Jon & Kate Plus Spikey Hairdo

jon & kate

Kate Gosselin, the star of the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, is sporting an interesting hairdo.  I call it an emo hairstyle gone bad.  I don’t mean to be overly critical but come on Kate.  Aren’t there a million stylist who would be willing to do a simple cut that brings about Kate’s natural beauty.  I want to hear from you all – tell me what you think of this hair do.

4 Responses

  1. Love the hair. Wouldn’t matter how she wears it someone would faults. Get over it. It is her hair.

  2. That hair is soooooo nasty it looks like a metal mullet. She did a photoshoot for us weekly i believe and they pulled it back…she looked amazing, diffrent person. I change my hair all the time so im not one to criticize most times. This style just detracts from her face frame…how awesome would she look with some long flowing wavy tundrels or even better – the short cut Katie Couric has been rocking?

  3. I love her hair. Mine is similar to hers but her bangs is much better.

  4. Please Kate change your hairstyle … unbeleivable i hope you don’t pay for that it is so funny. The front is o.k but it’s like you’ve been brushing the back of your hair with a baloon.

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