Rihanna in NY New Hair

rihanna new hair
Rihanna, on Tuesday, sported a completely different hair style while walking to her recording studio in NYC. Rihanna’s new emo punk look is shaved on the sides with a golden blond tail on top.  Like? Not Like? Comment Please!

8 Responses

  1. Ewww I am not feeling this style at all. It looks like horns on a ram!

  2. I Like it personally its different, its unique it has a certain flava that people just arent see’n but bet the people that are saying it aint cute will be trying to copycat it ! very unique ❤

  3. luv whatever she wears only rihanna could do this cus she nice like dat

  4. i fink rii rii is hard i dnt care abut wat ppl say

  5. lol. Rihanna didn’t create this look. This look is called 80’s new wave.
    Everybody that was punk or new wave had this look. I should know i had for 10 years and people thought that look was scary. Shaved sides and long fringe over one eye was done way past 20 years ago, even before Salt n Pepa done it.

  6. i think its CUTE!! at first its like WTF is she doing. but if you really look at it its not all that bad 🙂

  7. Dude-ya’ll aint got no taste. Her hair looks freakin ignorant. Luv “rii riii” but that’s a dumb hairstyle … I’m think the stylist was pretty pissed at her the day she did the doo.

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