Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle – All the Rage

Fergie hairstyleWhat is ‘the’ hairstyle pick for this summer?  Celebrity stylists have informed StyleBell that celebs are running with the half-up half-down hairstyle.  With stars like Fergie, Paris Hilton, and Hillary Duff sporting this casual, sexy, and incredibly romantic style we of course have to agree!  We love this style as it works for both day and night and is super simple to recreate!  Check out our slide show for more celebrity half-up half-down styles. 


A Dramatic Wedding Day ‘Do

Nothing creates a more dramatic look than a classic Audrey Hepburn-ish updo complete with a tiara and fresh roses. In this video you’ll see a quick recreation of this romantic and elegant updo by Tolga Ackay for Joe Carol’s and Brides Magazine. We’re talking 100% drama, 100% romance, 100% elegance. It’s your special day, why not?

Bridal Hairstyle: Half Up Half Down Glamour

James Warner demonstrates a wonderfully glamorous, half up, half down wedding hair style that would be the perfect ‘do for an off the shoulder wedding gown.

Hairstyle How To: Deconstructed Updo

Sometimes updo’s are sleek and polished… not this one! This video shows you how to create a soft, deconstructed updo that is classic and chic and screams “I’m fabulous.” Perfect for day or night and simple to do, we promise!

Classic Bridal Updo’s

When searching for your bridal hairstyle, nothing is more traditional than a classic wedding updo. But don’t think you have to be a plain jane, this slideshow features some super stylish brides sporting hairstyles that will make everyone oooh and ahhh…

2008 Bridal Hair Tips and Trends

Half Up-Half Down Pinned CurlsHalf up/Half down is the hottest new style! All brides and bridesmaids are very into it for 2008. Brides are wearing their hair pulled back piece by piece to resemble a loose French braid, but with pinned curls, while bridesmaids are only getting the top pulled back with loose flowing curls hanging down. That is definitely the trend!

A lot of brides have veils, which will never go out of style… but the newest hair accessory, believe it or not, is a bracelet! Brides are purchasing elaborately decorated bracelets and using them like tiaras. It’s a great idea – bracelets are a beautiful accessory and are much easier to work with than a standard tiara. Bracelets are more flexible and conform to the style and head shape much easier.

As for picking a style for your wedding day, my biggest suggestion would be this… Make sure you are comfortable wearing the style. If you normally wear your hair down, try to incorporate some hair down on your wedding day. If you are not used to having your hair up, you may feel uncomfortable going all up on your wedding day, and that is the last thing you want.

Just a tip! Make sure that you are keeping up with your haircuts. A regular trim will keep the ends from splitting and eliminate frizz.

For the day of your wedding, purchase a small bottle of hairspray to keep with you in case of an emergency or just to calm fly-aways. As a gift to my brides, I give them a small emergency kit to keep with them that day.

– Jamie Kreit, Baltimore Bridal Hair