5 Top Tools Spotted in the Salon

Hai Elite RodI’m always on the lookout for the hair appliances the salons use – who better to attest to a styling tool’s greatness other than a professional who uses it all day long? While waiting for a friend to get a quick trim the other night, I couldn’t help but notice the following styling tools – call me obsessed. Here are my top five sightings (well, this week!) and my commentary of course.

#1 – HAI Convertable 1-1/4″ Ceramic Flat Iron
Pro: Silkens and smooths all hair types – it’s even on our best flat iron list!
Con: Lower price point is misleading to consumers – they don’t realize how great it is.

#2 – Hot Tools 1-1/2″ Ceramic and Titanium Spring Curling Iron – I spotted it easily by its purple barrel, though it might have been a different size – my eyes couldn’t quite judge the width.
Pro: Ceramic + Titanium technology is a great heat conductor for long-lasting curls and this is one of my personal faves.
Con: I wish they made this curling iron in a 2″ width for bigger curls. Hint, hint Babyliss.

#3 – Babyliss Pro Carerra 2 Hair Dryer
Pro: Well known and very popular, magazines love to write about this one.
Con: They are sometimes hard to get because they run out of stock so fast and that’s such a letdown.

#4 – Hai Elite Rod (pictured)
Pro: This wonderful curling wand kicks *ss and is used everywhere to create those loose celebrity curls.
Con: It really is a professional tool. It’s quite large and can be somewhat difficult to handle by yourself so if you take the plunge and buy one, be careful.

#5 – FHI Platform 1″ Ceramic Nano-Tourmaline Flat Iron
Pro: Stylists love this because it straightens hard to straighten hair well. I see this iron in a lot of salons.
Con: It’s kinda pricey when compared to the others, you might not need this much power if your hair straightens easily.


Have You Met HAI?

HAI elite of San Diego, California, have created both HAI classic and HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools and implements. The president of the company, Richard Ouellette is a hairdresser and an inventor who felt that stylists around the world needed tools that would allow them to enhance their creativity by straightening, smoothing, curling, and creating directional shape in hair. The superior line of HAI elite Ceramic styling tools was developed for salon professionals by professionals, led by world-renowned designer Phillip Wilson through our six Southern California based Salons. The HAI elite tools are the latest addition, and were created with the most current innovations in materials and design.

HAI elite Tong 2O.R.M.
HAI elite prides itself in being leaders in innovation with new age ceramic tools providing stylists enhanced comfort effectiveness and creativity. The body of the HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons is designed with Optimum Resonant Materials consisting of Tourmaline, Serpentine and Chinon. This combination purifies, stabilizes and deodorizes hair. By emitting both negative and positive ions the ORM actually improves the condition of the hair! Shown: HAI Elite Tong 2″ Styling Tool.

HAI elite Rod Styling ToolCeramic Fusion Technology
HAI elite utilizes “ceramic fusion” technology, the same used on Space Shuttle. Ceramic Fusion technology is the layering of a solid ceramic plate, a very thin layer of metal (aluminum) to conduct consistent heat, then another layer of ceramic with a heater running through, offering surround heat- designed to last in a professional environment. Power fuses the two substances together preventing any rough spots, cold spots, chemical stains, or chipping, while insuring complete transmission of a high degree of far infrared rays. Shown HAI elite Rod Ceramic Styling Iron.

HAI Elite Digistik Hair StraightenerMEGA Ion Producing Technology
HAI elite utilizes negative Ion technology – with the infusion of Tourmaline the HAI elite fine ceramic tools we increase the output of IONS that give off both positive and negative electrical charges that act as antioxidants which produce health. With the MEGA Ionic technology we are able to entrap moisture in the hair and seals the cuticle for beautiful shine and condition. Shown: HAI elite Digistik Styling Tool.

HAI elite Turbo Hair DryerFar-infrared Heating
Far Infrared heat works on an atomic level to ionically charge the hair. Far infrared heat locks in color and seals in moisture resulting in healthier hair. With the far-infrared heat, HAI elite ensures the professional hair designer protective control over various hair types and conditions, including chemically fragile and chemically straightened hair, by sealing in natural oils and moisture to the cuticle. Shown: HAI Elite Turbo HAIonic Hair Dryer.

Innovations in Design
HAI elite fine ceramic tools offer flash heating in seconds, are superbly balanced, light in weight, attractive and extremely stylist friendly with 10-foot swivel chords to maximize work convenience. HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons have beveled edges, which are essential for complete control in straightening, curling or adding flip to the hair with a simple twist of the wrist. Built for professionals our circuit board heating elements have grommets to keep secure prior to soldered.

Professional Temperature Controls
HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools operate at 110 volts, 50 watts and are set at 170 degrees, with flash heating from .05 seconds. The digital heat adjusts from 60 degrees for fine hair and up to 390 degrees for straightening and controlling long, thick, curly and unruly hair.



For more information and product details, visit our HAI and HAI elite sections.



Flat Irons: The Truth About Tourmaline

Tourmaline Schourmaline – Is it Really Better?
Want to learn more about the benefits of a Tourmaline Flat Iron? Discover the truth about Tourmaline, you might be surprised at the wonders of this semi-precious gemstone and it’s super-smoothing abilities.

FHI Platform Tourmaline Flat IronFlat Iron, Styling Iron, Hair Straightener

No matter what you call it, a professional Tourmaline flat iron has become one of the best-selling heat styling appliances on the beauty market today, and a must-have for salons, stylists, and hair divas everywhere. Originally manufactured for licensed hair professionals, and distributed only to exclusive beauty salons and boutiques, a flat iron was once considered a professional tool coveted by the everyday consumer. Over time this increased consumer interest has led to widespread mass-market distribution and a very competitive marketplace, with an emphasis on innovation and breakthrough technology. Shown: FHI Platform 1.25″ Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Flat Iron.

T3 Wide Wet-or-Dry Tourmaline Flat IronFlat Irons Get Hyped
Almost overnight top professional flat iron (and hot air brush, curling iron and hair dryer) brands such as T3, FHI, Bed Head, HaiElite and BaByliss cropped up promising to deliver silky smooth, celebrity hairstyles in seconds, because of one semi-precious gemstone, Tourmaline. Supposedly well known in the beauty industry for its ability to generate negative ions, and with so much buzz surrounding Tourmaline technology, as a Beauty Editor, and flat iron lover, I decided to get the real scoop on this gentle gemstone. Pictured: T3 Wide Wet-or-Dry Flat Iron.

A Flat Iron Lesson
Advanced technology has enabled today’s woman to create every imaginable look from sexy smooth to silky curls with a flat iron. The enormous popularity of flat irons now leaves professional hairdressers with an ever growing selection of irons from which to choose. The various choices however, seem to bring an increasingly more expensive selection of flat irons. But why are they so expensive, and more importantly, is it worth spending upwards of $100 on a flat iron?

Bed Head Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Flat IronSilky Smooth, Somewhat Expensive

Tourmaline flat irons are definitely set at higher price points. The flat iron choices on the market have prices that range from the inexpensive gold-tone aluminum plate models, that sell for under $20 to the more expensive Tourmaline models that will set you back at least a $100, and usually more. Anyone considering purchasing a flat iron probably assumes this vast price differential results in a significant difference in both quality and performance of these flat irons. But should they? Shown: Bed Head Tourmaline Nano Ceramic 2″ Flat Iron.

HAI elite Tong 2Tourmaline Tech Talk

Tourmaline, a mineral prized as a beautiful, semi-precious gemstone, has become the focus of studies at universities and research centers worldwide. The reason for the interest is that Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and the only mineral to show permanent electricity. It is also known to have many beneficial properties such as relieving stress, and improving the body’s immune system functions. Great you may be wondering, but what does this have to do with the cost of my flat iron, and how is any of this helping me straighten my hair? Shown: HAI Elite Tong 2″ Styling Tool.

Tourmaline Flat Irons
When millions of tiny particles of Tourmaline are added to the plate surface of a flat iron the benefits to the hair are astounding. Tourmaline generates negative ions that enhance the texture of the hair and also produces far-infrared heat that effectively dries the hair from the inside out. This makes the excessive heat generated by the iron far less damaging to the hair. OK, a positive result is that my hair is exposed to less damage with Tourmaline. I can relate.

Aluminum Plates Can Be Damaging
Many flat irons have aluminum plates, but they are technologically less advanced, produce less effective results, and are therefore less expensive – unless they also contain Ceramic Technology – this is non-damaging also. Tourmaline plates are preferred by professionals because the surface is much smoother and eliminates tugging and pulling on hair strands, resulting in a highly polished look in less time. Obviously if a professional stylist won’t use a flat iron with aluminum plates on my hair because they consider it damaging, then neither will I. Point well taken.

FHI Technique Pink Tourmaline Flat IronTourmaline Is Quicker
Another drawback of flat irons with aluminum plates is that a hairdresser must often go over one section several times to smooth the hair strands, increasing the styling time for each client. Irons with Tourmaline plates allow you to get a smooth look much faster, allowing you to move on to your next appointment and generate more revenue in less time. Better results in less time? A professional stylists dream, and mine, all within reach thanks to Tourmaline. Shown: FHI Tourmaline Pink Flat Iron.

The Pros Know
Professional hairdressers know the foundation of every hairstyle (after a great haircut) is the tool a client uses at home to prolong the salon look. A Tourmaline flat iron is great for everyone who wants to maintain his or her salon style at home. Most clients trust their stylist, and will try to reproduce a salon look at home if they have the right tools. Of course any good stylist knows that a happy client will return, and more importantly, will be gladly recommended to others.

Less heat exposure, less styling time, better results, and the pick of the professionals? The choice is clear, a flat iron with Tourmaline plates might cost a little extra, but the minutes saved in styling time, the reduction of heat exposure, and smooth results more than make up for it.

For more product information, visit our Tourmaline Flat Iron section to get the scoop on these smoothing gemstone jewels.