Grammy’s 40’s Glamour Updo

40’s Glamour was the rage at the Grammy’s 2010 on Sunday night. Nicole Kidman and Taylor Swift looked amazing in their faux bob updo’s. I know this look will be the inspiration for many wedding updo styles. How can you get Taylor Swift’s or Nicole Kidman’s 40’s Glamour Updo? Pureology PureArtists Mary Katherine Hecht, Christopher Devaney, April Webster and Byu-ti/Pureology Salon owner Natasha Sunshine give us the 411 on how to recreate this look.

How to Get the 40’s Glamour Updo

  1. Apply even amounts of Essential Repair InstantRepair, SuperSmooth RelaxingSerum and NanoGlaze to wet hair. Comb through evenly with a wide tooth comb.
  2. Create a side part, diffuse hair allowing the hairs enhanced natural curl and texture to show through.
  3. When the hair is dry, roll the back section (ear to ear) under and pin with large hair pins. This creates a faux bob line.
  4. Take the remaining side sections and continue to roll the hair under to your desired length and pin this section to the back section creating a looser and relaxed and look to the front.
  5. Emulsify DryShine Hairstyler in your hands and gently massage the hair until you have a textured and relaxed look all over.
  6. Finish this look off with GlossingMist for incredible shine and InChargePlus Firm Finishing Spray for hold.

Kate Gosselin: New Haircut!

Move over short do and bring in the extensions!  Kate Gosselin sports a brand new softer side hair do on the cover of People magazine!  Honestly I am not sure if I would have recognized her unless it had her name.  She looks completely remade.  What do you all think?  Love it or hate it?

Justin Timerberlake The Curls Come Back

Justin Timberlake was recently found sporting his old curls.  Think back to Justin’s ‘NSync days.  I love Justin Timberlake in any hair that he flaunts but his natural curls look fantastic.  What do you all think?

Banging Back the Years

As we age, there’s a whole lot going downhill: Our skin sags, our face wrinkles, and our hair grays and loses its vibrancy.

But what we may not realize is it’s far easier than we think to reverse the process. In fact, the right cut and color can take years off our perceived age!

It’s a timeless truth that the right cut will help to draw attention to your face and highlight your best features—whether that’s your eyes, skin, lips, or anything else. —And it can also mask or even hide entirely any flaws you may be insecure about. You know how our favorite Hollywood ingénue, Reese Witherspoon, has a strong jaw? Her long layers and side swept bags are a brilliant maneuver to soften her look!

But if your “flaw” is aging – and honestly, my friends, imagine the alternative – as we start to see those gray hairs peek out, we should counteract by choosing bold, dramatic colors that can actually accentuate aging not mask it. Yvonne Neihule, owner of Neihule salon says, “Dark colors work against the skin to highlight lines and wrinkles, in many cases taking the hair lighter, or adding highlights versus low lights can soften the face and diminish the look of pronounced lines around the eyes.”

Just as cut is important, as is color. A short cut opens up the face, and brightens the skin – which can help to hide wrinkles and lines.  It’s almost like getting a facelift! Feathering also is a great softening style that can hide lines…softer is often better in these cases. Going softer compliments the face and does not focus or highlight harsh lines or shades in the face.

Remember, the ideal style is one that makes you still look like YOU, but younger. Don’t go mid-life crisis and dye your hair purple or get wild extensions…this may make you feel childish, but you’ll probably still look your age!

By Aly Walansky

Cheryl Cole Hair Extensions In Hair Ad?

When you watch those wonderfully laid out hair commercials where women have silky full hair did you know that some sport hair extensions which make their hair look longer and fuller.  Cheryl Cole did a Loreal UK commercial recently promoting Loreal Elvive Full Restore 5 hair products line.  In the ad hair extensions were attached in her hair to give the appearance of full silky hair.    Do you think this is misleading or just a part of marketing?  I will let you all be the judge – comment below! 


Katie Holmes “The Dizzy Look”

Katie Holmes sported this very dishelved hair style on the red carpet at the Dizzy Feet Foundation inaugural gala event.  I am definitely one for the “bohemian beach sexy look” but this is just a “wake up in the morning been with the kids all night look”!  Let us know what you think of the hair.  The Dizzy Feet Foundation offers dance scholarships to gifted kids who would not be able to afford it otherwise.  We love a great cause!

Agassi Gives a Hair Tell All

andre agassi

Finally Andre Agassi, our fav celeb tennis player, provides full disclosure of his hair trials while he was playing professional tennis.   Agassi in his new autobiography discloses initimate details about his genetic early male pattern baldness and that he wore a wig for most of his tennis career.  Agassi was known for his long feathered dirty blond hair style.   In the book Agassi talks about the problems he had with his wig during major matches.  One time his wig completely fell apart before a major match and they considered stapling it together!  He owes the world to his first wife Brook Shields, who convinced him to take the wig off and shave his head.  I love Agassi’s shaved head look.

Joe Jonas Goes Short and Curly


Our teen pop star, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, earlier this year decided to ditch his hair straightener and go naturally curly like his brothers.   I believe Joe can sport anything and look muy bien in his curly do.  Recently Joe was spotted in this shorter look.  What do you all think?