2008 Oscar Hair How To: Marion, Katherine, Nicole

Celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica of Frederic Fekkai Melrose Place Salon demonstrates 2008 Ocar hairstyles and recreates three award worthy styles: Marion Cotillard, Katherine Heigl and Nicole Kidman. These Oscar red carpet re-do’s come courtesy of Access Hollywood – in case you missed it on TV.

Celeb Style: Queen Latifah

Queen LatifahLong or short, curly or straight, Queen Latifah’s hair always gets an A+. I love her hair in this picture, it’s so shiny and healthy it practically sparkles as bright as her future. For hair like hers that is heavily textured and difficult to straighten try an FHI Platform Flat Iron. The super-smoothing powerhouse has state of the art Nano-Fuzeion technology that combines Titanium, Titanium Oxide and Silver to work together to seal in the hair’s natural moisture and shine while smoothing each strand into silky serenity. If your hair needs a little boost, prepare it first with some Beyond Straight Temporary Straightening Glaze to get your hair straight enough for a queen.

Expert Advice for New Hairdressers

Aura Mae from the Get Some Hairapy! blog offers her best advice to new hairdressers on how to be successful in the industry.

1. Find a salon where you can stay. It is better to spend a little time job hunting than to jump into a place that isn’t a good fit. Every time you move salons you will lose about half of your clients. Yes, really.

2. Show up on time (and on time means early!) every day. You can’t build a client base if people can’t count on you.

3. Keep detailed records of every client visit. What did you do to them? What chemicals did you use? What product did they purchase? How did it turn out? Use a notebook, or my personal favorite: a PDA.

4. Be honest with the IRS and every other governing body. Declare (and pay taxes on) all your income including tips.

5. Continue learning. There is more to learn after you leave beauty school than what you learned there.

6. Watch successful hairdressers. See what they do. Emulate them. When they are away from the clients, ask them questions about their techniques and philosophy.

7. If you are at all interested in being a good hair-colorist, order the American Board of Certified Haircolorist’s study portfolio. Reading it will make you a better colorist, even if you never want to take the exam.

8. Know when to say “no.” “No” is not a dirty word. If a client wants something that shouldn’t be done or is outside your abilities, don’t say you can do it! Nothing sucks worse than getting in over your head and having to fix something you have screwed up. (Example: Client has been using black home hair color for 10 years and now wants to be blonde. There is no color you can do that will make her blonde. Solution: Cut off as much hair as she will allow, then keep it short until the previous color has grown out. Then she can be whatever color she wants!)

9. Subscribe to all the trade magazines and web sites. There is no shortage of cheap and free education and inspiration available to you. If you can’t find them, leave me a comment and I will help you out.

10. Keep the drama out of the salon. Your clients care more about what you know and how you are going to use that knowledge to help them than they do about what club you went to last night and how hung-over you are. Don’t party on a school night. If you like to go out, please so do us all the favor of saving it for days when you are not on the schedule for the next day! It’s tacky to have a self-inflicted illness on someone else’s time.

11. Do the housework. It takes a lot of back-stage work to keep the floor of the salon running smoothly. Do the dishes, clean the color bowls, sort out the old magazines and tear the foils. Make yourself useful. Trust me, the day goes by faster when you stay busy.

12. Offer to help a stylist who is running behind schedule. People appreciate the help, and it helps you to become part of the team.

13. Ask for help if you need it, but don’t be needy. Do what you can on your own, but if you really need help, it’s better to ask for assistance than to screw up!

Credits: Get Some Hairapy, Aura Mae

How To Use Hot Rollers for the Hottest Curls

Got a set of hot rollers? This step by step video tutorial will explain how to get those large, sexy supermodel curls in no time. Bonus Points: It also explains which size rollers go where for the best look – no more guesswork!

What Makes Hair Curly?

Sarah Jessica ParkerWhether your hair is stick straight or full of corkscrew curls, you have your genes to thank.

But how exactly genes control the shape of hair has been debated. Scientists once thought that the curliness of hair was determined by the individual hair shafts, but have since discovered that the shape of the follicle (the part of the skin that grows the hair) determines both the shape of the hair and the angle it grows in with respect to the scalp. Curly hair is shaped like an elongated oval and grows at a sharp angle.

Curly hair tends to be much drier than straight hair because it is easier for the oils secreted from the scalp to travel down the shaft of a straight hair than a curly one (this is why curly hair often turns into frizzy hair).

And as anyone with curly hair knows, humidity can make your hair even curlier (or frizzier). The reason: Hair fiber absorbs the water and forces the shaft to revert to its original (less straight) structure.

Credits: LiveScience.com, Andrea Thompson