Kerastase Creme Elasto-Curl is a Curl DO!

Kerastase Creme Elasto CurlKerastase Nutritive Creme Elasto-Curl is a definition forming creme for thick, curly hair. That’s what the bottle says. But does it work?

I’m always on the lookout for anything that claims to enhance curls and control frizz. But seriously, don’t all products designed for curly hair claim to do this? I must admit, a lot of products I have tried fall short of this claim, though every time I try a new product, I am as enthusiastic as ever with hope!

If you have curly hair, you know how this feels. You get all excited to try a new curl enhancing cream, and midway through using it, you realize it’s not going to do what you want it to do. Then the big let down, your hair looks worse.

Well Kerastase can change that. Their Creme Elasto-Curl helps condition and improve curl definition, while it adds shine, suppleness, and softness. And yes, it really does help control frizz. Kerastase offers a complete product line of hair care products and hair treatments created to restore and maximize your hair’s natural beauty. And there is nothing better than nice natural curls!

Enjoy the total Kerastase experience at home, you won’t be sorry! If you’ve read my blog posts you know that I’m already a huge fan of Kerastase Oleo Relax too!

For curly hair styling tips from Kerastase check out this video: Modern Curls with Kerastase Oleo Curl. Curls RULE!


Why Conditioner is a Curl’s BFF

Liz (a curl diva!) from Expert Village explains the importance of deep conditioning curly hair and emphasizes using hair treatments to keep those curls full of bounce and shine.

Just remember: Happy curls are healthy curls, so always use a leave-in conditioner. I use one every day (really!) and my curls love it. You can click on this link to find some curl friendly products ready to caress your curls.


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Modern Curls with Kerastase Oleo Curl

Stylist Tommy Buckett discusses the latest celebrity hairstyling trend: Long, loose curls. He’ll also discuss three different types of curls and introduce you to the Kerastase Oleo-Curl product line. If you have curls, you’ll love Kerastase – it’s one of my favorites for managing curly locks!

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How To Use Hot Rollers for the Hottest Curls

Got a set of hot rollers? This step by step video tutorial will explain how to get those large, sexy supermodel curls in no time. Bonus Points: It also explains which size rollers go where for the best look – no more guesswork!

What Makes Hair Curly?

Sarah Jessica ParkerWhether your hair is stick straight or full of corkscrew curls, you have your genes to thank.

But how exactly genes control the shape of hair has been debated. Scientists once thought that the curliness of hair was determined by the individual hair shafts, but have since discovered that the shape of the follicle (the part of the skin that grows the hair) determines both the shape of the hair and the angle it grows in with respect to the scalp. Curly hair is shaped like an elongated oval and grows at a sharp angle.

Curly hair tends to be much drier than straight hair because it is easier for the oils secreted from the scalp to travel down the shaft of a straight hair than a curly one (this is why curly hair often turns into frizzy hair).

And as anyone with curly hair knows, humidity can make your hair even curlier (or frizzier). The reason: Hair fiber absorbs the water and forces the shaft to revert to its original (less straight) structure.

Credits:, Andrea Thompson

Make Some Serious Waves with Your Flat Iron

Flat irons are great for creating that smooth, sleek style, but why not try making some waves? All you need are the right tools, a great blow out, and a little practice.
The Tools: Curling Flat Iron, Heat Styling Protectant, Styling Cream

The Perfect Blowout
The first step to any great style with a flat iron is the perfect blowout. Creating a super smooth canvas of hair before you style will not only allow you to create those sleek straight looks, it’s also essential for creating waves. A good blowout helps control and prepare your hair by providing a smooth base for creating long lasting, frizz-free waves. Read more about The Perfect Blowout.

Section, Section, Section
To begin, you should section off your hair into manageable 1 to 2 inch pieces. The sections you create should be easy to work with, and small enough to fit into the flat iron you are using. But which flat iron should you use?

ghd MK3 1A Flat Iron To Create Waves?
To create sexy waves, you’ll need a versatile flat iron designed for styling, not just straightening. A lot of today’s flat irons perform double duty and are perfect for creating a variety of styles, in addition to straightening. When choosing a flat iron, it’s best to determine your styling needs, and if you want to create waves as well as straight styles, it’s best to choose an iron with curved edges. GHD MK3 Professional 1″ Flat Iron (pictured).

I recommend visiting our Curling Flat Irons section to choose the iron that’s best for you. It is essential that your flat iron’s plates aren’t, well, flat. The curved edges will take your style from straight to seductress! Here are some more serious wave makers: HAI Convertible 1-1/4” Flat Iron (pictured), HAI elite Digistik Ceramic 1” Styling ToolChi Original 1″ Flat Iron.

L'anza Strait-Line Thermal DefenseProtect those Tresses
Before you start styling with any heat appliance, you should take the time to protect your hair first. A generous coating with a thermal protectant will protect your hair from the high temperature of the iron, and also add volume while your style. Protecting your hair from excessive heat is a very important step, and today’s heat activated products are packed with ingredients that actually make your hair healthier! So spritz, rub and spray away! L’anza Strait-Line Thermal Defense (pictured).

Check out more potent products in these heat protection sections:  Thermal protectant section, or read our Top 5 Most Popular Heat Protectants, to find out more.

Making Some Serious Waves
Starting with your first section, place the flat iron in at the root horizontally. Using one hand to hold the iron at the handle, and your other hand to hold the top of the iron between your thumb and index fingers, move the iron downwards, slowly toward the ends, alternately flipping the iron upside down and back again as you continue gliding down the section. Notice when you flip the flat iron over 180 degrees and back again, this will cause a smooth wave as you glide down the section. Don’t rush it. Taking your time with this motion as you continue down the section will give you that great sexy, wavy style.

Wave ON
As you continue styling each section, working your way around your head towards the back. The most difficult area to reach is the back of your head so definitely take your time here. It’s OK if you cannot get as close to the roots in the back, a little root drag is good in the back because it will give you some added volume you need.

If you don’t get the sexy waves you want on the first try, don’t worry! Just let the section you were working on cool down for a few minutes before you try it again, and move on to the next section while you are waiting. This wave technique takes a little time and practice before you create the ideal waves you want.

L'anza Volume Root Effects

Just a Tip…
When working on the top of your head, create a little bit of lift at the roots by taking a section at the root and flipping the iron away from my head on the first twist. If you want a flatter look at the top, flip your iron in the other direction and move it towards the top of your head instead. If you really want some added volume, add a little root lifter styling product before you start styling or afterwards – however you like it. L’anza Volume Root Effects Volumizing Foam (pictured).

Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Wave SprayHold the Wave
To give your new waves hold, definition and shine, you should apply a small amount of a styling spray, gel, or lotion specifically created for wavy styles. Just loosely work a little dab (or spritz) through your hair from roots to tips with your fingertips and you are ready to roll! With a little practice, tousled, sexy waves are as easy as can be! Check out these wave savers:

Need a visual? Check out the video below for some quick flat iron styling tips from ghd. 

– Curly Belle

Healthy Heat Free Curls

Want to create some healthy carefree curls without heat…while you sleep? All you need is a pack of bobby pins, some curl cream and minute or two to watch this video. You’ll get some of the bounciest curls we’ve seen, and we’ve seen ’em all! This simple technique shows you how to create killer curls without a curling iron, hot rollers or curlers. The curls you create will vary depending on your hair’s length and type and will work best on hair that has a slight texture, but be warned, your curling iron might feel left out after you watch this.

Though I might not banish my favorite curling tools altogether, after taking the time to roll up each curl correctly, I was impressed on the quality of each curly coil, but sleeping with all the bobby pins may take some getting used to!