Amy Winehouse Hair Gone Wild

Amy Winehouse beehive hair

Amy Winehouse’s hive has officially gone wild!  This beehive is way too out there for me.  I guess it makes sense that it is our one and only musical sensation Amy Winehouse.  I love her complete independence and whatever attitude but come on.   This is a complete mess.  Comment and tell me what you think.

11 Responses

  1. I like how huge her hair is and that girl can sing!

  2. What was she thinking?

  3. i love her hair, i just think this is a little bit to big for me, hehe.

    i’m guessing that she has extensions mixed in there,
    but who knows? I still love Amy, thoe its probably not going so well for her at the moment :[

  4. awwww…. This is so sad. She needs help. =/ I like her a lot, but what is she doing to herself..? She needs help.

  5. I love the retro look!
    osoro shii desu.
    sorenu hippu!

  6. It’s such a shame what she’s done to herself.
    I used to aspire to her when she first came into the music business.
    I think it’s great that she is herself and isn’t afraid to show it.

  7. I love her.
    I think she’s cool as shit.
    And I congratulate her for being herself.
    I think it looks great.

  8. Well thts Amy anyway, and thts whut she does. I love her to bits n tbh i think thts a better way to be spotted for a huge hair than for being high again.

  9. I think its weird how she has her hair, but if amy likes it, then i like it too. but she is sweet.

  10. i think she hides a big bag of cocaine under the hair x’D

  11. i really think she looks horrible is looks like she put a trash bag on top of her head she needs to start looking in the mirror more often

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