What’s So Great About Maxiglide? Everything!

Can you really transform your hair from frizzy to smooth with Maxiglide, the revolutionary, heat styling appliance? Yes! With a few simple tips, your strands can be sleek, smooth and damage free with this Ceramic super-straightener. Unlike the other flat irons and hair straighteners on the market, the Maxiglide has many patents for its unique design, so I decided to put it to the true test with my thick, massive mop of hard to straighten curls. And the results were unbelievable.

Maxiglide Flat IronFirst thing you’ll notice is the design – it’s very different and pretty hi-tech. The Maxiglide has over 120 detangling pins, a small water chamber for the steamburst system, a rounded edge design, ridges and grooves on the outer casing and Ceramic technology. These patented perks promise smooth, straight hair in just minutes, without blow drying the hair smooth first.

That’s good news if you’re like me and have thick, curly hair and don’t have the time or energy to get your hair super smooth before straightening. Hey, if I could blow dry my hair as straight as possible, why would I even need a Maxiglide? But I can add a little help with a straightening booster before I start styling.

Tip: Relax your hair texture with a smoothing product such as Beyond Straight Temporary Straightener. This will help soften the texture and prepare your hair for straightening. Don’t worry, your curls will come back the next time you wash your hair.

The unit is much larger than you might expect, especially if you are used to holding a 1″ flat iron. The Maxiglide has a plate surface of almost 4″, so you really have a lot of ceramic contact to smooth each section of hair, but I suggest keeping your sections small.

Tip: Take small sections. Don’t go wild with big thick chunks of hair. Styling smaller sections at a time will ensure smooth results in only 1 or 2 passes. That’s better for your hair then going over and over the same section many times.

The detangling pins are smooth and didn’t pull or snag my hair, but I did feel a little tension if the section wasn’t thoroughly combed beforehand (those tiny knots). I admit I’m a big fan of the elastic band for securing the giant pile of hair on my head at night, so I do get those little knots where my hair seems to mysteriously get caught…. Note to self: Must comb section before Maxigliding.

Tip: Comb through your section first. Taking the time to comb through each section before styling will remove any tiny tangles and alleviate snagging or pulling as you glide down your strands.

I notice the ergonomic design is comfortable for such a big iron, and the heating time is up super fast. In a few glides my section of hair is super soft and smooth. I continue following the manufacturer’s styling instructions by spritzing my ends with the burst of steam before going over my entire section of hair. The steam really helped defrizz, smooth and straighten my ends. They are usually very dry and I’m glad I didn’t have to fry them to get them straight.

Tip: Don’t steam the entire section of hair, just focus on the ends. Use the steam burst button on the last 1/4 section of your hair first, then starting at the top, smooth your way down. This will keep your ends from drying out.

While I style, I feel my hair becoming softer. The Ceramic Steamburst Technology is infusing the negative ions on my hair and creating a silky, shiny finish. My cuticles are now flat and smooth, without damage. WHEW. I am also surprised at the glossy shine.

The best part? My hair’s coarse/dry texture is gone, and there are no little tiny frizzies. Sometimes when you straighten curly hair, the curls are flattened, not straightened. But with the Maxiglide, my texture is gone with a capital “G”. My hair is definitely straight. Straighter then I’ve EVER seen it.

I should also mention that I like having the variable temperature control so you can direct the exact amount of heat you need. I don’t like to use more heat than necessary (too damaging) but obviously, I want enough heat to get the job done.

Tip: One temperature does not fit all. Fine/thin hair – use a lower temperature. Thick/coarse hair – select a higher temperature, but only as high as necessary. Don’t use more heat than necessary. Use just enough heat to straighten your hair, no more.

Bonus points: A styling dvd and Ceramic flat plate (for touch ups) are included with the Maxiglide – I just love visual aids, and the flat plate is perfect for the second day touch up. Yes, my hair was still straight after sleeping on it, even though I swore my curly texture would come back during the overnight hours.

One more great perk – the Maxiglide has protective styling channels and the body doesn’t get hot. This is great so there was no concern of burning my fingertips, or getting that crazy forehead or side of the neck burn from the iron. Ever get those? But no problems with the Maxiglide.

Silky straight hair in few passes and I don’t have to burn my skin or fry my ends? What a concept. If you have thick or curly hair that is difficult to straighten, try the Maxiglide, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. We’re talking straight hair for once!

A++ for the Maxiglide.


Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Although hair is not essential to life, it is of sufficient cosmetic concern to provoke anxiety in anyone when it starts thinning, falling, or disappearing. To a woman or men, the sight of a comb or brush covered with lost hair can cause intense mental strain. What is the most precious aspect of your image? I am referring to that characteristic you possess and are proud of. Is it your perfectly shaped nose, or your high cheek bones? Maybe it’s your beautiful complexion or your dazzling smile.

Regardless of what it is, you certainly don’t want to lose it. Am I right or am I right? I was recently watching an old interview with Tom Ford, and it made me empathize. No, this isn’t the truck guy, but rather a fashion designer for Gucci. He was asked what he felt his best feature was. It was odd because he relied, “Well, it was my hair, but it’s almost gone now.” He kind of snickered about the situation, but I seriously doubt he thinks it’s funny. The truth of the matter is that no one wants to lose their hair, regardless of how old they are. This is why I think hair loss prevention is the key. Is your ‘do still up there?

Do you know anything about hair loss prevention? I know a few things, which I actually learned most of it from reading online. One of the things I found amusing about hair loss prevention is that no one really thinks about it. The topic simply never arises until it has to. Are you worried about your precious locks? The answer is probably no, unless you’re noticing some hair in the drain lately. I have been lucky so far, but I can’t say that I will never lose my hair. Hey, I’m only 32 so far.

However, I do plan to adopt a few hair loss prevention measures. One of them is the hair loss prevention formulas you can do: daily routine head massages. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous. However, I read that it stimulates the scalp and encourages hair growth. Furthermore, so does hanging upside down every other day or so. Another way to tackle hair loss prevention is with a daily multivitamin. Our body seriously craves all those daily essential nutrients and minerals. Some of which, help our hair.

One thing that is worth to think about that hair loss that is caused by medications, stress, lack of protein or iron, or hair care may be prevented. Avoiding certain medications, reducing stress, getting adequate protein and iron in your diet, and using hairstyles that do not damage your hair may reduce or prevent hair loss.

If you are in search of quality hair loss prevention tips there are many hair loss prevention tips and products that literally help with your hair regrowth treatment. There are a number of solutions there if you just take the time to look.

You might want to take a look at breakthrough hair loss prevention formulas designed to block DHT and supply the proper nutrients to your body specifically tailored to prevent hair loss and to help you regrow hair naturally. Strong, healthy hair begins with the proper nutritional building blocks.

Credits: Herbal Nourish Natural Alternative Hair Loss Treatments

Celeb Style: Nicole Richie

Nicole RichieNicole Richie’s sideswept bangs give an updated, modern twist to the retro feathered look of years ago, and is a simple style to recreate. Straighten hair with a domed flat iron like the HAI Elite Tong and when you get to the last two inches of the section of hair, flip the iron outward to create a gentle flip upward. For the back of hair, turn the iron inward so the hair flips under. Finish with a touch of Davines Defining Shine Pomade to keep your flips from flopping.