Why Conditioner is a Curl’s BFF

Liz (a curl diva!) from Expert Village explains the importance of deep conditioning curly hair and emphasizes using hair treatments to keep those curls full of bounce and shine.

Just remember: Happy curls are healthy curls, so always use a leave-in conditioner. I use one every day (really!) and my curls love it. You can click on this link to find some curl friendly products ready to caress your curls.


What Makes Hair Curly?

Sarah Jessica ParkerWhether your hair is stick straight or full of corkscrew curls, you have your genes to thank.

But how exactly genes control the shape of hair has been debated. Scientists once thought that the curliness of hair was determined by the individual hair shafts, but have since discovered that the shape of the follicle (the part of the skin that grows the hair) determines both the shape of the hair and the angle it grows in with respect to the scalp. Curly hair is shaped like an elongated oval and grows at a sharp angle.

Curly hair tends to be much drier than straight hair because it is easier for the oils secreted from the scalp to travel down the shaft of a straight hair than a curly one (this is why curly hair often turns into frizzy hair).

And as anyone with curly hair knows, humidity can make your hair even curlier (or frizzier). The reason: Hair fiber absorbs the water and forces the shaft to revert to its original (less straight) structure.

Credits: LiveScience.com, Andrea Thompson

Curl Watch: Young Hollywood

From Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Watson to Miley Cyrus, young Hollywood has embraced curls in a big way! This short video montage showcases the cutest curly styles on the hottest young celebs.


Creating Defined, Frizz Free Curls

Nothing can unswirl a curl like frizz will. This video shows you how to transform coarse, dry curls into defined, frizz free curls in minutes with a little love and some of our favorite Kerastase products. I love, love, love the Oleo-Relax Serum. So does InStyle Magazine, it’s a Best Beauty Buy Winner for Best Anti-Frizz Product.


Celeb Style: Shakira

ShakiraShakira’s massive mop is always sexy, never messy. She knows that a happy curl has two best friends – a diffuser and some frizz-fighting curl cream. The CHI Turbo Hair Dryer provides power and pampering to curls, and it’s matching diffuser won’t allow them to blow into a knotty mess. Then show your curls some love with Davines Love Curl Enhancing Serum and kick that frizz to the curb.

Transform Your Lazy Curls

Sometimes curly hair has a mind of its own. Not all curls are agreeable and some need a little coaxing to get them to coil. Liven up your lazy curls with a little dab of Davines Curl Enhancing Serum and the simple tips in this video. Your curls will be bouncing and behaving in no time.

Curls love to bounce you know…