Brazilian Keratin Treatment FAQ

Still thinking of going for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment? All in all, it’s a toxic treatment in my book, but here are some FAQ’s you might find helpful when considering your options.

Is it approved by the FDA? No. No way. You should really stop reading right now. That sentence sums up the entire article, but if you are still interested, keep reading.

A Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) can be used on every hair type whether natural or chemically enhanced. This includes virgin hair, color-treated hair, Japanese straightened hair, relaxed hair, permed hair, highlighted hair, gray hair. The results will last longer on ‘non-virgin’ (translation: porous/damaged) hair. Sure, so your hair can soak up more of the toxic chemicals. Who wouldn’t want that? Me!

It is not a relaxer, it’s a chemical treatment (with Formaldehyde with a capital “F”) that straightens your hair. Read more about the dangerous risks of a BKT treatment here.

If you are coloring your hair, you should color your hair first, then get the BKT. If you want to color your hair after a BKT, you must wait at least two weeks. Assuming you don’t have any issues from breathing in all of those toxic fumes and have a Doctor’s appointment instead.

If you’re cutting your hair, wait until after the treatment. Sure, why not sit around having more hair straightened to cut it off right after? Great idea.

It can be done on anyone over six years of age. Assuming they know all the risks of getting a chemical treatment that is loaded with potential risks (including cancer) due to the toxic Formaldehyde fumes. I’m sure kids like that…NOT!

While getting the BKT you should wear a mask and keep your eyes closed during the entire blow drying session due to the large amounts of (potentially toxic) Formaldehyde fumes. Great huh? A MASK. Why are you even still reading this?

After the treatment you must wait 4 full days before doing anything to your hair. This includes washing, wetting, using any type of hair products, wearing a ponytail, headband, etc. Nothing can be done to the hair until after 4 days – this will allow the hair to ‘set’. I’m sure you’ll smell nice and Formaldehyde-y by then, people at work will love you. And best of luck taking a shower and not getting your hair wet without tying it up, pulling it back or twisting it.

If for some reason your hair does get wet you must blow dry it immediately. This of course will subject you to more toxic Formaldehyde fumes. Toxic bonus!

After your 4 day ‘sentence’ feel free to treat your hair as you normally would. Wash it, wet it, go swimming, go nuts with the ponytails, whatever floats your boat. At least you’ll be washing off the Formaldehyde.

Your BKT will last anywhere from 2 to 4 months depending on your hair type. Like I mentioned above, it works longer on ‘non-virgin’ hair. But I’ll bet the potential dangers will last way longer than that.

After your BKT make sure you wash with a Sodium Chloride free shampoo. Sure, they’ll smother and cover you in Formaldehyde but stay far away from the Sodium Chloride – that’ll keep you safe…NOT.

The best part? Aside from the fabulous danger your putting yourself in, of course, the entire treatment must be done again after the 2-4 month time frame. No touch ups. The whole entire process. YAY, more Formaldehyde.

I find this You Tube video frightening…and I’m sure the stylist doesn’t know that she should be wearing a mask as well.

Still thinking of getting a Brazilian Keratin Treatment? Me neither.


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  1. […] For more info, check out this article: Brazilian Keratin Treatment FAQ’s. […]

  2. […] For more info, check out this article: Brazilian Keratin Treatment FAQ’s. […]

  3. Somebody used this brazilian blowout? it is a good treatment?


  4. I have been reading on this subject and I found that there are Keratin treatments that are Formaldehyde-free.

    • Yes Jennifer,
      You are right. there are strong regulations in place in brazil due to the popularity of this product. I personally have used sunliss before and I LOVE it. you can get it from or ebay.

    • I just got the Keratin treatment done in Jersey, my hair has never looked this good. Totally worth the money and not even as much $$ as other places I’ve heard about. Call Hair Quest 201-854-7968, and ask to speak to Al. The product they use is formaldahyde free and my hair has never looked this tamed and even after I wash it, I just have to let it air dry and it stays in amazing condition.

  5. There are formaldehyde free brazilian keratin treatments but all chemical hair treatments should be handled and performed by a knowledgeable professional. The FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetic treatments but has has given a allowable level of formaldehyde for products. Just make sure your stylist is using the best available. I’m in chicago and have gone to Chicago Hair Care for my treatment.

  6. Thanks for the information. Now, I think that some people won’t try the BKT. Thanks again!

  7. I’ve had the treatment and have never been happier. I’ve tried all types of relaxers growing up and did the Yuko several years ago and was unhappy. This treatment has made my hair very healthy and now that it has started to wear off, it is still less effort to blow dry it out.

  8. I told Alan I was gonna talk about him…

    He start this service in Brazil, and know about it very well.
    I herd people complaining about the changing color from light to an ugly yellow . This is the hairdressers fault, (( or lack of experience).

    The hairdresser has to look at the hair, and fill the texture, ( usually , hi lights will turn ugly, if the hairdresser apply too much heat.) ….

    So, Girls and Boys, look for Alan at Astor place, I used to work in a Salon ( High end on upper west side at the reception desk, ( and seen many hairdresser’s work) , Alan is ” LET ME REASSURE YOU “” TTHHEE GREATEST !!!!!!! AND HE DESERVES to be talked about it !!!

    Alan at

  9. I have a highlighted hair and I did the treatment and it never looked better, I am so happy and I will do it again and again, if u want more info here’s the websites

    • This treatment is Great, tomorrow is the third time I am gonna do that in my hair, it is not that bad, doesn’t smell bad, and nowadays you can wash off the product righ after the professional apply in your hair. Look for hairdresses updated about this kind of products, if you guys want, I have one in Florida (Brazilian), that use this one, you can wash off in the same day, and the results are perfect!

      • Where in Florida is the best place to go ? I live in Central Florida and have highlighted hair?

    • I am dying to do this treatment. I couldnt see the website / product you recommend. would you mind sending me this information? thank you


  11. PS I am also a client, Brazilian Blowout is amazing!

  12. Is this a good treatment?

  13. I am a hiarstylist in CA, and I’ve been certified in the treatment. The brand that I use only has 2% formaldihyde, for preservative purposes. Because of the formaldihyde, the salon has to be well ventilated, but other than that, there are no problems with the one that I use. I don’t know what product the writer is refering to, but there are a few of these types of treatments out there. If you want this service, make sure the stylist you go to, is certified to perform this product by a reputable company, and ALWAYS go to a salon, not someones garage or kitchen. That is my advice.

  14. I have a correction to make. The treatment that I use has the cosmetic grade of formaldehyde in it which is .2%. I do not have to wear a mask, nor does my client, unless they are super sensitive. I’m not saying that there aren’t fumes that happen when you are using the heat, but if the stylist uses the product correctly, then it’s not much. We breath in these same types of fumes with any chemical process, but this is not a chemical, it is 98% keratin. At leat the one I use is. Do your research, and make your decision based on acurate knowledge, not what you are told by someone you don’t even know.

    • hi,
      i was wondering what salon do you work at because i was thinking about getting a keratin hair treatment. I heard that there is one that doesn’t remove all your curls, but it removes the frizz.. Do you do this treatment??

  15. I know that the writer is talking but Marcia and Coppola But there are not the only ones keratin on the market . Look In florida one with 1.69 % and I have tried with my customers and there is not fumes or formaldehide. Check the products on the market most of them very good.

    • I wish i had read this article yesterday. Today i had this done. as soon as i got to the place which looked like a barber shop, i wanted to get ot.. the kept telling me their had no formaldehyde… i stayed ! the fume was so bad my eyes were burning, around my face and scalp is very sensitive and has a tingly effect. I my legs are week…

      How can i remove this from my hair? please anyone know tell me.

  16. Were in california do you work I want the treatmeant done and I live in california please let me know

    Ive heard that this company produces the best keratin out there… It was developed by former Wella and Swartzkoff, chemical engineers that moved to Brazil.

  18. Their has been alot of talk about this treatment. It is my understanding for the first 4 days your hair is perfectly straight and than after you wash it and it will still have the beautiful texture but may contain wave. Is this right? I have never had this treatment that’s why the information out their is a little confusing to me. Thanks, Randi

    • Yes, randi, your hair will gain the waves again… But te best thing is that you can blow dry it in 10% of the time it took you before… In my case I used to blow my hair for 45 minutes!!!!
      it was a hassle… now I do it in 5-10 minutes and it looks like I spent an hour in the best salon in town…
      The brand I prefer is sunliss I normally buy it from their site: and then I take it to my stylist. – he normally charges me $110 for the application.

  19. Not all treatments contain formaldehyde. I’ve had the treatment using a system that contains NO formaldehyde and my hair looks and feels fabulous.

  20. I got this done at Ulta for $175.00 in the Philadelphia area and I LOVE it! I had no crazy smell..nothing gross. It was hard to not do anything with my hair for 72 hours…but once over that hump I seriously have no complaints. If you enjoy straigt hair with body and no frizzies then this is for you! I am not a hair dresser…or a hair professional. As a matter of fact I sell Avon so going to have this done at Ulta was a little out of my comfort zone..but I will be back! Don’t get caught up in the hype. I am not just reading about it..I had it done!

  21. I really don’t understand why some people respond so dramatically to Formaldehyde (even with the capital “F”). I just got one of these treatments done and it is amazing. I held a towel over my mouth and never noticed a thing. Not one bad smell. Also, I am in grad school working on a degree that has me in the lab all the time, where I am surrounded by . . . Formaldehyde!!! If anyone is going to get cancer its med students who spend hours with cadavers that reek of formaldehyde. Trust me, no one is getting cancer from these hair treatments. In fact, I believe my hair treatment has actually made me healthier. I no longer blow dry my hair every morning. Which means I get an extra hour of sleep everyday (huge health plus!!) and I love my hair now, so less worry and stress! I feel great about my hair and a positive attitude adds years to your life!!!

  22. Sooo… you’re all for the BKT, then?

  23. I usually research something to death before I try it but in this case I didn’t. I trusted that my hairdressor was telling me the truth that the BKT did not contain chemicals. It did contain formaldahyde. I asked to see the bottle after she had applied the treatment and it burned my scalp, eyes and throat. No chemicals my ass! I am soo furious that she would betray my trust when she knows I am very health conscious and have super sensitive skin. I guess I can only live and learn. Hopefully my hair doesnt fall out, I dont develop cancer or any more skin issues! I was not even told to close my eyes or cover my mouth!

  24. I left my treatment only for three days according to my hair stylist, will this be enough time for the treatment to settle.

    Also they said I can tie up my hair with a material band but not a rubber band, will this also be a problem for the treatment to settle or what is the reason that no clips ect. may be used?

    Please Respond to my questions.

    Kind Regards

  25. Where can have the Sunliss keratin done?
    My best friend from Australia and did it and her hair looks wonderful!

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