Left Over Conditioner in a Tube?

Are you like me and have tons of conditioner tubes with just an itty bitty bit of conditioner left in it?  What can you do with all of that leftover conditioner?  I have the answer!  You can make a very luxurious body exfoliation with it.  The ingredients used in conditioner are the same ingredients as some of the finest lotions and body scrubs!  So you all want to know how?  Here is where the magic comes in.

Step 1) Open up the conditoiner.  If in a tube cut the opposite side of the tube so you can really get all of it out.  Combine all of the leftover conditoiner in a bowl.
Step 2) Add Olive Oil and Sea Salt
Step 3) Mix well
Step 4) Apply to your body and rinse

Soft supple skin with just the ingredients in your home!  Now that is a definite value.

7 Responses

  1. what about mixing all the conditioners and use it as one? that works

  2. That totally makes sense, but I never thought about it. I have used conditiner as shaving cream before, it works pretty well!

  3. Hi Leeann – That is a great idea! Use conditioner as shaving cream. Love that!

  4. Hi Rita- yes mixing them all together is definitely a great option for left over conditioner.

  5. Nice tips. I tried it, it’s really awesome.

  6. I’ve used conditioner as a “rinse-off” body lotion in the shower before….. it works pretty amazing

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