Celeb Style: Gwen Stefani

Gwen StefaniGwen is truly one of a kind, and the living definition of “having it all”. Super hot hubby, super cute Kingston, baby #2 on the way. Her music, her handbags, her clothing line. Where does she find the time? Oh and the sexiest line of shoes I’ve seen in a while (note to buy a pair today!) but what I love about her most is her unique sense of style. Check out her hair in this pic – a classic ponytail with a geniune Gwen twist. I could write a post about her hair every day and love every look. It’s Gwen’s world, she just lets us rock in it.

Want to create your own rocker look like this? Check out these styling tips from Johnny Lavoy. He’ll show you the hairstyle, you add the attitude and it’s pure Gwen.

Better Blowout, Straighter Strands

Do you want silky straight strands as soon as possible? Master your blow drying techniques! This how-to video presents the perfect blowout along with some super fast flat-ironing by celebrity stylist Hasblady Guzman. Remember, your hair drying skills are important in creating the smooth canvas of hair for your flat iron to glide smoothly. Smooth hair + smooth glides = shorter styling time.

Practicing these moves will guarantee you can hit the snooze a few more times and still look fab.