Michelle Obama’s Faux Bob

Move over Eva Longoria there is a new Faux Bob coming to town.  On Wednesday night the White House hosted a “A Country Music Celebration” and of course Michelle Obama’s Faux Bob stole the show.  I know you all want to know how to recreate.  Our friends at Soft & Beautiful give you a quick 411 on […]

Get Michelle Obama’s Hair

Michelle Obama’s hair was simply breathtaking at last week’s American Ballet Theatre’s Opening Night Gala.  It wasn’t the dancers that swept me off my feet but Michelle Obama’s classy look. This style is perfect for day or night. The volume and over-exaggerated bang add flair and glamour to this otherwise simple style.  Achieving the look is […]

Michelle Obama’s Stylist Rahni Flowers

Some may or may not know the real man behind Michelle Obama’s fabulous hair. His name is Rhani Flowers and he is fabulous. He has been doing Michelle’s hair since she was 18, yes 18! Rhani is a true stylist with innovation, vision, and down to earth charm. His team did the entire Obama group […]

Michelle Obama’s Stylist Johnny Wright

Did you know that Michelle Obama’s former Fekkai stylist, Johnny Wright, is in talks to getting his own show?  Yes his own reality show!  I wish I was her stylist.  What I could do on my own reality show!  It would be simply fabulous.   Johnny Wright, who styled Michelle’s hair during the Democratic National Convention and […]

Michelle Obama uses FHI Flat Iron

I have heard through a few very close dear personal “stylist” friends that Michelle Obama uses the FHI platform flat iron!  Don’t we all love our FHI.  The FHI platform hair straightener is one of the top profession flat irons on the market.  It is packed with ceramic nano tourmaline goodies.  The best part is […]

Michelle Obama Hair and Hairstyle

Sophistication, down-to-earth, Mom, educated, and truthful are just a few words that come to mind when I think Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama. Michelle even shops at Target and H&M. I love it! With the ongoing Presidential election under way Michelle Obama’s hairstyle has been quientessential sophistication throughout the campaign. Even […]