Avocado Oil, The Celebrity Secret to Soft Silky Hair

avocado hair treatmentDid you know that avocado oil is good for your hair? Yes, avocado oil can be used as an at home deep conditioning treatment.  Simply massage the oil on your scalp and hair in the morning.  Keep the oil in your hair all day if possible.  If not an hour or so will do as well.  Then wash your hair as normal.  You will love your silky smooth locks! 

Lorie from Ford Models explains the benefits of using avocado oil to restore moisture to dry, overworked hair.

Sandra Oh, Avril Lavigne and Seth Rogan Winners of the Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards

Best Canadian Hair Awards

Avril’s cheeky pink streak, Sandra’s smooth curls and Seth’s tousled mop top have won the votes of over 600 Canadian hairstylists this year. Hairstylists from across the country have chosen their top picks in AG Hair Cosmetics’ 8th annual Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards and named five of Canada’s most notable celebs the winning choice for their trend-setting styles.

“This year’s winners exemplify all the styles that are hot for hair this year,” says Jami Symons, AG’s Artistic Director and celebrity hairstylist. “Sandra Oh’s sexy, long layers and Scott Speedman’s textured, rugged look demonstrate the versatility today’s women and men demand. And, Avril Lavigne — well most tweens and teens can definitely relate to this rock star’s hair. Her peek-a-boo highlights can easily be replicated with a punch of coloured hair extensions. The shot of colour is something we’ve seen a lot of in fashion and it’s translated into cutting-edge celebrity hairstyles.”

Canada’s largest independent manufacturer of salon haircare products, AG Hair Cosmetics, created the hair awards to celebrate great Canadian style and honor the celebrities who are helping to set trends around the globe. Hairstylists from across Canada cast their votes for their favourite celebrity ‘do in five categories.

The winners of AG’s 8th annual Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards are:  

• Sexiest Hair on a Canadian Actress: Sandra Oh
• Sexiest Hair on a Canadian Actor: Scott Speedman
• Best Hair on a Musician: Avril Lavigne
• Most Interesting and Unique Hairstyle: Seth Rogan
• Best Hair on a Canadian Athlete: Trish Stratus, WWE Professional Wrestler

A record-breaking 600 Canadian hairstylists voted in AG’s Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards — the highest participation in the award’s history. Voting took place online this winter.

Thanks AG Hair Cosmetics, www.aghaircosmetics.com.