Celeb Style: Paris Hilton

Paris HiltonWhether you’re a fan or a foe, you’ve got to admit, Paris Hilton’s hair is hot. From the clean lines of her haircut, to the high-class platinum highlights, to the blow out and beyond, if you want your hair to look like Paris Hilton’s, consider this your first step in heiress hairstyling. Complete with flat iron tips and before and after photos, this video from Video Jug will show you how to take your hair straight from Main Street to Park Avenue – it’s pure platinum, pure drama, pure Paris. Perfect for the celebutante in all of us.

Just add your own glossy pout, posh posse, and perfect pose and you’ll be red carpet ready.


Celeb Style: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer LopezFrom Fly Girl to J-Lo to Bennifer to new Mom (congratulations on the twins), Jennifer Lopez has taken many a stylish step, especially with her hair. I love that she’s 9 months pregnant in this pic and her hair is fabulous. For this look, first straighten your hair with your favorite flat iron, then lightly coat your strands with a tiny bit of mousse to coax the curls. Then, taking 1 inch pieces, use a 1-1/2″ curling iron to create long, loose curls from ear level down. After curling, gently brush out your hair with a paddle brush to relax the curls and add volume and body. Finish with hairspray and get ready for your own close up.

Celeb Style: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan - New York Magazine CoverAh, Lindsay Lohan. Nude photos huh? Funny, we’ve all seen you up close and personal many a time getting in and out of your rides sans-bloomers. Oh, but this is different, a photo shoot, I get it! New York Magazine (one of my faves) has plucked little miss fresh from rehab and I’ll never do it again Lohan out of obscurity? Oops, I mean tabloid central to pose in nothing but her freckles as none other than Marilyn. Monroe. Dare I even type that? There’s only ONE Marilyn. But really, all you need is that classic Marilyn blonde ‘do and your three-quarters of the way to pulling it off. Complete glamour captured in time, her hairstyle must be the most iconic style around. One quick glance at the strands and it’s pure Marilyn. As for Lindsay, I’ll admit it, she does looks great. Just keep it clean Li-Lo, keep it clean – unfortunately we all know what happened to dear Marilyn.

Celeb Style: Drew Barrymore

Drew BarrymoreSometimes I think Drew Barrymore lives in dog years. She’s been around for ages and has done more by her ripe young age of 32 than most can accomplish in a lifetime. E.T. at 7, rehab by 13, two marriages under her belt (hope it works out with the Apple computer guy), Hollywood A-list celeb, Playboy cover, producer, style icon, you name it. Even with all of her ups and downs she always maintains two things: Her contagious positive attitude and her fabulous sense of style. I get so envious – her hair seems to do whatever she wants at any given time without product overload. Always natural, always fabulous – keep it up Drew! (P.S. We’ll ignore your March cover of Vogue – too much photoshop!)

Celeb Style: Ashley Simpson

Ashley SimpsonJessica’s lil’ sis sure seems to be developing her own personal style. She may not admit to the new nose (and chin!) but she will gladly fess up to her new auburn locks. This color choice is great for her attention-seeking nature and I just love how silky smooth it looks. To keep your look as sleek and smooth as possible, use a frizz fighting flat iron such as the FHI Platform Ceramic Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron. The semi-precious gemstone Tourmaline is known for it’s super-smoothing abilities. Then follow with a few drops of BioSilk for seriously silky strands.

Celeb Style: Nicole Richie

Nicole RichieNicole Richie’s sideswept bangs give an updated, modern twist to the retro feathered look of years ago, and is a simple style to recreate. Straighten hair with a domed flat iron like the HAI Elite Tong and when you get to the last two inches of the section of hair, flip the iron outward to create a gentle flip upward. For the back of hair, turn the iron inward so the hair flips under. Finish with a touch of Davines Defining Shine Pomade to keep your flips from flopping.

Celeb Style: Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianCraving killer curls like Kim? Crank up a Bed Head Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Curling Iron. Using a wide 1-1/2″ barrel will allow you to create those long and loose red carpet curls without a trip to the salon. Just remember not to curl your hair all the way up to the top. Instead, start wrapping the hair around the curling iron midway down the section at ear level. This will add body and fullness to the bottom while keeping the top smooth and sleek. See? Now everyone can keep up with this Kardashian!

For more styling tips, check out this video.

Celeb Style: Mary J. Blige

Mary J. BligeMary J. Blige is pure talent wrapped up in style with a double dose of cool. Her modern chic look is fabulously flattering and really compliments the shape of her face and her unique personal style. One of the most important parts of a look like this is ensuring that the trendy side swept bang stays put, so after styling finish with some Bumble and bumble Sumotech Pomade to keep those long bangs swept to the side where they belong. It provides serious, supple hold and a lo-gloss finish that’s perfect for cool gals everywhere.