Make Some Serious Waves with Your Flat Iron

Flat irons are great for creating that smooth, sleek style, but why not try making some waves? All you need are the right tools, a great blow out, and a little practice.
The Tools: Curling Flat Iron, Heat Styling Protectant, Styling Cream

The Perfect Blowout
The first step to any great style with a flat iron is the perfect blowout. Creating a super smooth canvas of hair before you style will not only allow you to create those sleek straight looks, it’s also essential for creating waves. A good blowout helps control and prepare your hair by providing a smooth base for creating long lasting, frizz-free waves. Read more about The Perfect Blowout.

Section, Section, Section
To begin, you should section off your hair into manageable 1 to 2 inch pieces. The sections you create should be easy to work with, and small enough to fit into the flat iron you are using. But which flat iron should you use?

ghd MK3 1A Flat Iron To Create Waves?
To create sexy waves, you’ll need a versatile flat iron designed for styling, not just straightening. A lot of today’s flat irons perform double duty and are perfect for creating a variety of styles, in addition to straightening. When choosing a flat iron, it’s best to determine your styling needs, and if you want to create waves as well as straight styles, it’s best to choose an iron with curved edges. GHD MK3 Professional 1″ Flat Iron (pictured).

I recommend visiting our Curling Flat Irons section to choose the iron that’s best for you. It is essential that your flat iron’s plates aren’t, well, flat. The curved edges will take your style from straight to seductress! Here are some more serious wave makers: HAI Convertible 1-1/4” Flat Iron (pictured), HAI elite Digistik Ceramic 1” Styling ToolChi Original 1″ Flat Iron.

L'anza Strait-Line Thermal DefenseProtect those Tresses
Before you start styling with any heat appliance, you should take the time to protect your hair first. A generous coating with a thermal protectant will protect your hair from the high temperature of the iron, and also add volume while your style. Protecting your hair from excessive heat is a very important step, and today’s heat activated products are packed with ingredients that actually make your hair healthier! So spritz, rub and spray away! L’anza Strait-Line Thermal Defense (pictured).

Check out more potent products in these heat protection sections:  Thermal protectant section, or read our Top 5 Most Popular Heat Protectants, to find out more.

Making Some Serious Waves
Starting with your first section, place the flat iron in at the root horizontally. Using one hand to hold the iron at the handle, and your other hand to hold the top of the iron between your thumb and index fingers, move the iron downwards, slowly toward the ends, alternately flipping the iron upside down and back again as you continue gliding down the section. Notice when you flip the flat iron over 180 degrees and back again, this will cause a smooth wave as you glide down the section. Don’t rush it. Taking your time with this motion as you continue down the section will give you that great sexy, wavy style.

Wave ON
As you continue styling each section, working your way around your head towards the back. The most difficult area to reach is the back of your head so definitely take your time here. It’s OK if you cannot get as close to the roots in the back, a little root drag is good in the back because it will give you some added volume you need.

If you don’t get the sexy waves you want on the first try, don’t worry! Just let the section you were working on cool down for a few minutes before you try it again, and move on to the next section while you are waiting. This wave technique takes a little time and practice before you create the ideal waves you want.

L'anza Volume Root Effects

Just a Tip…
When working on the top of your head, create a little bit of lift at the roots by taking a section at the root and flipping the iron away from my head on the first twist. If you want a flatter look at the top, flip your iron in the other direction and move it towards the top of your head instead. If you really want some added volume, add a little root lifter styling product before you start styling or afterwards – however you like it. L’anza Volume Root Effects Volumizing Foam (pictured).

Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Wave SprayHold the Wave
To give your new waves hold, definition and shine, you should apply a small amount of a styling spray, gel, or lotion specifically created for wavy styles. Just loosely work a little dab (or spritz) through your hair from roots to tips with your fingertips and you are ready to roll! With a little practice, tousled, sexy waves are as easy as can be! Check out these wave savers:

Need a visual? Check out the video below for some quick flat iron styling tips from ghd. 

– Curly Belle

Celeb Style: Janet Jackson

Jane JacksonI’m a huge fan of Janet Jackson. Her music, her dancing, her style, her smile … her ever changing hairstyle. I think she’s a healthy mix of extreme creativity and talent and she seems so well, normal compared to the others in her family. And she takes great risks with her hair. Her hairstyles have gone from controlled to classic, glamorous to sometimes kooky, sleek brown brilliance to ravishing red spirals and everything in between. As she promotes her new album Discipline, Janet has been seen sporting a very hot Hollywood trend – sleek long locks with bangs. For great bangs like hers, brush up on your wrist flicking motion with your favorite flat iron. Remember to turn the iron inward towards you when styling to create the smooth curved style your bangs are craving.

Five Must-Have Hair Tools Under $5

Bobby PinsEveryone should have these five hair essentials from the drugstore, they are all super-inexpensive, but worth their weight in gold.

Bobby pins – The perfect solution for strays, last minute updo’s and other quick fixes, especially if you’re out for the evening. Someone I know is always looking for a bobby pin when a group of us go to the ladies room, and I’m a star when I come to the rescue.

Ponytail Bands – No slip hair bands, elastic headbands and ponytail holders are perfect for ponytails, buns and pulling all of your hair off your face. There is always one on my wrist, but it usually doesn’t stay there for long.

Barrettes – Simple or flashy, large or tiny, you can’t go wrong with a barrette. A simple clip can work wonders on your style and your mood, especially if the front pieces aren’t being agreeable that day. Just pull them to the top of your head, or over to the side, clip ’em and go. You’ll love how cute it looks.

A Rattail Comb – This is sure to become your new BFF if you ever want to add tons of volume to your style. A few quick teases will transform your hair from flat to fat in seconds flat. Just don’t go nuts. Think volume, not beehive.

Foam or Plastic Rollers – Ok, you had them in grammar school, but hey, they work. Keeping a small package around comes in handy when you want to create curls with the least amount of time and effort. Adding a few quick curlers before you blow dry might eliminate the use of your curling appliance altogether. Foam or plastic? Either kind is great in a pinch.

These five drugstore finds will help keep your hairstyle in tip-top shape on a daily basis without breaking the bank.