40’s Inspired Hairstyle

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani loves her 40’s retro Pin Up hair do and looks fantastic doing it!  Do you wish you could have that 40’s retro hairstyle? This is a very interesting video how to create this “Pin Up” hairstyle ala Johnny Lavoy.  I have to warn you it is not for everyone but for some this look could definitely work. 

Maintain Your Blonde Hair ala Redken

Blonde hair has special needs.  Redken’s David Stanko (my colorist!) shows how all you blondies out there can treat and maintain your natural or color-treated blonde hair.  Added bonus – Redken’s Rodney Cutler creates glamorous waves with the twist and dry technique.  I love it!  You can also accentuate the curls with your curling iron!  Think sexy big waves.

Two Great Styles for Model Casting Calls

Johnny Lavoy, Ford models celebrity stylist, shows us how we can create two hairstyles that will help us get through our model casting calls.  Honestly these hairstyles are good for anyone so watch even if you are not trying to get on the runway.  The first shows you how to get volume in your hair with a slight wave to it and the second is a basic updo that looks chic.

BabyTata Baby Massage DVD

babytataI normally don’t stray away from hair related products but I had to talk about the BabyTata Infant Massage DVD.  Have you ever wondered how to ease your baby’s gas pains or how to get them to sleep a little bit longer.  Baby massage is your answer!  Baby Tata combines infant massage, excercise, and play activities all in a fun entertainment based routine you can do with your baby.  The first time I did infant massage with my baby he slept all night long.  You know what that means for a new mother.  Heaven!!   Also BabyTata has won numerous awards including Parenting Magazine Best DVD of the year award! 

It is the perfect babyshower gift.  Check out the website at www.babytata.com or view a clip of the DVD below.

Bling Strands: Hot New Product!


A month or so ago I attended Cosmoprof, an all hair and beauty show, featuring some amazing products.  At the show one of my hot new faves was Bling Strands!  As I walked the show I saw women with little sparkles in their hair.  Think glisten versus punk or emo.   As their hair hit the lights you could see a little shimmer.   Nothing drastic just a slight glisten.  I soon discovered that it was the new Bling Strands.  In seconds you can tie single shimmer strands to the root of your hair with no glueing or chemicals.  The owner of Bling Strands tested a few on me and I loved it!  She put a coppery undertone string that look fabulous against my copper highlights.  Check out video at Cosmoprof of the owner putting a little pizzaz in this women’s hair within seconds!  For more product info go to  www.blingstrands.com.

How To Curl with a CHI Flat Iron

How do I curl my hair with my flat iron?! Many of you divas out there have a flat iron and want to make fabulous curls with your iron. You start with your CHI flat iron and twist and turn and the curl falls completely flat.  Here at StyleBell we have uncovered the best method to creating fabulous curls with your 1 inch CHI flat iron or any iron including HAI, FHI, Babyliss, Metropolis, GHD etc! Equip yourselves with your CHI flat iron and your CHI 44 Iron Guard to protect your hair and you are ready. Enjoy!

Bohemian Braid How-To

Looking for that Lauren Conrad bohemian braid look?  Look no further we have found the answer!  Johnny Lavoy, celebrity stylist, takes us through a step-by-step tutorial on how to get this fabulous double bohemian braid style.  Remember the beads are optional but it definitely adds a little sparkle to the look!

Video Review: Instyler Rotating Styling Iron

instylerA few weeks ago I went to an event in Soho, NY launching the new Instyler Rotating Barrel Styling Iron. At the event was celebrity stylist Dean Banowetz, think American Idol stylist for 6 years and stylist to Ryan Seacrest! Upon seeing the demonstration of the rotating styling iron I was quite hesitant to try. I thought it would burn my hands off! After the demonstration Dean could see my look of complete horror and decided to call me up and give me a one on one demonstration. Yay! Can I just say wow! This iron not only straightened my hair but it also curled it. Check out my video review of the Instyler below!  Read more about the Instyler at www.getinstyler.com.