What’s So Great About Silk in Hair Care?

Everyone wants silky hair. Silky shine. Silky straight. Silky soft. Silky smooth… but does adding silk really make a difference? I figured our friends at BioSilk would be definitely up for the challenge. Hey, if you put the word silk on your product I’m guessing you’ve done your homework. Of course they have.

According to BioSilk, silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids found in human hair. These amino acids create a strong bond with your hair strands and are able to reconstruct the damaged areas, creating a smooth cuticle. I love the word reconstruct in any form of hair care. That means bye, bye roughness, hello smooth cuticles.

Silk is also able to reinforce – another great word in hair care – the strength of your hair to prevent damage from heat styling appliances. (Who me? What flat iron?) Silk will also help repair and strengthen the hair from the inside out which improves elasticity thereby reducing breakage and further damage. Me likey the silky so far.

Allure Award BadgeHave you ever noticed you can use a serum-y type liquid like BioSilk Silk Therapy and you’d think it would leave your strands greasy and oily, but somehow it doesn’t? Yes, it’s the good ol’ silk again. It’s a very strong fiber, comparable to steel, that is able to surround the hair strands increasing the strength. This provides more body and volume without weighing the hair down. I wouldn’t suggest any silk skyscrapers, but for stronger hair, go for it.

You’d think that would be enough, but wait there’s more. Silk is also able to protect hair and hair color from the elements, damaging UV rays, pollutants, and of course frizz. I’m sure you’ve heard that BioSilk Silk Therapy has received the Reader’s Choice Award from Allure Magazine for best de-frizzing product three years in a row. Best frizz fighter for three years? From Allure? That’s no easy task. And don’t forget shine. Unparalleled shine.

Strength, repair, protection and shine? Talk about a bounty of benefits. Even better, there are shampoos, conditioners and treatment products (ahem, BioSilk, Terax, CHI) that utilize the power of pure natural silk so you can treat your tresses to the power of silk anytime.


Do I Need a Humectant?

“I’m going on a trip to Miami and it’s very hot and humid there. I love the sunshine, but whenever I go there I have very bad hair days. I never know what to put on my hair in that weather. Should I use a humectant or an anti-humectant? What is the difference?” – Betsy, via email

Hi Betsy! I have thick, curly hair and I definitely consider humidity my #1 arch enemy. It’s one of the biggest contributors to bad hair days everywhere and it’s very hard to avoid. Face it, you can’t escape the weather. Even when you’re inside the humidity will find you, but there are certain products to help you repel it.

On humid days, hair seems to quickly soak in the extra moisture from the air leaving you looking like the top contender in a frizzy hair contest. But what to do? You want to find a product that provides a barrier between your hair and the air’s moisture. Curly or straight, you want an anti-humectant.

A good anti-humectant is a non-water based product (obviously you don’t want more moisture) that will coat your hair strands and keep the moisture out. Think waxes, serums, silicones and shine products. Anything that provides a barrier between your hair and the environment. Top anti-humectants are:

Frederic Fekkai Glossing CreamBioSilk Silk Therapy, Terax Gloss Finishing Serum, Bumble and bumble Sumotech Pomade, Biolage Smoothing Serum, Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream (pictured).

A humectant product does just the opposite, it preserves moisture in the hair. If your hair is dry, parched and lacks hydration you want a product that will help increase the moisture content. You should be on the lookout for any water based products dedicated to hydrating and conditioning your hair. These products will help moisturize the hair strands:

L'anza Tamanu Cream ShampooL’anza Tamanu Cream Shampoo, Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 3 Shampoo, L’anza Kukui Nut Conditioner, Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion.

Don’t be surprised if you need both at the same time, especially if your hair is on the dry side. Try a hydrating shampoo and conditioner (humectants) to replace the moisture in your hair, and then follow with a smoothing balm and shine serum (anti-humectants) to style your strands and lock out the dreaded “H” word – humidity.


Hair Care Kudos!

Looking for a styling product with some panache? A conditioner with a cult following? Look no further! These five hair care products steal the spotlight when it comes to creating award winning styles.

The Terax line’s star product is so revolutionary in making hair ultra soft that InStyle magazine awarded Terax Crema its prestigious “Hall of Fame Award”. Formulated to provide additional moisture and strength to dry or damaged hair, while giving extra shine, volume and color protection, this honor was awarded after it was named “Best Overall Conditioner” five times in a row. See more from Terax.

Meet InStyle Magazine’s Best Beauty Buy winner – Best Straightening/Anti-Frizz Product – Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo-Relax. Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Leave-In Smoothing Sérum smoothes dry, rebellious hair and makes it softer and smoother with long-lasting frizz protection. A few pumps on towel-dried hair will take those unmanageable, unruly locks from dry to shiny right before your eyes. Exclusive Nutri-huile complex contains beneficial Shorea Seed Butter and Palm oils to soften the hair fibers and provide deep nutrition to hydrate parched hair. See more from Kerastase.

Biolage Smoothing GelBiolage Smoothing Gel Smooththerapie 
Control your dry, frizzy hair with Biolage Smoothing Gel. The exclusive Smooththerapie formulation gives fine-to-medium hair types smoothness and long-lasting control without weighing the hair down. Unique micro-emulsion technology with Silicones, Grape Seed and Avocado Micro-Oils controls flyaways and frizz, leaving hair naturally soft, healthy and smooth. Additional humectants provide light moisture to prevent dryness, and keep hair silky, not sticky. Winner of the exclusive Beauty Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite DeFrizzer. That gets an A+ in our book. See more from Biolage.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Tri-PackBioSilk Tri-Pack Silk Therapy
This BioSilk Tri-Pack is an Allure Magazine Award winner and you know Allure sets the bar high! BioSilk hair care products combine the luxury and power of silk and always leave hair with improved strength and a silky smooth, frizz-free shine. This set was designed to include the three best-sellers in one value priced set. You’ll receive BioSilk Silk Therapy, BioSilk Therapy Shampoo and BioSilk Therapy Conditioner all for one low price. These lightweight products work together to strengthen and repair dry hair with pure silk protein molecules. See more from BioSilk.

Bumble and bumble Sumotech is an InStyle Magazine Best Beauty Buy of 2007. This paste/wax hybrid synthesizes the malleability of natural waxes with the structural integrity of microfibre-reinforced resin polymers. Translation: It’s fantastic, elastic stuff that lets you mould and remould hair with serious but supple hold. Sumotech pomade provides structure, texture and separation to any hairstyle while adding flexible support with a matte finish. See more from Bumble and bumble.

With award winning products like these, you’ll be sure to get a great style and some great compliments. Who doesn’t want that?


BioSilk Silk Therapy – I’m a Believer

BioSilk Silk TherapyBioSilk Silk Therapy has all the makings of a true cult favorite. Already well known in the beauty industry for its impressive silk-ifying performance, BioSilk Silk Therapy has come to be a famous favorite product of hairstyling divas everywhere. Why? Because it works so well. Good answer.

BioSilk Silk Therapy works amazingly well with the excessive temperature of flat irons and curling irons. I’d even suggest picking up a bottle if you just use a hair dryer, hey, even if you air dry naturally your hair can reap the benefits of this silky wonder liquid – it’s great on split ends! But if you really, really want to see it in action, try it with a heat appliance.

With a product like this, especially if you’re a newbie, I suggest that less is more. Really, a few tiny drops are all you need for silky smooth perfection. After you get used to it, you can use more, but it’s so concentrated you really don’t need much, I promise.

After applying a few drops, turn on your hair dryer…you’ll see. You can almost feel it working as the temperature gets hotter, activating the silk proteins that penetrate your hair. Your hair is silky and soft. Not droopy. None of that ‘too soft’ hair that just sits there flat and limp. BioSilk makes your hair is soft and lively. Yes, I said lively.

Are you in love with your flat iron? Then try a few more drops on dry hair and then crank up your hair straightener. You will swear you feel BioSilk, adding protection to your strands each time the flat iron plates glide down your strands of hair. And, the texture of Silk Therapy is ideally lightweight, never greasy, so it won’t weigh your hair down. No one likes the greasy look. But then you already knew that.

BioSilk Silk Therapy is created from concentrated pure silk and fortified with botanical extracts and Vitamins E and B to help smooth and reconstruct the hair while strengthening it from the inside out, and add a high gloss shine. Who knew silk proteins could do all that? It’s also a replenishing treatment that protects your hair the more you use it, leaving it in optimum condition over time. After using it for only a few days, you’ll notice a softer, smoother texture to your hair.

If that isn’t enough, it even works on your skin. Talk about SMOOOTH. They don’t call it therapy for nothing, this stuff works. I’m a BioSilk believer and you will be too!

– StraightBelle