Which Chi for Posh Perfection?

“Ok, I took the plunge and got Posh’s haircut, but my hair is curly and I still need a flat iron. Should I use the little Chi iron or the one inch?”  – Caitlyn via telephone

Hello Caitlyn – congrats on the new ‘do, I’m sure it looks fabulous! To keep this new look in Posh perfection you still need to straighten your strands. Posh likes ’em sleek you know. But hmmm, which iron?

First, the Wee Chi. This iron has 1/2″ plates that are really meant for smoothing super short hair and for getting close to the roots. While this may be great for part of your hairstyle, it’s really just way too small to style your longer lengths.

CHI 3/4On the other hand, the Chi Original has a 1″ plate width which is great for the longer hair but it’s not really helping you out with the shorter strands is it? I’m sure you can guess where this is headed goldilocks… go for the Chi Volume 3/4″ Flat Iron

This iron is part of the Chi Original happy family, yet not too big or too small for your new style. It’s also got a rounded barrel design to help boost the body with a flick of the wrist at the ends. I’d flip the iron under if you want your hair to live up to its full Posh potential. You might also want to see our Celeb Style feature on Victoria Beckham.

Thanks for asking!


Celeb Style: Natalie Portman

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman makes every hairstyle a classic. From the short, Audrey-esque pixie to the long, loose tendrils, she even made bald look cute – if that’s possible. This stylish celeb sports so many different looks with ease, but I’m sure there’s one thing she won’t compromise -the ingredients in her hair care. This long time vegetarian would only use the most natural, cruelty-free ingredients in her hair; she’d use Pureology. Made with all natural botanicals, this biodegradable hair care is sulfate free, contains no animal ingredients whatsoever and is 100% vegan, just like her fabulous new line of shoes. You go girl!

Hairstyling with a HAI Convertable

HAI proves that a sexy style can be super simple with just a flick of the wrist and their top tool, a HAI Convertable 1-1/4″ Flat Iron. Just follow these four simple steps to create a flick-tacular style.

Step 1:

Starting close to the scalp work in small 1″ sections keeping iron close to the head, and start straightening the section by slowly pulling the iron down the hair strands.

The smaller the sections, the more flicks you can fit.

Pictured: Hai Convertable 1-1/4″ Flat Iron.

Step 2:

As you glide slowly down each section of your hair, start flicking your wrist outward as you approach the ends. Start about 2 inches from the ends and flick away. Flicking each section will add life and movement to your hairstyle.

Remember to flick upward for a modern look.

Step 3:

Use comb to support the shape as you smooth the iron through the hair. This will help detangle any existing knots and help the iron glide smoothly down your section of hair in a snag-free motion.

For this look to work, your ends should be separated and smooth.

Step 4:

For the front piece, section the fringe area (bangs) and smooth the section under, towards your head to create a more circular shape. No one wants bangs that are flat to the head.

Twisting the iron under will give your hair fullness and body around your face.

Step 5:

Hold onto each flicked section and finish with a light finishing spray. This will ensure your flicks don’t flop.

Pretty in no time!