Style It: A Modern Side Ponytail and Scarf

You’ve seen it on everyone from J-Lo and Lauren Conrad to the girl next store, but how DO you do it? A side ponytail and scarf look can be yours if you have 1 minute to watch this video and a silky headband…

Note: To glam it up even further, pair your new look with really big, dark sunglasses – ta da, instant celebrity status!


Props for a Pretty Hair Accessory

Lauren ConradDepending on your hair length, and your glam level, this adornment varies from person to person but it is always a good idea to have alternate look in your hairstyling repertoire. Whether you tie your hair back into a low ponytail, pull it off your forehead with a skinny headband, or clip it back with a dainty hair pin, this tiny finishing touch will add that little something extra that makes all the difference. Nothing enhances my mood quicker than a compliment on pretty hair clip or a colorful headband.

Whether you choose a large barrette, a pony tail holder, a silky scarf (think Lauren Conrad) or a skinny headband ala Nicole Richie, the smallest touches usually result in the nicest compliments.


My Flat Iron Plates Don’t Match Up

My flat iron plates don’t match up, is that normal? I bought the FHI Pink Flat iron and the plates don’t touch, is it supposed to be this way? – Crystal

It’s totally normal!
We have noticed that not all of the flat irons on the market have plates that match up exactly when you close them. Many irons have plates that are up to ½” away, and some flat irons have plates that do not touch each other at all. Rest assured this is a natural occurrence with the way many flat irons are manufactured in the factories and will not interfere with the performance of your flat iron in any way.

As long as the plates of your flat iron keep contact with either side of your hair section while styling, you will achieve your desired results. In general, I always recommend a section thick enough so there is no plate to plate contact at all. This helps ensure you are not causing any potential heat damage to your hair by taking a section that is too thin, and it avoids unnecessary iron friction that can cause wear on the plates over time.

Great question, thanks Crystal!