How To Curl with a CHI Flat Iron

How do I curl my hair with my flat iron?! Many of you divas out there have a flat iron and want to make fabulous curls with your iron. You start with your CHI flat iron and twist and turn and the curl falls completely flat.  Here at StyleBell we have uncovered the best method to creating fabulous curls with your 1 inch CHI flat iron or any iron including HAI, FHI, Babyliss, Metropolis, GHD etc! Equip yourselves with your CHI flat iron and your CHI 44 Iron Guard to protect your hair and you are ready. Enjoy!

4 Responses

  1. I have a head full of curls and this product has worked great for me.

  2. Thank you for showing another use for my flat iron. The curls produced from the flat iron look so soft and silky too. Thanks again.

  3. My curls fall flat when I flat iron it with my CHI what product can I use so the curls won’t fall flat? This is weird my hair is wavy so I don’t know why is it when my hair is straight and I curl my hair the curls stay on for less than 5 minutes

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