Color Perfection Redken Art of Consultation

art of consultation,redken,hair color,hair color perfectionAre you a new hair stylist just starting out in the world of color? Or do you own a salon and are trying to figure out how to assure that your stylists are providing the best color option for your clients? Redken has just launched the new Art of Consultation, a step by step guide on how to step your color clients and the stylists through choosing the correct color.

Choosing the right color for your client’s hair can either enhance their facial features or squash those features. There is an art to obtaining the information you need from the client to help allow you to make the right decisions. Redken has shared there art to Color Perfection:

1) The Color: Do you have cool skin tone or warm skin tone? What is your client’s existing hair color? Redken has a very easy to use color skin tone palette that will help you determine whether your client is a cool or warm. There are also hair color swatches so that you can determine your clients existing hair color. This will allow you to better determine the right color spectrum.

3) The Hair Type: What is your clients hair type? Is it dry, oily, thick, fine, coarse, thin, or chemically over processed? These questions will allow you to determine what additional pre and post processes to perform on the client so that you will give your client optimal results.

2) The Application: Where should the highlights be applied? Honestly I never really thought about this step but this is as important a decision as any others. Redken has created a guide Haircolor Placement & Design guide that allows you to determine your clients face shape. Once the face shape is determined the chart will tell you the optimal location for the highlights, color, and cut. That is a ton of information.

3) The Grey: Do you have Grey? The percentage of grayness in your clients hair will determine what type of color treatment you will use. Redken has provided a swatch of grayness percentages so that you can compare your clients hair.

4) Your Lifestyle: What is your Lifestyle? Do you work? Are you at home? What type of look are you trying to portray? How often do you get colored? How much time do you dedicate to your hair? Do you have any special events coming up in the future? These questions will help you determine the best type of color and level of color that your client should receive. Redken’s Art of Consultation Kit includes a Customized Client Profiler so that these questions can be asked and recorded easily and quickly.

I think whether you are a hair stylist or not Redken’s Art of Consultation kit will help you better determine the perfect color.

Enjoy the Season: Shades of Summer Color

hair color trend,summer hair color,color trendSummer is finally here. I know because I’m currently sitting outdoors with no jacket and an iced coffee. Being that it was freezing just two weeks ago in New York City, this is sweet reward, indeed.

But the coming of sunshine means we have to get our hair in order. Once we achieve that summer cut, color is next. And according to stylist Jet Rhys (, color will be a big part of sunny weather.

Jet says if you are looking for an instant way to add oomph to your look, coloring your hair blonde on blonde is one of the beauty buzzwords that first comes to mind.

Blonde on blonde can enhance the face, add dimension and shine, and when done correctly, the effect is, well…heavenly. But highlighting isn’t the only option.

The 411 on Coloring Processes

Jet says to talk to your colorist to determine which of these techniques is best for you.

Highlights: Add light to the hair; best in shades of Vanilla and Gold. This technique adds brighter dimension to hair color and gives that extra Pop to your look!

Shine Lights: Instantly adds color to your skin. Used to make hair dimensional and breaks up an over lightened head of hair giving you that Superstar Shine.

Slicing: Using small sections of the hair with the closest application to the hair of all highlighting techniques. Adds Drama to your Blonde!

Baliage: Hair color or lightener is “hand painted” freestyle onto select strands of hair; a great way to personalize your color and pairs amazingly with textured or wavy hair.

Ribbons: Using medium sections of hair that are lightened randomly to create a Fabulously Fierce Highlighted Look. This can be achieved through foiling or Baliage.

Good luck! And please feel free to send in any comments or color questions!

By Aly Walansky

Color Color Color for Spring

lady gaga,lady gaga hair,lady gaga hair style,lady gaga color,lady gaga hair colorNot just for you clothes think hair color – bright blue, green, and pink hair color! Think Lady Gaga. The trend started at New York Fashion Week in Spring ’10 shows such as Proenza Schouler and Zac Posen. Cynthia Rowley caught onto this trend with her Fall ’10 show. Wella master colorist Eva Scrivo created the colored extensions for Cynthia and the designer loved it so much that she went back to Eva’s salon and got her own hair colored with navy streaks!

Fashionistas and dye-divas are sporting the trend, including Ashley Olsen, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, and Lady Gaga… and the list is sure to grow!

As a New York City salon-owner, fashion week colorist and beauty expert, Eva Scrivo has the recipe for the perfect match of natural color and dip-dyed tones. Also a Wella spokesperson, Eva can advise on transitioning this spiced-up hair trend from runway to reality for all hair types and textures. Eva created the bold tone palette for the Cynthia Rowley Fall ’10 runway, using Koleston Perfect Special Mix colors. Don’t have the heart to dye your hair the trend color of the month. Eva started selling colored clip-in extensions customized at her salon. That is ingenious!
Check out these pixs from the Cynthia Rowley FW’10 Runway:

Grey Hair: Genetic or Environment?

A recent study suggests that a woman’s genes are much more likely to cause grey hair than stress or eating habits.   Scientists by Unilver studied groups of twins both identical and fraternal to see if there were any differences in their greying pattern.   The study found little differences in greying patterns with identical twins, however, there were significant differences in greying patterns with fraternal twins.  Lead researcher Dr. David Gunn said “The research indicates that irrespective of how stressful a woman’s life is, there are greater forces at play which are more likely to cause her hair to grey.” 

I was definitely worried that my crazy lifestyle would put shiny silver in my beautiful brown locks.  Now whatever happens happens.  I can simply blame it on my parents!

Hair Color Perfection by Redken and David Stanko

Everybody knows my choice for hair colorist is New York based Redken Colorist Expert, David Stanko.  David puts the glam in my hair using the incredible Redken Collection of hair color.  I just visited David last week and of course he created nothing but perfection with the new Blonde Glam Collection hair color by Redken.

David in partnership with Redken just launched a new video which I love! He does a makeover for Beauty Editor of Latina Magazine, Angelique Serrano, turning her dark locks into summer glam.

Dye Your Gray’s Away

Sarah’s tip of the week! 

tea-bagsGray hair peeping out from your temples?  Make a thick, thick tea and dab the tannin on your grays for a quick fix (lighter tea for blonds, darker for brunettes).  A dab of permanent dye to tide you over until you have the full head of hair done is even better.

Style magazine senior editor, Sarah Gilbert Fox, is an ex-hairstylist and still-hair-obsessed fanatic.  She is always on the prowl for good hair advice.  Visit her online at  On Twitter, you can find her under

Get That Perfect Blond by Redken


Great news!  Finally there is way for you non-natural blondes (and I know most of you are not natural) out there to keep your blond color longer.  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned my two favorite celebrity colorists Tracey Cunnigham and David Stanko.  I met up with them in New York to discuss hair color and how to maintain a beautiful blond.  

David mentioned that Redken has just launched a fantastic line of in-salon and at home products that help you keep your blond longer and actually keep it blond versus that pesky bluish blond or organgey blond!  The collection is by my fav hair care maker Redken and it is called the Blond Glam collection.

The Blond Glam collection is a collection of hair color, lighteners, and hair care products that give you a fab blond color that shimmers and helps you to maintain that color.  You get an amazing multi-tone blond color that looks beautiful and is extremely conditioned.  I know you will love it!  Go to your Redken salon or at to learn more.  It’s launching in the Spring of 2009.

Can Hair Color Change your Life?

Does hair color really determine people’s perception of who you are?  Debra Messing says a resounding “Yes”.  Debra is a natural brunette, however, when filming her first feature flick some years ago she was told to change her hair color to a blond!  Can you imagine Debra a blond!  Well that didn’t work out so somehow she became an auburn.  Debra stated that as soon as she changed her hair color to the auburn shade she got infinitely more gigs.  That is something.