2010 Grammys: Beyonce

As one of the first winners at the Grammy’s 2010, Beyonce stole the show!  I loved her simple style with a little bling!  Beyonce is all about the bling and we love her for it.  What are those pieces of bling in her hair? Of course they are the one and only Bling Strands.  I was blinged out over the summer and loved it!  Check out my review of the Bling Strands.

Bling Strands: Hot New Product!


A month or so ago I attended Cosmoprof, an all hair and beauty show, featuring some amazing products.  At the show one of my hot new faves was Bling Strands!  As I walked the show I saw women with little sparkles in their hair.  Think glisten versus punk or emo.   As their hair hit the lights you could see a little shimmer.   Nothing drastic just a slight glisten.  I soon discovered that it was the new Bling Strands.  In seconds you can tie single shimmer strands to the root of your hair with no glueing or chemicals.  The owner of Bling Strands tested a few on me and I loved it!  She put a coppery undertone string that look fabulous against my copper highlights.  Check out video at Cosmoprof of the owner putting a little pizzaz in this women’s hair within seconds!  For more product info go to  www.blingstrands.com.