Thinking of Getting a Keratin Hair Treatment?

You’ve heard all about these Keratin Treatments and seriously want one. Ok, maybe you’re not 100% sure what it is, but it’s getting so much buzz, you think you should want one too! You’re never one to be left out, but hmmm… what is it? How does it work? What will happen when I go to my salon and sit in the chair? We get asked about Keratin Hair Treatments all the time, and there seem to be plenty of treatments to choose from, so do your homework carefully if you are thinking of keratin treatment like this for your hair.

As firm believers in helping you do your hair homework before undergoing any process that will change your hair dramatically, we surfed around and found this video so you can see what really happens. We are very wary of any chemical treatment that has a potential to be damaging to your delicate strands. Most Brazilian treatments (BKT) contain as much as 2% formaldehyde. Yes formaldehyde, and many treatments can contain higher percentages than that. For more info, read our article Brazilian Keratin Treatment 411.

Bonus points: It looks like this video features the Babyliss Nano Titanium Flat Iron. This iron is also featured on our list of Best Flat Irons of 2007, kudos Babyliss – we know this iron works well without a harsh chemical treatment.

Your hair homework starts now with Nina’s Goleshlee Cocochoco Keratin Hair Treatment Class, just click below.

For more info, check out this article: Brazilian Keratin Treatment FAQ’s.


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  1. that product contains formaldehyde, smells like chocolate and causes cancer, ask your stylist to show you the ingredients from the back of the bottle before you sit down. Try an alternative.

    • The original Brazilian Keratin does contain formaldehyde but there is another product out that generates the same results WITHOUT the formaldehyde. It’s COPPOLA KERATIN COMPLEX SMOOTHING THERAPY. I had it done and the results were astonishing. The process is the same but the product is chemical free. I also bought and use their shampoo and conditioner. I’ve had it since July 2009 and it’s now October and it’s still going strong. I will have to do it again this fall as you do have to do it about every 3-4 months depending how often you wash your hair ie daily, every other day, etc.

      • Hello,
        I also had the treatment done at the beginning of July
        07-11-09 and I got my second one yesterday with
        Damien at Jubilee Salon in Pasadena, CA., these last few months were a bliss because I did not have to worry about my frizzy and fuzzy hair during the summer heat, I even went to Vegas a couple of time during the hot months and my hair was perfect; I will wash the
        treatment on Friday Nov/06 and I think this time I can wait 5-6 months to have the next treatment because Damien explained that usually the second treatment takes better that the first one and I also had my color done yesterday for my hair to soak in the Keratin treatment better. This treatment is a life saver, my hair is even healthier and shiny than before the treatments.
        Thank you, Alma

      • umm you were misinformed as it does contain formaldehyde. i am a hairstylist. keratin treatments are the new fad and a get rich quick scheme for salons. if you just ironed your hair straight 10 times on a tiny section with a 450 degree flatiron, remembering 350 degrees cooks a chicken, and used the special shampoo and smoothing conditioner you would get the same results and be 200+ dollars richer. dont believe the hype, formaldehyde is proven to dry out nails and preserve human body parts indefinatly. many companies have been taking them out of products like nail polish for yrs. this product is so strong one of the assistants at my work place had pruney fingers for 3 days after applying a dozen in one day, she said she felt nauseated also after applying them too. lets hope she does not have cancer in the future.

      • I have read an article in a magazine and it mentioned to stay away from treatments that use formaldehyde, so the one that you are talking about is the keratin complex smoothing therapy by coppola this doesn’t contain formaldehyde ?
        since you had this treatment done has it become a lot more thicker and healthy ?
        i am very intrested in having this done to my hair but am researching before i do it as i was told it costs £200-£350 which is a lot and would be a total waste if it doesnt show drastic difference to my hair .

      • the coppola keratin complex has formaldehyde.
        it was tested in a lab and in the formula was found 1.6% formaldehyde.
        They are lying to the world.
        If you don`t believe it try it yourself.
        Send a sample to a lab in your area and see what will came out.
        I can`t believe that nobody is doing anythyng about this misleading and dangerouse lie.

    • is a hairstylist in royal oak mIchigan and work at a very high end salon. i have done over 500 Keratin Complex treatments and cant believe how much miss information there is here. even more so how many stylist are doing the treatment wrong and giving clients misinformation. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me and i will give you a proper answer to your question as i feel so bad because this is such an expensive/time consuming service…. Until then please do your research and ask your stylist for paperwork showing they are certified in doing the treatment as i have a strong feeling most stylist out there are not and are picking up bottles and just performing the service from hearsay. too much to type as on this subject but will try and answer all questions on here from time to time or just email me at quick tidbits from questions below :

      You absolutely have to wait 72 hours before you wash it

      The temperature on the iron should be adjusted according to the type of hair. brittle highlighted hair will not stand up to 450 degree iron

      Coppola version of the Keratin is hands down safest and best out of all of them. every other company is just using the catch word Keratin in their product but have formaldahyde.

      there is a blonde version of keratin complex that just came out by coppola your stylist should use it on you if your more than 50 percent blonde or have damaged hair. it activates at a lower heat which will be nicer on your hair. It also is a clear gel and wont change the color of your hair like the original bottle tends to do with high heat.

      Keratin complex eliminates 100 percent of the friz and up to 95 percent off the curl. All depends on the type of hair and how the service is performed.

      If done properly there’s no reason why the service shouldnt last a full 6 months. i have clients that have gotten up to 10 months.

      You should not get your hair colored for at least 14 days after having the service done or up to a 25 of the keratin will fall out. TRUST ME. wait 14 days or get your hair colored before getting the smoothing system.

      Do not use any products during the 72 hours but feel free to flat iron and blow dry it. the heat will just serve to lock in the keratin.

      The only way u will have an breakage from this service is if your stylists over heats your hair. e.g. you to high of a temp or too many passes w/ the iron.

      you must use a sulfate free shampoo afterwards or the treatment will only last a few months

      If done properly keratin complex will help heal breakage. SIGNIFICANTLY

      If you have smooth silky str8 hair you do not need this treatment (i cant even believe that your stylist reccomended this to you, sorry be he/she is after your wallet. time for a new stylist)

      Hope this clears some things up . any more questions please feel free to ask

      • what about the formaldehyde in the product??
        Are you aware that there is FORMALDEHYDE??

      • I have had the coppala keritan treatment done 5 times now. I have salt and pepper hair but more salt than pepper. My problem is the treatment is depositng color on my hair and it is now mousey,drab and very dull. It really looks like dirty gray! It even looks like I have gray roots. The last 2 times I had it done my stylist used the new one for blondes and it even got a little yellow. Any help woud be wonderful because I do no want to go back to my think wavey hair!

        Thank you for your time.

      • 1. Should I avoid doing the Coppola treatment myself even after watching videos of the process?
        2. Is there a website that gives all the ingredients of this product?
        3. My hair has some grey mixed with dark brown with no color treatments, extremely frizzy, and I have had the liscio straightening treatment in the past……….about 10 mos. ago.
        4. Which Coppola treatment should I use?
        5. My old CHI iron only goes up to 365 degrees. Will it suffice or do I need to buy a new one. If so,which do you suggest?

        Thank you for all your help. Much appreciated.

        Lilly – my e-mail address is

    • I have colored my my hair red for years and it is super flattering but reds fade sooo much. I got the Coppola hair straightening treatment in July. Not only did it give me great results, it gave me time , no more hours of blow drying. NOW HERE IS THE SUPRISE!! My color fading has stopped!! I can go 2 weeks longer between touchups and it looks great the whole time not fading with every wash. With increased time between getting my hair colored I figure the straightening treatment pays for itself. My colorist is amazed at this herself. I got it in July and have just had it redone this weekend. Downside: your hair looks like crap as you wait the 72 hours. I hibernated with a lot of books, DVDs and even bought groceries ahead!

  2. Women who wear mainstream cosmetic products may use as 175 different chemicals to their bodies every day. Most popular beauty products contain a vast of chemicals. The main group are three cosmetics in particular: Parabens – preserving agents used in many moisturizers and body creams. Sodium Laureth, Sulfate and Formaldehyde – foaming agents used in shampoos, conditioners, hand creams, nail products and makeup like: Lip balm, lip gloss, eyeliner, sun blocker lotions, hair dye and others.
    What is Formaldehyde? It is a colorless, flammable gas that has a distinct smell. It is also known as methanol, meythlene oxide, oxymethyline, methyladehyde and oxomethane. Formaldehyde is naturally produced in small amounts in our bodies. It dissolve easily but does not last a long time in water.
    Most Formaldehyde breaks down during the day, the breakdown of formaldehyde are formic acid and carbon monoxide.
    How safe is Formaldehyde? According to a fact sheet by ATSDR, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Formaldehyde is used in the production of our every day, all around us:
    wood floors, wood products, carpets, paper, food, antiseptics, medicines, cosmetics, house
    hold cleaners and fabrics.
    Sodium Laureth Sulfate – used in most product
    This inexpensive detergent is commonly used in cosmetic cleansers, hair shampoos, bath and shower gels, bubble baths, etc. – It is probably the most dangerous ingredient used in skin and hair-care products. In the cleaning industry SLS is used in garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers, car-wash soaps, etc. It is very corrosive and readily attacks greasy surfaces.
    Sodium lauryl sulfate is used throughout the world for clinical testing as a primary skin irritant. Laboratories use it to irritate skin on test animals and humans so that they may then test healing agents to see how effective they are on the irritated skin.
    A study at the University of Georgia Medical College, indicated that SLS penetrated into the eyes as well as brain, heart, liver, etc., and showed long-term retention in the tissues. The study also indicated that SLS penetrated young children’s eyes and prevented them from developing properly and caused cataracts to develop In adults.

    • You have a great point, you’re probably the only person who commented here who actually knows what Formaldehyde is

      • Girl the formaldehyde is not good, but you are not that bad either. It can be found in a lot of things we used. I offer the Brazilian relaxer treatment and so far every one is being very happy with the resort. Even microwave give you cancer. So some times you just don’t know what to believe any more.x

  3. There are formaldehyde free keratin products out there. How do I know – because I’ve used one on my hair and my hairdresser in the US is a distributor of them.
    I’ve brought the product over to the UK where a salon in Surrey has been using it.
    It does still give off fumes which some find irritating but it is VITAL to use in as well ventilated area as possible and use a fan to keep the fumes to a minimum.
    The product we have must be used with a sodium chloride free shampoo which is not easy to find here in the UK, though some health store products have them as do some Body Shop items and Burts Bees shampoos.

    • Can you tell me of any salons in Surry or the South of England that do the Keratin hair strightening process?

  4. Hi Candice, I live in London and I’ve been wanting to get the brazilian keratin treatment done but I am concerned about the long term effects it may have due to the formaldehyde content.
    Even the short term effects.. in four months time after the treatment when the product presumably wears off.. What kind of condition is the hair left in after using flat irons at 450 degrees during the treatment process?
    Is the hair in a worse condition than it was before the treatment?
    Even with all these concerns I have booked an appointment in New York in 3 weeks time as I couldn’t find anywhere that offers it in the UK.
    Please give me somemore info about the product you use. Is is Coppola..? Carribean dream..? Is it BKT..? And where are you located? do you have a website with contact info?

  5. I really suggest getting the Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by COPPOLA. It does not contain formaldehyde,and its really safe!! Not only does it moisturize your hair and takes away the frizz, but it relaxs your curls a bit. I was a little skeptical about it, but once I did my research on the treatment, both my mother and myself got it done. My hair is so soft and healthy now!! My curls are still bouncy and I have no frizz!! We both love it.

    I got the treatment done at my Salon, so ask around and see if they offer the treatment.

    • how long did you have to wait before washing your hair? my hairdresser says i can wash immediately if i want….

      • it s best NOT to wash your hair after the treatment for 4 days as to have the treatment worg the longest ( straigntening) this is what I was told and have done.
        IT works for me 🙂

  6. Does anyone knowif the keratincomplex smoothing treatment by coppola test their products on animals? I am having difficulty finding this! THanks KIm

  7. Question for jonotjoe who said she and her mom had the treatment done but still have bouncy, curls with no frizz… that is my dream, I don’t want to lose all my curl but I want to reduce the frizz. – can you tell me how many days you left the product in before shampooing it out? It seems that the longer you wait to wash it out the straighter your hair becomes. I would love to hear any feddback you can give about the process you and your stylist went through to keep your curls bouncy. Thank you!!

    • it was recommended to me to leave it in for 72 hours — i only did 68 before washing it but my hair was absolutely straight for the first 3 weeks, then I had a color treatment and some of the curl returned. I am at 6 weeks now with more curl but it is definitely much more relaxed and I can actually let it dry naturally without looking like a poodle. I would recommend having the process done if you use a flat iron on a regular basis. I have used my flat iron very little and instead use a round brush while drying to maintain straight hair.

  8. Hi,
    I heard that the Peter Copolla DOES CONTAIN Formaldehyde, that there are many names for Formaldehyde and they just use another name for it…Aldehyde.
    There are so many Keratin products now and I am in search for the best one… any suggestions?? I have a friend who had the Bottanica Keratin…..anyone had this one done?? She loves it and her hair did come out AWESOME! She explained it as the same process as the Copolla one.

    • Got the Coppola Keratin Treatment, and I LOVE IT ! I did not smell any harsh chemicals, and my hair is so smooth and straight now. It takes half the time to blow dry, and now I spend maybe a couple minutes flat ironing also.. but not necessary. definately recommend.

      • I’m so happy for you; I did get the Coppola Keratin
        Treatment on 07/07/09 and I will get it again in a couple of months; so far still very relaxed with only a little bit of curl, I can leave it to dry naturally and I don’t look like a poodle, but if you want it straighter use the flat iron for a couple of minutes and voila perfect hair, this is one the best investments I’ve ever made.
        Congratulations on having great hair every day!
        p.s.I’m using the Eufora shampoo and Conditioner and these are amazing products that also make my life easy.

  9. hello guys… i’m really thinking of getting this keratin therapy for my hair… but i”m wondering if this thing works with dye coloured hair

  10. how will keratin react with wave med to fine hair.?and is it easy to curl? and will the curl hold without alot of hair spray?after process done.

  11. I have wave med thin hair. i”am worried it will look too flat to my hair. also after the process is done is it easy to curl and does it hold without alot of hair spray.

  12. I have extremely thick, long hair and it’s curly and very hard to straighten so I was thinking of getting the Keratin treatment. Is it better than getting it Japanese Straightened? Does it last long? Would it make my hair completely straight?

    • honestly, DO NOT get the japanese straightening treatment – especially if your hair is so curly like you say. I was actually doing my first keratin treatment this weekend (its AMAZING!!!) and the client after me was a girl getting the keratin treatment after having the japanese treatment done. The problem with Japanese treatment is its permanent – meaning when your hair grows out it grows out curly again and looks sooooooo awful. if you think about it, the “permanence” of the japanese treatment doesn’t exist for girls like us with very curly hair – we have to retouch it every couple of months so to keep the look.

      get the keratin treatment.

      • I got the Japanese straightening treatment and it RUINED my hair! it did take away the curl but not the frizz at all, as well as left my hair extremely sensitive and eventually broke off completely. i stopped getting it done because i realized how bad the breakage was …I definitely recommend the Coppola Keratin treatment its great for your hair and leaves you with absolutely no damage, although i do wish it took out more of the girl.

    • The keratin smoothing treatment will not make your hair completely straight. It will just take away the frizz and make it much smoother and easier to manage. Blow-drying takes me half the time and I also don’t have to use a flat iron! Keratin makes the hair stronger and does not weaken it like a straightening process will. I love the keratin treatment and I have done it twice now. I specifically use one that does not contain formaldehyde. My stylist is into natural and healthy products for the hair.

      • did you also wait 72 hours to shampoo? my hairdresser says i can wash immediately, even right after i leave the salon if i want to!

  13. Just wanted to share some info. Formaldehyde is the simplest form of Aldehyde. So, any treament claiming to be using Aldehyde instead of Formaldehyde is banking on your ignorance. I am sure the Coppola treatment is just as great, but I don’t appreciate the desinformation. I got the Nano-Keratin treatment done two days ago and I noticed some irritation on my eyes. Guess what? I closed my eyes when my hairdresser was blow drying my hear near my eyes. That’s all it took. As for smell, it didn’t have a strong smell. But I can imagine that this may not be a good option for people with Asthma, just like a nail spa is not the best place for people with Asthma either. Hello? Nobody noticed that before? Or perms, or relaxers… etc. Is a good thing to always do some research, but REAL research not just believing what the labels say.

  14. Of course the formaldehyde-free products contain a aldehyde–it’s what makes the treatment work. Never get these without great ventilation and a mask. Because they coat the hair, get color first. Ammonia, salt and more break any aldehyde down.
    demand to see an MSDA and look up the ingredients in a cosmetic ingredient dictionary or chemical website. Avoid if pregnant, have asthema, etc.

  15. This comment is too Alex, who asked about Japanese hair straightening. the Japanese is a much better choice. The brazillian, this, is more of a relaxing treatment that lasts three months, max. The Japanese, however, is utterly permanent. Treated hair will be completely straight all of the time till you cut it off. Only new hair needs to be redone. I have had five of them so far. Most commonly, they are done twice a year, to cath the three or four inches of new growth that accumulates in six months. I have extremely curly hair by nature, but i defeated it with this straigtening. I swear by it. In fact, i got my fifth treatment today at Sei-tomoko salon in NY. Its a great place, you should google it if you are local. May hair feels great and i wont have to deal with it for at least three months at all, then i will have to iron or blow only the top few inches or so until i repeat it in July. I personally love it. I am a college student and i really dont have the time to spend on daily hair regiments. This is convienent, easy, and beautiful. I can do things with it now i could never hae done with curly hair. I got a nice set of bags today, actually and i love them. i never could have done that with my hair as it was. i used to have to wash it every morning to get a comb through it. Now, when i get up in the morning, if i forget to comb it, no one would notice. It stays so straight and perfect all the time. The first time there were a few kinks at the top, but by the second, even those had been killed. I also dye my hair frequently. I have never had any reaction or problem with it. No damage to my skin, no physical reaction. The only consequence is you cant wash it, put it up, or tuck it behind your ear for 48 hours after. I small price to pay assure you. That first time i was terrified to lie on it, i slept sitting up. Last time i passed out on my side on my floor. makes no difference. Its durable. I definitely say go for it. This is beyond science. its freaking magic!

  16. Oh, by the way, alex, my place does not use flat irons in the process. In stead they blow it out very carefully. it takes over an hour and its painstaking, but less damaging and more precise. This ay your hair still has body as opposed to utter flatness or lankiness. It looks much better. I love it.

  17. I just had the Keratin treatment by Coppola, it is great! It took a long time though so take many many magazines or your iphone to keep busy. Do your homework, and find a good salon, it is worth it.

  18. I was told that a lot of places refuse to do kinky hair with Japanese straightening because it so harsh for that hair type, so I am considering doing the a Formaldehyde free of a Keratin treatment but not certain if it will be any better than a traditional relaxer or perm done kinky hair. The reason I am considering an alternative is because my lifestyle is now more active and I want to know which will do under extreme weather conditions for hair. I am in Toronto Canada, So I have to deal with extreme winters with extremely hot summers, and now being active involves me working out (extra sweat) and swimming (chlorine). Which would be better for handling that life style. I know traditional perming would break the hair under those conditions.

  19. Your Blog is very nice and informative. I am very glad to comment on this blog.I think your visitors will really like this post.
    Hair fall is a common phenomenon in everyone’s lives. Though aging is one of the major causes of hair fall, stress, medication and hormonal imbalance can also cause loss of hair.
    Hair loss may be due to lack of vitamins or due to hormonal imbalance. Therefore, consult a dermatologist immediately if you experience excessive hair fall. To learn more about how important vitamins are for our hair, read our page on Vitamins for Hair.

    • I had the Coppola treatment done. a month ago. After the first wash, my hair started falling out by the root in the handsfull. I have lost at least 30% of my hair, also, I experienced neck stiffness for the first two weeks, and reoccurs after washing my hair (opening the pores on my scalp). So, I can only assume that these harsh chemicals have seeped into my system, and continue to do so.

      Thank God was thick to begin with. It is long and layered, so the bottom 4-6″ will have to be cut because it is so thin. I do not have a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance. i get bloodwork and hormones tested twice a year. My Ph levels are tested weekly. I do not have stress, either. It happened immediately after the first wash… and is continuing. During the process, I did not experience any discomfort, so there was not the normal signs of allergic reaction.

      I am now getting acupuncture ($95 @), taking heavy doses of anti-oxidants /Resveratrol($75), Lysene, Biosil, and using Phyto serum ($50)on my scalp. Also, I am taking CELLFOOD by Lumina ($25) to add oxegyn to my system to promote healing. And lots of water. This slowed the fallout to the equivelent of what I would lose in a week normally…. now each day! i will now try wheatgrass, which is an astringent for the body and has amazing healing results when use internally and topicly.

      it would be rediculous to assume it was anything but this treatment, with the timing of the massive (handsfull) fallout starting right after the first wash. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TREATMENT!!! I am losing my long, beautiful, thick, sandy blonde hair. And, from what I’ve researched AFTER THE FACT, its common, though my stylist said it was wonderful. Not only is my hair thinning by the root, but the thick strands are now very fine and thin. Coppola headquarters said that was normal, but never heard of fallout…. (maybe they should google “short hair keratin treatment”.)

      • I have had it 3 times and I am noticing that my hair is falling out and thinning too. I wondered if it was the treatment, which I was told was totally natural and safe, so hearing your story makes me think it was the treatment. I was going to get it again but now I am hesitant. Not worth it.

  20. Does anyone know if doing the Keratin Complex by Coppola is safe during pregnancy or if one is planning on getting pregnant?

  21. This treatment is AWESOME. i love it SO much. basically what they do is wash your hair three times with a clarifying shampoo if your hair is virgin, and twice if it’s chemically treated. then they dry it so it’s about 80% dry, and then they section off the hair and apply the keratin. once this keratin is applied throughout the whole head, the stylist will blow-dry your hair. it will dry rather stringy, but once it is straightened out, it looks great, though doesn’t feel amazing. you leave it in for four days, and around the third day, the hair gets softer and smoother. then you wash it and it comes out AMAZING. you don’t really need product or a blowdryer. its just awesome. my hair is super super curly, and after i’ve done this treatment, the curls are relaxed and a lot smoother and wavier. it looks like i have super model hair when all i’ve really done is let it blow dry! it’s awesome. i REALLY suggest it. my hair is soft, smooth, and beautiful. i can’t believe i didn’t get this done sooner.

  22. I had this treatment last week at a salon. My white natural hair went yellow-green. I had to go back and the owrner died it gray. Now it is ugly gray and no life and no shine. My right eye is still bothering me. The stuff smelled like coconut. I was told that it would not do anything to my natural color, but enhance it and make it beautiful. I think this stuff must be dangerous, and the company should return my 240 dollars and be held accountable.

  23. comments, help?

  24. i live in dubai…has anyone here tried it? if so where?

    • I am sorry I don’t know of any!
      StyleBell Editor, Sapna Parikh

    • Yes, there is one in Dubai in many saloons. People use it all the time.

      • Hi Sally. I also live in Dubai – did you find a place that offers brazilian keratin treatment without formaldehyde/aldehyde? If yes what is their number and location? Thanks.
        Kind regards, Pernille

  25. my daughter has verry curly and kinky hair she is 12 years old and hates her hair how long does this treatment last and is it safe

  26. How much does the treatment cost usually? Will your hair dry nice or you have to blowdry it even with the treatment? Will chlorine mess it up, or wash it out sooner?

  27. I had the Coppola treatment last year- loved it! Worth the waiting and icky hair till I could wash it -then months of frizz free hair! Now my regular hairdresser just the Marcia Keratin product and wants me to use him and do it. Not sure if the products are the same. Is one better than the other? I do not color my hair and only want to get this done for the summer-anyone have any info?

  28. I use to have curly and frizzy hair and about 1 1/2 yr ago I I had the Japanese treatment done . I did not really like the Japanese treatment because my hair just became flat no vol. at all., and my hair started shedding a lot I didn’t mind that at because ,I have a lot of hair. Now the roots are grown out and I am getting some of my curls back. I met a beauty school instructor in a salon she recommended to get the keratin treatment, and she also mentioned to me that if I get it done at the beauty school it will be way cheaper. So I am getting the BK treatment on 12th 🙂

  29. I am so nervous about the four days immediately after the treatment. please help me feel better about it! am I going to be able to go to work? I am getting it done on Sunday… don’t personally know anyone who has and am freaking about looking totally greasy for days!

  30. well am thinking about getting it but i have really curly hair and am scared that after the 5 months that my roots are going to be curly and everything else is gonna be str8 help!!! i need oppinions!!!

    • i’m about to get it done, too…my hairdresser says that it washes out over time so you won’t have that root situtation…i hope so, too!

  31. I have found that my hair quality was improved, stronger, shinier, thicker, after having the treatments. It falls out LESS than it was before being treated and I’m thrilled. My first treatment lasted 6 months but that was over the winter. I’m finding that I need another treatment now after just 3 1/2 months but it’s summer and I’m sweating more and that means salt and that weakens the keratin bond.

    Star, I will tell you that I get my treatments done on Thursdays because, yes, you look a bit greasy the first day after the treatment and like something you don’t even want to know for a few days after that…blech! So you may want to either take a few days off or re-schedule the treatment date.

  32. I just did the keratin yesterday and I was wondering do I really need to wait the 3 days before washing my hair? My hair looks very stringy and its driving me nuts. Is there a possibility that the string look will go away by the 2nd day?

    • If you wash it after 1 day, it will last 1 month
      If you wash it after 2 days, it will last 2 months
      If you washed it after 3 days, it will last the full time

      • Should I get my hair color 1 day before the process or a couple of weeks later?

      • is this really true? i asked the stylist that will do this for me and she swears up and down, ten times around that you can wash your hair even right after leaving the salon that evening!

  33. i have had bkt 3 times. yes, you need to wait 3 or 4 days before you wash it (with a sodium chloride free shampoo). it would be a shame to pay that kind of $$$ to have the treatment not work to it’s full potential. there is no chance your stringy gross look is going to get any better over the next few days, it will get worse. many salons and websites will tell you not to tie your hair back. i tie a silk scarf around (like a headband) and keep the hair as smooth as possible underneath and i have not had any noticeable creases or effects. i have even used a scarf to tie a loose ponytail for a short period of time- i had a last minute DATE with a HOT guy & i really wanted to go out with him!!! talk about panic!!

    i love the results! after the three days, my hair is super shiny and looks healthy and smooth. it is not flat , and not completely straight, but it’s very easy to straighten with a blow dryer, whereas prior to treatment, it was hard to straighten even with a flat iron. i can still wear it curled if i want to. it takes HALF the time to dry and style, if not less, and comes out looking great every day, with minimal effort- which is new for me!

    good luck!

  34. I recently got the keratin treatment and i was just wondering if anyone knew of a good leave in conditioner that is sodium free and safe to use on your hair without removing or affecting the treatment??

  35. I have been doing A LOT of research on the topic of Brazilian Keratin Treatments. I am a pharmacist, therefore, I can read through most of the BS companies print w/ regards to the product being formaldehyde free. However, I am having trouble finding a website that lists all of the treatments available. I would like to compare the ingredients from each product because if my suspicions are correct all of the products have the exact same active ingredients. If this is true, then why pay a higher price? It’s kind of like purchasing generic Tylenol or the generic prescription drug your pharmacist fills to save you money. Does anyone know where I can find a list of ALL the brazilian keratin treatments offered?

    • Do you know what shampoos are safe to remove keratin treatment without damaging your hair? I had much hair loss when using the keratin shampoos and stuck not sure what to use. This was the worst procedure I’ve had! I read the sodium chloride will remove it, and considering my usual pre-treatment Aveda prouducts like Scalp Remedy, but still not too confident to wash my whole head again!

      • i had a keratine treatment aod when i was on my vacacion in curacao. it was perfect. I just use baby shampoo.

    • hi amy you seem to know your Ingredients very well ,obviously with you being a pharmacist ! 🙂 can you tell me any information you found out about the keratin complex smoothing therapy by coppola ? I have done a fair bit of research but would like someone who knows what they are talking about to tell me what the product consists of ! please help .

  36. I have incredibly long, curly, thick and frizzy hair. I wanted to do the keratin treatment and I want to know if it will work with my hair. I want my hair to be more wavy and not really curly. Will the keratin treatment work for me?

    • I have the same kind of hair. My hair is thick, curly and very dry with all the blowdrying I do to try and get it straight. I did the keratine treatment a just yesturday at the salon and it’s AMAZING!. Well worth the money I spent. It’s way better than a relaxer which only leaves damage to your hair. The keratine treatment puts natural oils in your hair and lasts as long as you take care of it and use the corresponding shapmpoo and conditioner. My hair was really dry and I had major breakage. After the treatment – my hair looks incredibly healthy, shiny and I can run my hands through it without it getting knotty. Now, I’m going to buy my own bottle of keratine online. recommend it 100%.

      TIPS from my salon:
      -Can’t wet hair for three days. Always carry an umbrella or a hoodie. Seriously. Because the process is still working into your hair.
      -Recommending not to blow dry. Use a ceramic flat iron.
      -Don’t clump hair with a hair tie or clip during the 3days. If you need to put it up just twist and pile onto top of head.
      -Wear a silk scarf or buy a silk pillowcase for bed.

      • yea i know it looks great right after you do it but let me know how it is after you wash your hair for the 1st time…like let me know if u had to put anything in your hair at all or if u could leave it as is if you can. and also if its curly, wavy or straight. thanks

  37. =)

    • No problem, I’ll let you know. I’m washing it tomm. I’m crossing my fingers.

      • thanks…i hope it comes out great.

      • well i washed it for the first time and it came out amazing. straight, sleek and shiny. i didn’t put anything in my hair, i didn’t have to. it really works.

      • u said it came out straight, how straight was it? like stick straight or wavy sorta straight? and hows it been doing the past few days, any noticable changes since the first day u washed it?

      • I also had this treatment done 0n 07-07-09, almost a month and I’m so happy, I used to have awful frizzy hair after washing it, no matter what kind of products i was using, but now I only used a little bit of shampoo and conditioner (Eufora brand) free with my treatment and for shine I use the Biosilk product (little bit), I don’t wash my hair a lot because my stylist said that the product will wash out along with too many washes, so
        I’m enjoying my first summer without the frizzies and I will have the treament again. Good luck to all!

      • ok thanks. yea i wanted something that would somewhat make my hair wavy and less frizzy at the same time.

  38. I have had this done twice now…december and may..I absolutely love it! I have super thick curly frizzy hair. I wait the 4 days the salon tells me to and then wash it. It is wavy now when i wash it and will slowly get curlier but the frizz never came back. It doesn’t grow out and give u curly roots like the japanese does. I can wear it without product but i do use a bit of spray to enhance the wave..personal preference. I have to blow dry it straight and use an iron if i want it super straight. It takes about 30 minutes for me to get it straight. i have pictures if anyone is interested let me know

    • i would like to see pictures if you have a before you put the keratin in and after you wash it…how long does your hair stay wavy for? i didnt want my hair stick straight, i just wanted it wavy and nice enough to wear it down and look nice.

      • oh well it came out straight because I flat ironed it. If you mean after I came out the shower then yeah my hair came out wavy and it gets curly like normal but there’s no frizz and it’s nice, soft and smooth to the feel.

    • Hi. I have an appointment for this treatment on Friday and am getting nervous after reading complaints about excessive hair loss afterwards. Did you have that happen to you? I would love to see pictures. I have had the Japenese straightening process done and it was horrible. I live in the South where humidity has made my hair so frizzy and curly that I need to find something to control this mess of hair! Thanks.



        I had it the week before last and my hair is falling out and I feel sick. The fumes were so strong- there are strong chemicals in this prouduct they are not releasing to the public.

    • i am intrested in seeing pictures my hair is very curly and thick so i would love to see what it has done to your hair please ! i am intrested in having this done to my hair but people have been saying about hair loss . have you found this ? has it made your hair healthier ? am so worried about getting it done ! please help !

  39. Can you get any Keratin treatment in Edinburgh? Could you please get me a hair salon address in Edinburgh?


    • You can try a brand called sunliss.
      I know friends in europe that have bought their product and say that it is great.I just ordered a treatment through their website and its comming as we speak. I will comment again once I have it applied.

      • So… did you apply the Sunliss yet? How is it? Did you do it yourself or at a salon? I am thinking of ordering through Sunliss also.

  40. Please show pics please please please LOL no really im considering have the keratin treatment done on my curly frizzy hair that now takes me over an hour to straighten by blowdrying and hot iron it kills me….. Please let me know of your exsperience thank you NIKKI

  41. Megan–Can you send the b4 and after photo’s to me please??

  42. I started doing the Brazilian Keratin treatment two years ago. A month ago, I found that it had strong chemicals such as formol (more than the approved amount by the FDA). I decided to try yesterday the Brazilian Blowout which claims to be formol-free. During the application, my eyes got irritated (just like with the Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Marcia) and it smelled. I washed my hair as soon as I came home. Today, a day later, I’ve felt my scalp tingling and as if there was ice on it – an odd feeling. Does anyone know what ingredients have been substituted for the formol to straighten the hair? Are they just as bad as the original straightening?

  43. Also, does anyone have any information about Liquid Keratine (DIY) which also claim to be formol-free
    I love my straight hair, specially during humid weather, so I am hoping this will not have the harsh chemicals. HELP!

  44. Hey, I recently got the keratin treatment done, is it supposed to come out stiff and hard the first day? im really concerned and scarred that it will stay this way it sort of looks nappy now.

  45. I had the Coppola treatment done & w/in three (3) wks all of my frizz came bk! My hair does not look any different now at almost 5 wks post treatment than it did before the treatment. I am so dissapointed. Cost me $$$ & time & all for nothing. I would NOT recommend the Coppola treatment at all. I followed all instructions to a T.

  46. Hello!
    I am black, with relaxed hair. How will this product help me?? Would you recommend my relaxing my hair right before the treatment?? Have you got any other advice for people with my hair type?

    Thank You

    • Hi Asha,
      You have to be very careful doing more then one chemical treatment on your hair. I would just stick with choosing just one chemical treatment.

    • I read that these treatments actually last longer on hair that has been previously treated. But it does not recommend doing it right before.

  47. hi i live in dubai and im thinking to get the brazilien keratin treatment my hair is normal its soft with a bit of curl i wondering if i do the treatment will my hair become flat with no volume coz i dont want that?
    also which brand is the best i can read here some people really recommend COPPOLA and others no ? i also searched i found brand called QOD GOLD?

    so can u plz reply me anyone would know???

    • Hi Rasha. Did you found a good place in Dubai that offers Brazilian keratin treatment without the use of formaldehyde? If yes can I have their number?

      Kind regards,

  48. I have blonde hair with pale blonde highlights. I want to try a keratin treatment and have two major concerns: (1) will the treatment discolor my hair? — I notice all the ads show women with darker hair; and (2) will my chemically treated hair fall out due to the extreme heat used during the treatment? Any success stories or cautionary tales from blondes are most appreciated.

    • I had it done the other week- DO NOT get this procedure. I had long brown hair with highlights, now it is all falling out and I have to see a doctor.

      • thats interesting, how is it your highlights are falling out when the keratin treatment is not a chemical? was the service done at a reputable salon, they probably used a relaxer or japanese straightening cream on your hair and claimed its the keratin treatment.

    • I have blonde hair with highlights. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it and it’s naturally quite curly. I live in a climate that’s cold/damp in winter, rainy in spring/fall and humid in summer. My hair normally picks up moisture from the air quite easily, which always ruined any blow dry attempts to straighten it. I did the Coppolo treatment 6 weeks ago and so far I really like it. There is still some curl/wave if I go natural (less than before), but now when I blow it straight it stays straight and doesn’t get frizzy with the moisture. Takes less time to dry. I’ve noticed slightly more hair loss than before, but not a huge difference. One recommendation … get your highlights just before the Coppola treatment. Even though they say you can get them two weeks after, I think the colour lasts longer if you do it before, and you also don’t end up stripping out any of the keratin with the highlight treatment.

  49. I had been contemplating having this done for a while, I was recommended to go to Marc Azzi hair its a salon in sydney, i had it done last monday, it is definately is a miracle for anyone that has dry, boofy, frizzy hair.

  50. My hair is extreamely difficult to manage, very resistant and frizzi. I but the brazilian treatment done twice, I really like it , it eliminated most of the frizz and it saves me half of the time I uses to spend on my hair.
    Did not damage my hair, just a little dry a few weeks after the treatment. can someone suggest a product I can use , I use the daily color care shampoo and conditiner by Marcia teixeira , I also need a good moisturizer and styling products (non sulfate) for color treated hair.

  51. I would not recommend the keratin hair treatment. I loved it for about 2 weeks and then my hair went back to its normal frizzy unmanageable self, just with slightly less defined curls. Waste of money and time and I got it done at an expensive salon and followed all the rules perfectly. If you have hair like mine- don’t do it. Oh and I didn’t really notice any hair falling out; maybe it depends if it has the formaldehyde in it or not- mine didn’t have it.

  52. I want to do the keratin treatment but only for the frizz i have natural straight to wavy hair and I also have a lot of white hair on the front half of my head it looks like a lot of white high light and I’m scare cause one person with my same characteristic said the white hair turned yellow and green plus the hair fall, now I’m more scare, does anybody out there with a lot of white hair had it done and has any good feedback?

  53. Hi does anyone have any info on the Liquid Keratin product sold at Ulta. It is many magazines and it is supposed to be less harmful than the others since you can do it yourself. I was wondering how well it worked

  54. this product is abesolutely amazing. my hair is kinky and unmanageable and it used to take me almost two hours to straighten. this product works WONDERS it takes me ten minutes to touch up my hair which dries practically perfect.

  55. i’m considering having the coppola keratin treatment done and i’m wondering how long after would i be able to colour my hair?

  56. Does anyone know how well the Global Keratin treatment is? I really want to get this but these reviews from this site and others are making me think twice

  57. Hi, I have had the treatment done yesterday, it took 3.5 hours ans she double coated certain sections to ensure my hair was well coated with the product.
    Only thing is my hair seems very still, dry, wavy where I have slept, I can’t brush it cos it feels like it will break as it seems brittle. The hairdresser said its where the product is in it but how can I go to work tomorrow with my hair like this?? Is this normal?
    I am so tempted to wash it tonight 24 hours after application. My hair isn’t that curly in the first place does anyone know if it will make much if a difference?

  58. Thinking of getting this treatment. My stylist recommended “silky smooth”. He said it has no chemicals in it. My hair is above my shoulders, thick! Will it make my hair too straight and flat?

  59. Hello!

    I’ve done allot of research about this product.
    I have straight hair, very smooth and silky, I’ve never blowout it, and honestly i really like how it looks. nonetheless i’ve dyed it several times and my stylist recommended to do the keratin, since it helps the hair regardless is straight.

    Would you recommend this product as an AID to the hair!? and NOT to have it straight, since as I told you, I already have it like that?

  60. try to use baby shampoo

  61. I’m looking for this AOD keratine treatment, does anyone where i can find these?

  62. I dont think people understand, keratin complex is for DAMAGED hair and is not for used as a straightening tool!
    In regards to the people who are saying it causes cancer, they now recon suncream causes cancer so your damned if you do and damned if you dont.

  63. Wondering if anyone became dizzy after treatmemt but before washing their hair?

  64. I had this treatment done ALMOST 3 days ago! I’m DYING to wash my hair, but I have about 6 more hours to go and I’m not going to give in to the pressure to wash it early even though it’s Christmas morning and we are about to head over to my husband’s parents’ house! Unlike most people that seem to be using this product I do not have curly or frizzy hair at all. My hair in naturally pretty straight with a little bit of body and doesn’t take much to straighten it with a single pass of a flat iron. So why did I choose to do it? About 4 months ago a hairstylist ASSURED me that he had a system to take my dyed-black and pink hair to a platinum blonde. I knew that it would probably be rough on my hair, but my hair is naturally (prematurely) gray and is very resilient to chemical procedures. Since I was having to have my roots touched up every 10 days because of the contrast between the black/pink and the glistening silver root-growth I decided I would give him a shot and hope for the best. Hindsight is 20/20! What a HUGE mistake! My hair was breaking off in clumps and was a horrible orange-blonde. Some areas of my “just-past-shoulder length” hair were about an inch long. I found a wonderful new stylist who was willing to help me correct it and promptly cut most of my hair off and redyed with toners only. Of course it’s better than what it was, but my color was fading in a matter of days because of the damaged areas and it was so incredibly dry and only looked smooth on days I washed/super-conditioned/blow-dried/flat-ironed and used a bevy of costly styling products. We’re hoping this will help lock in the color and give me more time between washes while giving me a more healthly appearance. If it continues to look anything like it has for the past 3 days I’ll be completely happy. The silky shiny texture feels and looks amazing!

  65. Ok. Just washed my hair and….WOW! Feels and looks incredible. Shiny, Silky, feels absolutely luxurious! Not a split-end in sight! Formaldehyde or no Formaldehyde…I’m sold!

  66. so naturally i have bleach blonde hair but this year i kind of went crazy with dying it and some has fallen out and i have the worst breakage ever. my hair is so dry on top of that becfause i used to also strighten it. i just cut it and am trying to get it to grow out healthy. im very scared that my hairs gunna fall ou if i get the treatment becuase of all the things its been through. is the keratin threatment right for me? and if so which one? thankkkkkss

  67. I had it done two weeks ago and it really did not have much effect. I have thick, curly and beyond anything else, dry hair. Global formaldehyde free keratin was used. After I washed it days later is was a little tamer (after a day or so), but still dry looking and curly. The person I used didn’t spend a whole lot of time ironing it, so maybe that was part of the problem.
    I did read that formaldehyde is necessary to get the straight, shiny look.

    I think keratin might work on easier hair, but if you have truly challenging hair, I don’t think it will have the desired effect, at least not the formaldehyde free version.

    As far as the Japanese straightening, I knew someone who did it, but said that her hair grew in even worse after having it done.

  68. can anyone who has had the KERATIN COMPLEX SMOOTHING THERAPY BY COPPOLA tell me if there hair has fell out ? i didnt know there were some
    many different keratin treatments available ! i am totaly confussed ! can anyone who has had problems with the treatment that i am talking about please email me ! i am very keen to try this with my hair but if peoples hair has been falling out then i shall be staying clear of it ! my email is :
    i would be very greatful for a reply 🙂

  69. I am currently researching the procedure and safest method/product

  70. Can anyone give an idea of how much they paid for their treatment. I’ve seen prices range from £100-£375, but what is an average price for it to be done in a Salon?

  71. I just had a Sun Pure Keratin treatment done today and I can’t wait to get thru the next 72 hours. My hair feels like it has wax on it.

    I had my hair colored just prior to the treatment (same day) and I have not noticed any breakage or hair falling out, not even during the flat ironing time, which took almost 2 hours on shoulder length hair.

    I had it done on a Saturday, which I don’t recommend. My scheduling was not good, but I hope it’s worth it. Do it on a Thursday night so you can wash it on Sunday night.

    I’ll let you know in a few days if it was worth the time and money.

    Fingers crossed :). I live in Florida with tons of humidity so I should know the results immediately.


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