How To Use Hot Rollers for the Hottest Curls

Got a set of hot rollers? This step by step video tutorial will explain how to get those large, sexy supermodel curls in no time. Bonus Points: It also explains which size rollers go where for the best look – no more guesswork!

Healthy Heat Free Curls

Want to create some healthy carefree curls without heat…while you sleep? All you need is a pack of bobby pins, some curl cream and minute or two to watch this video. You’ll get some of the bounciest curls we’ve seen, and we’ve seen ’em all! This simple technique shows you how to create killer curls without a curling iron, hot rollers or curlers. The curls you create will vary depending on your hair’s length and type and will work best on hair that has a slight texture, but be warned, your curling iron might feel left out after you watch this.

Though I might not banish my favorite curling tools altogether, after taking the time to roll up each curl correctly, I was impressed on the quality of each curly coil, but sleeping with all the bobby pins may take some getting used to!


Edward Tricomi Feeds Our Curl Cravings

Hot Tools 1-1/2Who better to learn the art of curl creation from than a master? Celebrity stylist Edward Tricomi (hello, the Tricomi part of the Warren-Tricomi Salon in NYC!) shows us how to create those killer celebrity curls we crave. Of course you can pick up the Hot-Set Spray from any Warren-Tricomi Salon – it’s great on all hair types and works along with the heat of your big barrel curling iron (or flat iron if you prefer). A few sprays creates a firm, soft texture to set the curl and add a high-gloss shine. Bonus points: It repels the dreaded “H” word – humidity.


Curling Iron Tips from a Pro

It’s 2008 and that crazy-crunchy-curly look of the ’80’s is WAY over. It’s time to update your curling iron techniques to create softer, sexier curls. In this video, celebrity hairstylist Hasblady Guzman transforms air-dried curly hair into a sophisticated up-to-date look with a Hot Tools 2″ Curling Iron and some professional techniques that you can do at home. Pay extra attention to how she styles those “what to do with” front pieces. The results are modern, touchable curls.

Bye, bye crunchy curls, hello gorgeous.


Going Curl Crazy with Caruso

Caruso SalonPro HairsetterBy far, Caruso is one of the cult-favorites among curl-divas everywhere, for good reason – it works so well. The curls created with the Caruso Hairsetters are so long-lasting, once you try the Caruso you are hooked for a lifetime. With such a great track record and a large base of loyal followers, Caruso knows the secret: Curls love to bounce!

Here’s a quick snapshot on how Caruso creates the longest lasting curls ever:

1. First infuse your Caruso soft foam roller with gentle steamed moisture.

2. Then simply wrap each section of hair around on the infused roller and cover with a shield. Remember to vary the direction of each roller to create a natural, curly look. Keep thinking “curls are carefree, never structured.”

3. The patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speedy results if used with your hair dryer. Either way, as the steam evaporates, it’s transferred to the hair, locking in each curl.

4. Gentle moisture penetrates to the hair’s molecular core allowing it to relax and bend. Curls love to bend.

5. As moisture evaporates, hair is “set” in curled position. And I mean SET. Like, all day set.

Did you know?
The molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing. Because there is no damaging heat, you can use the Caruso Professional system as often as you like. Simple, gentle steam works like magic creating the frizz free, soft curls everyone wants.

And talk about curls! With the Caruso the curls you can create are soft and bouncy and keep their shape (and bounce) all day long. The curls also last well into the next day if you are one of those every-other-day type of stylers.


Creating Curls with a HAI Elite Rod

How do I create curls with the Hai Elite Rod?
“I just bought the Hai Elite Rod and want to create some curls, but there is no instruction booklet. Can you help?” – Kimberly
Here are some instructions on using the HAI elite Rod, I hope you find them helpful.

HAI elite Rod The HAI elite Rod makes it really easy to create curls. With other curling appliances and irons you roll the iron up around the section of your hair towards your hair horizontally. With the HAI elite Rod’s unique design you can now create longer lasting curls by wrapping each section of hair around the Rod by holding the appliance vertically.

To create curls with the HAI elite Rod, simply take a small section of your hair (1″ wide or less) and wrap the length of hair around the rod, do not let go of the end of your hair, and hold for 5 seconds. Then release the hair.

A smaller section of hair will create tighter curls.

A larger section of hair will create loose curls and waves.

For a more natural look try alternating the way you wrap your curls. Wrap one section over and around the Rod. Wrap the next section under and then around the Rod. This will give the free-flowing casual appearance natural curls have, by creating curls in a variety of directions.

You may also vary the sizes of the sections you style, some thick and some thinner to create curls of various sizes.

Enjoy your curly look!


Creating Curls with a Flat Iron

Why Not Create Some Carefree Curls with Your Flat Iron?
Ok, you’ve heard the myth. You’ve seen other people with beautiful, bouncy curls. They tell you they used a flat iron. Curls with a flat iron? Yes! I’ll show you how anyone can achieve that carefree curly look. It just takes a little practice, patience, and the right tools!

HAI SST Super Silver Tourmaline Hair DryerThe Perfect Blowout
The first step to any great style with a flat iron is a really good blowout. Creating a super smooth canvas of hair before you style will not only allow you to create those sleek straight looks, it’s also essential for creating curls. A great blowout also helps smooth the hair cuticle, providing a perfect base for creating long lasting, frizz-free curls. Need a great hairdryer for your healthy blowout? You cannot go wrong with one of these:

ghd Professional Round Ceramic BrushBeat the Frizz 
If you really want to say goodbye to frizz, use a professional ceramic brush when you blow dry. A super-smooth frizz free style starts with a quality ceramic brush. The ceramic technology smoothes down the hair’s cuticle while you style and makes it easier to straighten or curl your hair afterwards. If you need a great brush to help you with your blowout, try one from GHD. It features a solid polycarbonate handle and barrel and the first ever with a natural ionic powder coating. This allows the brush to retain the heat from your hair dryer, helping you to dry and style from both sides for quick results and long lasting hold. Especially if you are creating curls – long-lasting is what you’re looking for: GHD Professional Ceramic Round Anti-Static Brush.  

Section, Section, Section
To begin, you should section off your hair into manageable pieces. I find that 1 inch usually works best for everyone. The sections you create should be easy to work with, and small enough to fit into the flat iron you are using. If you are using a flat iron with a 1 inch plate width, section your hair into a 1/2 inch – 1 inch sections. This will ensure you don’t take a section to large to get the job done. As you are more comfortable creating curls, you’ll be able to determine which size sections are right for you. But the million dollar question is: Which flat iron should you use?

HAI elite Digistik Ceramic Tourmaline StraightenerA Flat Iron that Curls??
Hmmm, let’s face it, when you think of flat iron, you don’t normally think of curls. But it’s time to change your mind! Today’s flat irons are so versatile; they are perfect for creating a variety of styles, in addition to straightening. When choosing a flat iron, it’s best to determine your styling needs, and if curls are on your list of styling necessities, you need to find an iron with curved edges.
It is essential that your flat iron’s plates aren’t, well, flat. The curved edges will allow you to coax your hair into those curls you crave. You might be surprised at how many flat irons perform double duty and help create curly styles as well as straighten. Check out these faves:

If you’d like to see more, visit our Curling Flat Irons section.

Biolage Smoothing SerumHealthy Protection
Now that you have a flat iron with curved edges, you’re ready to create your first curl. Before you start styling, it’s a great idea to coat your hair with a thermal protectant to protect your hair from the high temperature of the iron, and to also add volume and shine. Protecting your hair from excessive heat is not only important, it will also add structure and support to the curls you create. We say it over and over again, a heat protectant is a must. Check out these thermal barriers that love to eliminate damage and frizz:
GHD Obedience Cream, BioSilk Smoothing Balm, Bain de Terre Shine Serum Anti-Frizz Recovery Complex, Bolage Smoothing Serum (left), Joico K-PAK Styling Creme Elixir Want more choices? Visit our thermal protectant section, or read our Top 5 Most Popular Heat Protectants, to find out more.

Ready, Set, Curl!
Beginning with the first section of hair about 1″ wide, and holding it at the ends, place the iron vertically over the piece. Gently closing the plates and lightly gripping the hair make sure to rotate the iron slowly as you glide the iron down toward the ends. If you want bigger curls, take larger sections of hair, and use the same rotating motion. This is why it’s so important to use an iron with a rounded barrel and plate design to create the perfect curl. If your iron doesn’t have rounded plates it will create unnatural dents in you hair. The rounded plates are what give you the smooth, flowing curls. Unnatural dents? No thanks!

Oops, That’s Not a Curl
If you don’t get the curl right on the first try, don’t worry! Just let the section you were working on cool down for a few minutes before you try it again, and move on to the next section while you are waiting. It takes a little while to get the hang of creating curls with a flat iron, but with a little practice you will achieve those perfect, bouncy, glamorous curls. Patience…Virtue….Get it?

Curl Number Two
For the next section of hair, repeat the same rotating motion as before but this time rotate the iron in the opposite direction to get a more natural look. Alternating the way you rotate the iron as you style around your head gives you the natural carefree appearance curls usually have. The back of the head is the hardest, but don’t worry if you have trouble here and cannot reach your roots, just try get as close to the roots as possible. Continue this process, moving throughout each section of your hair, remembering to alternate rotations, until you have completed curling all of your hair. Remember that each section should have a light coating of your heat protectant first to provide a good barrier from the heat and protect from unnecessary damage.

The Bouncier the Better!
To create curls with extra bounce, don’t start too close to your roots, this creates too much volume near the top of your head and the curls won’t be soft and bouncy. Instead, place your iron in at the root and glide the iron gently down the first one to two inches of hair before you start rotating the iron. Starting the rotation further down the section will create the nice bouncy look you want.

Davines Love Curl Enhancing SerumExtra Texture
Now that you’ve created a whole head of curls, make sure they have staying power. To finish your look, place a little curl cream on your fingertips and work through your hair to give each curl maximum hold, definition and shine. The separation of each curl will give your style added depth, dimension and movement. A lightweight curl cream is best, you don’t want to weigh those curls down after you’ve spent all your time creating them!
Might I suggest some of the curl-coaxers I like best: Davines Love Curl Enhancing Serum (pictured), Bumble and bumble Curl Crème Curl Conscious Wavy Woman, L’anza Polyester Art Elements, CHI Pliable Polish Weightless Styling Paste.

See, that’s all there is to it – perfect, bouncy curls with a flat iron! Give it a try, it’s easier than you think! If you still need some extra pointers, this video will get you curling in no time….


Are You Voluminously Challenged?

 Maxius Beauty Adjust-a-Curl
Ok, ok, I know you love your flat iron, and enjoy that silky smooth style, but there is a difference between straight and FLAT.
Are you voluminously challenged? I bet you haven’t thought about using a curler to pump up your straight style! How ingenious…

If you are looking tons of volume, check out the latest Adjust-a-Curl from Maxius Beauty – our BFF who makes the Maxiglide. These innovative curlers do everything from creating curls of every size to adding a serious amount of lift and volume to straight styles. Curlers for straight styles? YES! Love that va, va, va, voom volume? You’ll be thanking us for this tip after just one use.

To Start Using Maxius Beauty Adjust-A-Curl:
For best results, before the first use, roll Adjust-a-Curl to the narrowest diameter (about 1 1/2″) 3 times from each direction to “train” the new roller into ‘rolling’. Make sure that the roller is tape/rough side out when using.

Adjust a CurlFor ROOT LIFT with Adjust-A-Curl
This innovative styling technique can only be achieved by the Adjust-a-Curl.
1- Begin at the hair line at the neck and work upward.
2- Roll Adjust-a-Curl half way, leaving about 5″ unrolled.
3- Follow steps 1 & 2 of the dry set instructions.
4- Place the end of the Adjustable Roller at the roots of the section of hair. Place the remainder of hair flat over the flat part of the roller. Let the ends fall free.
5- Lightly spray hair with soft hair spray for better hold.
6- Repeat on all sections of hair moving upward on scalp.
7- Leave rollers in hair for 5 to 15 minutes. The longer the rollers are in, the longer the style will last.
8- To remove, start at the lowest roller by the neck line, lift section of hair up and slowly remove roller.

You’ll flip for the volume you get with these babies (oh, and they really are great for curls too!) To learn more about Adjust-a-Curl, and all of the other fab finds from Maxis Beauty, visit our Maxiglide section.