tomorrow! Bonus points: This is the only fudge we know with zero calories!


My Color-Treated Hair is Dull!

I have dry, color-treated hair that looks dull. What products will work for me to make my hair look healthy and keep the color looking good? I don’t want my color to oxidize, it cost me a lot! – Karen via email

As you know, dry hair that is also color treated needs special attention. You want your hair to be soft, shiny and healthy without stripping and causing more dryness, or fading and ruining your color. The good news for you is that there are a lot of color-treated lines of hair care that are created especially for hair like yours. You should definitely check out the color protection hair care from CHI, they have an entire product line that will treat any hair concern, not just dryness, while keeping your color vibrant. For your particular concern I’d go for the moisturizing system. It’s a three part program that will fight dryness and keep your color strong and shiny:
With these three easy steps your hair will be soft and vibrant in no time! You should also check out our Color Protection Hair Care section, it’s full of products dedicated to keeping color-treated hair looking its best. You spend good money on your color and we know you don’t want it to fade out or dry out. These products will keep your hair and your wallet happy!

-Straight Belle

A Forecast from Frederic Fekkai

Frederic Fekkai speaks to Fashion News Live about the upcoming style forecast for lovely locks summed up in three words: Shine. Volume. Texture… our three favorites!

“I have been waiting for the day to come when women finally embrace their natural curls.”
-Frederic Fekkai

Did you know that Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Wave Spray is one of our all time bestsellers? Yep, he really knows his hair!