Ask an Expert: Hot Combing/Pressing Your Hair

Question: I was wondering if hot combing would work for me so I tried it, however, the hot combing style doesn’t last on my hair for more than two days, my ends are also very resistant. Is it because it was done incorrectly or it needs to be done more frequently? My hair is typical African American hair however much more kinkier/dry than normal and relaxers easily damages it after many usages. Thanks a lot.

Hot Pressing CombAnswer: Hi. My goal in writing about hot combing is not to convince all black women that they need to wear their hair straight, it is simply to show another method of taking care of our hair without chemicals or synthetic hair. What I have found with hair straightening is that the products you use on your hair and the tools you use to press your hair really make a difference. Here are some tips that have worked for me:

1. The products that you use make a difference. I have gotten the best hair growth after I started using Northwest Scents products, because these are designed to be very moisturizing and gentle. My hair doesn’t press “bone” straight, but it is much softer and easier to detangle than it was before.

2. The tools that you use make a difference. If you choose to straighten your hair I recommend an electric pressing comb or a flat iron at a temperature that will gently straighten your hair, but not cause it to burn or to become permanently straight. For me that is setting 14 on my comb with 20 settings. Lately I have been experimenting with a flat iron. The flat iron will get your hair much straighter than the pressing comb, but you have to be really really really careful with it because it gets much hotter than the pressing comb, and I think it has a greater potential to do irreparable damage to the hair if it is used improperly. If you decide to experiment with a flat iron, please keep the temperature low.

3. The condition of your hair makes a difference. If you are trying to press hair that is in a weakened state from chemical relaxers or something else, you will not get the best results. You should first focus on nurturing your hair back to health, without chemicals, and then if you still want to press your hair, try it. I do not have any chemical treatments in my hair.

I hope I have answered your questions. If pressing doesn’t work out for you, don’t despair. Healthy black hair is beautiful both with its natural texture and straight. If you visit Natural Black Hair Care and click on the link titled “Natural Hair Styling Ideas” you will see what I’m talking about. The two pictures at the top are my mom and sister wearing their hair naturally. They have dry, kinky type hair too (my sister’s is softer than my hair or my mom’s).

-Ololade Franklin, My Black Hair Journey

Celeb Style: Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronGlamazon Charlize Theron sports a darker ‘do in her new movie Sleepwalking. Usually one to take risks with her hairstyle – hello Monster – this new style is both feminine and flattering. The simple middle part allows the sides to fall softly around the face, giving Charlize a clean look without being too severe. To achieve this look you’ll need a high powered hair dryer and a round ceramic hairbrush to form the subtle styling on the sides. A good ceramic brush will create ions to smooth your strands while eliminating static and frizz as you blow dry. Remember to curl the brush inward at the top and then outward at the ends to create volume around the face.

Why Conditioner is a Curl’s BFF

Liz (a curl diva!) from Expert Village explains the importance of deep conditioning curly hair and emphasizes using hair treatments to keep those curls full of bounce and shine.

Just remember: Happy curls are healthy curls, so always use a leave-in conditioner. I use one every day (really!) and my curls love it. You can click on this link to find some curl friendly products ready to caress your curls.


The Mane Clip!

The Mane ClipBusy schedules and harsh weather conditions leave our hair looking less than its best. Sad, but true. It just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to really give our hair the attention it needs. I, too, am guilty of not properly taking care of my much deserving locks. Especially now that I’ve decided to do away with chemicals and grow my hair out, I really have to be sure that I’m doing all I can to keep my hair healthy. Like me, decide this year that you’re going to treat your hair right. So, put down those heating tools and harsh hair products that dry your hair our and try the hottest new product on the market right now, The Mane Clip.

The Mane Clip is a revolutionary new hair accessory that acts as a bridge between your hair and hair extensions. You just pull your hair back into a bun, place a hair extension of your choice into the Mane Clip and snap them together. And that’s it! No extra work… just immediate results that take your style from drab to fab in no time.

The Mane ClipUse the Mane Clip when you need a break from glued in, fused in, or sewn in extensions or braids. Or use it when you’re just looking to change up your hairstyle. The Mane Clip is a wise investment and it is definitely my go-to accessory for bad hair days. Trust me, we ALL have them. =)

The Mane clip is currently available online but will soon be available in stores. Prices range from $10 for basic colors to $29.99 for the more decorative clips.

– Talysha, Spotlight On Style!