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Kitchen Hair: Pressing Combs, Coconut Oil & Black Hair

kitchehair2My kitchen was my first hair salon. I would stand on a step stool and lean over the kitchen sink as my mother washed my long, thick hair until it was squeaky clean. After coating it with a creamy conditioner, she would finger comb through my hair and then rinse it with cool water. Then I would sit under the deafening heat of our tall, pink domed dryer until my mother thought my hair was dry enough to move to step 2: pressing with hot combs.

Now, my mother is old school when it comes to doing hair. She used “hot combs” heated up on our gas stove to press my hair. She’d part my hair, rub my scalp and strands generously with grease – either Sulfur 8 or Dudley or good old coconut oil – and run the well-warmed, fine toothed pressing comb through my hair. My mother would then Shirley Temple curl or “bump” my hair. The result was a well groomed, very shiney and tamed head of hair.

My mother always took special care when she was pressing my “kitchen,” the term used by some to refer to the notorious part of a black woman’s hair, the hardest part to get and keep straight. It was always the part of my hair that curled first in the seven days between washings and pressings despite the care I took to keep my hair dry while bathing or to not “sweat out” my hair while playing. I always wondered why folks call that part of our hairline “the kitchen.” Perhaps it’s because, despite all that was done to tame it, that is where the life of the hair asserts itself most fervently – curly, thick, frizzy, kinky, busy, productive, resistant, unedited, full, like home.

There was a part of me that ached to get out of the kitchen – both my mother’s kitchen and my hair’s kitchen – especially in the summer when my mother and I both knew the curly heat of the season would, without fail, beat out the straightening heat of the combs. But, as I think about these hair rituals in the kitchen, believe it or not, I remember them with nurturing warmth. These were times when I learned, among other things, about my mother’s creative uses of kitchen ingredients. For instance, if you are looking for a deep conditioning treatment, crack an egg. Add the egg to equal parts olive oil and mayo (save your heart and use it on your hair instead!). Apply to hair and massage into scalp. Wash out with shampoo after 30 minutes.
Here’s to healthy hair and lively kitchens!

Written By Nicole L.B. Furlonge

Argan Oil, The Truth Behind the Hype

SB-00663-2TArgan oil. It’s the latest buzzword in the realm of gorgeous hair, but a lot of us are coveting it without even knowing what it is, or why exactly we want it.

In short, this is an oil for ages for everything from skincare to hair care. It’s loaded with omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin E, all which are super-hydrating. That’s the secret: These ingredients get to work by providing this moisture our damage hair craves, we then achieve a healthy natural shine as well as protective properties from the elements.

“Natural color and artificial color live in the cortex so argan oil will keep it moisturized and healthy.  Artificial hair color can shrink without the right amount of moisture.  If it is dehydrated it will slip out of your hair and cause fadage.   Argan oil creates amazing shine therefore it reflects sunlight making for a very natural SPF,” says John Flemel, owner of the Urban Lift Salon.

“I live in the Las Vegas desert and after a year of living here, my hair hated me,” says Liz in Las Vegas. “I have dark brown long straight hair down to the middle of my back. Split ends were getting to be an issue but I wanted to keep my hair long. I’ve been using the oil for about a month now and not only is my hair softer and less “crispy” and fragile, but I am noticing less breakage and fewer splits between haircuts. I was introduced to Moroccanoil by a salon in Vegas called D’Hair to be Different. Moroccan Oil is more than I wanted to spend so I researched the key ingredient. I think the Argan Oil brand can be bought for $7 compared to about $40 for Moroccanoil.”

At a time that we are all trying to save our pennies, a product that can do the same as the high-priced ones for money saved is something we’re all excited to hear about.
In my own trials, I attempted to use the oil by rubbing a dime-sized blot between my palms, turning my head upside down, and applying to towel dried hair, focusing on the dry ends. Some days I use a lot more than others depending on how dry my hair feels – you get a feel for how much to use.

I have fine, blonde curly hair and I have a hard time finding a product that controls frizz without weighing my hair down or making it all gross/crunchy. I mix just a few drops of argan oil in with my leave-in crème and it’s wonderful. It helps my curls hold better and less frizz.

 “Due to Argan oil’s rich fatty acid content, it is great for dry, brittle, under-nourished, damaged hair.  Any hair that needs repair (hair that is over-processed or color-treated).  It is also good for skin that is very dry and showing the signs of aging (not for oily or acne-prone facial skin types), says Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of Ron says the Argan oil has been used in European beauty products for a couple of years now, but here in the US, you can find it as star ingredient in Josie Maran’s Argan Oil line as well as the MoroccanOil line of hair repair shampoos and conditioners.

Written By Our Style Expert, Aly Walansky

Academy Training Nights $15 Haircuts at Neil George Salon

nielgeorgeHey California readers!  This is an incredible deal that is perfect for us cash strapped diva’s.  The amazing Neil George Salon has an Academy Training Night where you can get a haircut for only $15.  Oh how I wish I were in CA. 

Where:  Neil George Salon
9320 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
When: Every other Tuesday Night
                                            How Much: Only $15!
                                            Call for an Appointment (310) 275-2808

Agassi Gives a Hair Tell All

andre agassi

Finally Andre Agassi, our fav celeb tennis player, provides full disclosure of his hair trials while he was playing professional tennis.   Agassi in his new autobiography discloses initimate details about his genetic early male pattern baldness and that he wore a wig for most of his tennis career.  Agassi was known for his long feathered dirty blond hair style.   In the book Agassi talks about the problems he had with his wig during major matches.  One time his wig completely fell apart before a major match and they considered stapling it together!  He owes the world to his first wife Brook Shields, who convinced him to take the wig off and shave his head.  I love Agassi’s shaved head look.

40’s Inspired Hairstyle

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani loves her 40’s retro Pin Up hair do and looks fantastic doing it!  Do you wish you could have that 40’s retro hairstyle? This is a very interesting video how to create this “Pin Up” hairstyle ala Johnny Lavoy.  I have to warn you it is not for everyone but for some this look could definitely work. 

MoroccanOil Gift Set!


Everyone knows how much I love MoroccanOil and all of their products.  After using MoroccanOil I have gotten so many comments about the texture and softness of my hair.  It also enhances my highlights and keeps my hair from drying out.  I had to tell my readers of a great special!  Get this MoroccanOil Gift Set for only $74.95 which includes the Moroccan Oil Treatment, MoroccanOil Shampoo, MoroccanOil Conditioner, and the MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask!  This is such a great deal one you don’t want to miss!