Grammy Glamour Guide

Carrie UnderwoodDid you catch the Grammy Awards last night? Of course! I thought the music was worlds better than years past and the celebs took style to a superstar level. I just love it when they go glam. Where better to scope the latest must-have hairstyles than on the hot new artists and trendsetters at an awards show? Here are some top trends we spotted last night, and they were hot, hot, hot!

Sexy Side Part – Beyonce owned this look last night – props to the shoulder length, blonder ‘do. Very nice.

Awesome Updo – Alicia we love you – it was a tiny bit mohawk-y but somehow you made it look great.

Long & Loose – Fergie went for glam and got it right. The perfect mix of curl and softness for a sexy, sophisticated style.

Choppy Chic – Tina’s rockstar ‘do was stylish and chic. After all these years she’s still got it, and it’s getting better and better.

Short & Sassy – Rihanna rocked it. But really, she looks great in every hairstyle, doesn’t she?

Extra Extensions – Everyone (from Cher to Miley – what a span!) was donning miles of hair last night but the winner had to be Carrie Underwood, hands down. Come on, how much more gorgeous can you get?

Celeb Style: Fergie

FergieFashionistas like Fergie are wearing their hair long and loose with tons of tousled tendrils. To capture these curls try a Babyliss Pro 30 Ceramic Ionic Hairsetter and CHI 44 Iron Guard – it offers outstanding style memory! Starting with 1″ sections, spritz a bit before curling your hair around one of the 3 largest sized rollers. Varying each curl size will create the most natural look. Slowly roll each section up to ear level and spritz again. When the rollers are cool, unwind and softly pull each curl down. Gently separate some strands and finish with hairspray. Absolutely Fergalicious!

Runway Inspired Curls

Loose curly looks have been spotted on models and celebs everywhere lately and you don’t need a ton of fancy-schmancy products to get them. Just apply some styling mousse and fire up your curling iron. After watching the tips in this video you’ll be ready for your own runway debut!