Need Help Keeping Your Hair Color?

Do you spend a good deal of money and time getting the perfect hair color?  Color can dramatically change your look and overall appearance within one application.  It is a great way to lift an “in the rut” look.  The problem comes in managing that color.  Washing and rinsing with the incorrect shampoo can leave your stunning color not so stunning.  Here is our guide to keeping that color at it its peak.

Top Pick for Color Protecting Shampoo
Davines Nounou Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

Top Pick for Color Protecting Conditioner
ABBA Pure Color Protect Conditioner Creme Masque

Best All Natural Color Protect Remedy

1) Take a ripe avocado, yes the fruit, and crush up.  Massage into your hair and scalp and let sit for 15 – 20 minutes.  Your will be soft and silky and you will praise the color retention! 
2) Do you have a brown to dark brown hair?  Try this coffee inspired deep conditioning system.  Mix ground coffee or espresso beans with your conditioner.  Apply to hair and leave in for 20 – 25 minutes.  Rinse out.

Caring for Color-Treated Hair

Now that you’ve dyed those grays, make sure they stay away as long as possible by using color-treated hair care (check out Lanza, Murad, Chi, Abba and Pureology, to name a few!) and a leave in conditioner. This quick video gives some more expert tips and tricks on keeping color treated hair looking it’s best before it’s time to color again.

Celeb Style: Kate Walsh

Kate WalshOk, I’m addicted to Private Practice and it’s definitely because of Kate Walsh. With such stunning looks and a dramatic pop of hair color, she really puts the ravishing in red head. When I look at her hair, I always find myself commenting on how healthy it looks. Vibrant and glossy. It’s hair that simply cannot go unnoticed. For hair like this you need a killer glossing product made especially for color-treated hair. You need Pureology Shine Max Shining Smoother. This 100% vegan shining liquid is jam packed with an AntiFade Complex, potent anti-oxidants and UVA/UVB sunscreens dedicated to preserving and protecting any color-enhanced ‘do. It also banishes frizz and fly-aways and provides a brilliant shine worthy of a superstar.

My Color-Treated Hair is Dull!

I have dry, color-treated hair that looks dull. What products will work for me to make my hair look healthy and keep the color looking good? I don’t want my color to oxidize, it cost me a lot! – Karen via email

As you know, dry hair that is also color treated needs special attention. You want your hair to be soft, shiny and healthy without stripping and causing more dryness, or fading and ruining your color. The good news for you is that there are a lot of color-treated lines of hair care that are created especially for hair like yours. You should definitely check out the color protection hair care from CHI, they have an entire product line that will treat any hair concern, not just dryness, while keeping your color vibrant. For your particular concern I’d go for the moisturizing system. It’s a three part program that will fight dryness and keep your color strong and shiny:
With these three easy steps your hair will be soft and vibrant in no time! You should also check out our Color Protection Hair Care section, it’s full of products dedicated to keeping color-treated hair looking its best. You spend good money on your color and we know you don’t want it to fade out or dry out. These products will keep your hair and your wallet happy!

-Straight Belle