Hair Care Kudos!

Looking for a styling product with some panache? A conditioner with a cult following? Look no further! These five hair care products steal the spotlight when it comes to creating award winning styles.

The Terax line’s star product is so revolutionary in making hair ultra soft that InStyle magazine awarded Terax Crema its prestigious “Hall of Fame Award”. Formulated to provide additional moisture and strength to dry or damaged hair, while giving extra shine, volume and color protection, this honor was awarded after it was named “Best Overall Conditioner” five times in a row. See more from Terax.

Meet InStyle Magazine’s Best Beauty Buy winner – Best Straightening/Anti-Frizz Product – Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo-Relax. Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Leave-In Smoothing Sérum smoothes dry, rebellious hair and makes it softer and smoother with long-lasting frizz protection. A few pumps on towel-dried hair will take those unmanageable, unruly locks from dry to shiny right before your eyes. Exclusive Nutri-huile complex contains beneficial Shorea Seed Butter and Palm oils to soften the hair fibers and provide deep nutrition to hydrate parched hair. See more from Kerastase.

Biolage Smoothing GelBiolage Smoothing Gel Smooththerapie 
Control your dry, frizzy hair with Biolage Smoothing Gel. The exclusive Smooththerapie formulation gives fine-to-medium hair types smoothness and long-lasting control without weighing the hair down. Unique micro-emulsion technology with Silicones, Grape Seed and Avocado Micro-Oils controls flyaways and frizz, leaving hair naturally soft, healthy and smooth. Additional humectants provide light moisture to prevent dryness, and keep hair silky, not sticky. Winner of the exclusive Beauty Launchpad Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite DeFrizzer. That gets an A+ in our book. See more from Biolage.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Tri-PackBioSilk Tri-Pack Silk Therapy
This BioSilk Tri-Pack is an Allure Magazine Award winner and you know Allure sets the bar high! BioSilk hair care products combine the luxury and power of silk and always leave hair with improved strength and a silky smooth, frizz-free shine. This set was designed to include the three best-sellers in one value priced set. You’ll receive BioSilk Silk Therapy, BioSilk Therapy Shampoo and BioSilk Therapy Conditioner all for one low price. These lightweight products work together to strengthen and repair dry hair with pure silk protein molecules. See more from BioSilk.

Bumble and bumble Sumotech is an InStyle Magazine Best Beauty Buy of 2007. This paste/wax hybrid synthesizes the malleability of natural waxes with the structural integrity of microfibre-reinforced resin polymers. Translation: It’s fantastic, elastic stuff that lets you mould and remould hair with serious but supple hold. Sumotech pomade provides structure, texture and separation to any hairstyle while adding flexible support with a matte finish. See more from Bumble and bumble.

With award winning products like these, you’ll be sure to get a great style and some great compliments. Who doesn’t want that?


Elchim – The Ferrari of Hair Dryers

Elchim Uragano Hair DryerElchim Italian products are characterized by the unmistakable quality and style than can only come from European design. Elchim has been providing salon professionals around the world with products of the highest 1942. As an international leader in salon appliances, Elchim creates the perfect balance between power, performance and working time. Elchim’s high pressure technology provides higher air pressure which allows you to reduce operating time without damaging the hair with excessive heat.

Allure Magazine has selected the Elchim Uragano Hair Dryer (shown above) to receive the Best of Beauty Editors Choice Award. Elchim proudly accepted the honor of receiving the highly coveted award for being the “best hairdryer on the market.” Through consistent innovation, Elchim continues to meet the demands of stylists and consumers around the world.

Celebrating over 58 years of experience (WOW), Elchim hair dryers are designed to be long-lasting, easy to handle, powerful, and well balanced for comfortable use without fatigue. Each motor is specifically designed and crafted by Elchim to guarantee exceptional performance.  Made in Italy, the sleek European design and engineering craftsmanship of every Elchim Hair dryer has earned major national and international recognition and countless awards.

Well known and well respected in the industry for their light weight, durability and multiple temperature and speed functions, Elchim tools are expected to deliver great results and are informally referred to as the Ferrari of Hair dryers. They are famous for producing twice the amount of negative ions and drying your hair in half the time. Bellisimo!


Hair Fun Fact

On average you lose about a hundred hairs a day? Yes 100. But don’t worry, it’s normal!

Which BaByliss Hairsetter?

Which BaByliss roller set should I get? I like the 30 roller sets, but one is vertical and one isn’t, are they very different? – Teri via phone


We get this question a lot. If you’re looking to create curls, you definitely cannot go wrong with a Babyliss hair setter, it’s permanently parked on my list of all time favorites. (FYI, If you’re looking for a steam setter – join team Caurso – I’m on that team too!) But back to BaByliss.

Babyliss Pro 30 Ionic HairsetterYou’re comparing two very similar items, and from a technology standpoint, both hot roller sets are loaded with similar benefits; ease of use and exceptional performance for long-lasting, carefree curls of every size. They both feature quick heating times, and gentle, far-infrared heat to provide the maximum heat transfer from roller to hair. Super important when creating curls. Cold rollers just don’t cut it…or I should say curl it.
Babyliss Pro 30 HairsetterBoth Babyliss sets also have an assortment of the same 30 rollers in the following sizes: 6 Small 3/4 inch, 8 Medium 1 inch, 8 Large 1-1/4 inch, and 8 Jumbo 1-1/2 inch. These rollers have Ceramic technology for faster styling and eliminate hot spots which can cause damage to your hair. Plus the ceramic technology smoothes the hair as it curls, and wipes out the frizz so your curls will last forever – or at least until you wash them away.

That being said, the main differences between these two units are the design, the ionic activity and the heating times.
The Babyliss Pro Ionic hair setter has a space-saving folding arm that allows for vertical positioning and a vertically split cover for easy roller access. This feature was probably originally created for the stylist’s workstation to provide easy access to the rollers without using a lot of room. We know those salon workstations are puny. The folding arm is also extremely convenient for the home user who has limited counter (and storage) space.

This set also features dual ionic ports which means it creates negative ions to curl your hair faster and smoother than ever before. So if you are looking to curl with ionic technology, this set is for you. This set also heats up more quickly, 5 minutes, compared to 20 minutes of the non-ionic set. Both should be used on dry hair only.

Aside from these few differences, I know you’ll be happy with either set! To read more about each product visit our BaByliss section for the entire selection of hairsetters, curling irons, hair dryers…


Have You Met HAI?

HAI elite of San Diego, California, have created both HAI classic and HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools and implements. The president of the company, Richard Ouellette is a hairdresser and an inventor who felt that stylists around the world needed tools that would allow them to enhance their creativity by straightening, smoothing, curling, and creating directional shape in hair. The superior line of HAI elite Ceramic styling tools was developed for salon professionals by professionals, led by world-renowned designer Phillip Wilson through our six Southern California based Salons. The HAI elite tools are the latest addition, and were created with the most current innovations in materials and design.

HAI elite Tong 2O.R.M.
HAI elite prides itself in being leaders in innovation with new age ceramic tools providing stylists enhanced comfort effectiveness and creativity. The body of the HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons is designed with Optimum Resonant Materials consisting of Tourmaline, Serpentine and Chinon. This combination purifies, stabilizes and deodorizes hair. By emitting both negative and positive ions the ORM actually improves the condition of the hair! Shown: HAI Elite Tong 2″ Styling Tool.

HAI elite Rod Styling ToolCeramic Fusion Technology
HAI elite utilizes “ceramic fusion” technology, the same used on Space Shuttle. Ceramic Fusion technology is the layering of a solid ceramic plate, a very thin layer of metal (aluminum) to conduct consistent heat, then another layer of ceramic with a heater running through, offering surround heat- designed to last in a professional environment. Power fuses the two substances together preventing any rough spots, cold spots, chemical stains, or chipping, while insuring complete transmission of a high degree of far infrared rays. Shown HAI elite Rod Ceramic Styling Iron.

HAI Elite Digistik Hair StraightenerMEGA Ion Producing Technology
HAI elite utilizes negative Ion technology – with the infusion of Tourmaline the HAI elite fine ceramic tools we increase the output of IONS that give off both positive and negative electrical charges that act as antioxidants which produce health. With the MEGA Ionic technology we are able to entrap moisture in the hair and seals the cuticle for beautiful shine and condition. Shown: HAI elite Digistik Styling Tool.

HAI elite Turbo Hair DryerFar-infrared Heating
Far Infrared heat works on an atomic level to ionically charge the hair. Far infrared heat locks in color and seals in moisture resulting in healthier hair. With the far-infrared heat, HAI elite ensures the professional hair designer protective control over various hair types and conditions, including chemically fragile and chemically straightened hair, by sealing in natural oils and moisture to the cuticle. Shown: HAI Elite Turbo HAIonic Hair Dryer.

Innovations in Design
HAI elite fine ceramic tools offer flash heating in seconds, are superbly balanced, light in weight, attractive and extremely stylist friendly with 10-foot swivel chords to maximize work convenience. HAI elite Fine Ceramic Styling Irons have beveled edges, which are essential for complete control in straightening, curling or adding flip to the hair with a simple twist of the wrist. Built for professionals our circuit board heating elements have grommets to keep secure prior to soldered.

Professional Temperature Controls
HAI elite fine ceramic styling tools operate at 110 volts, 50 watts and are set at 170 degrees, with flash heating from .05 seconds. The digital heat adjusts from 60 degrees for fine hair and up to 390 degrees for straightening and controlling long, thick, curly and unruly hair.



For more information and product details, visit our HAI and HAI elite sections.



Flat Iron Straightening Success

If you are looking for hair straightening tips, who better to get them from then HAI? HAI Elite makes and sells hundreds of flat irons, so if they are giving out some secret, straightening, styling tips for their tools, we’ll gladly take them. Whether you use your flat iron every day, or you’re a newbie, these tips will set you straight!

Tip 1: Adjust the heat according to the texture of the hair. Fine hair should be styled at temperatures from 170 to 225 degrees. Medium textured hair can be styled at temperatures from 200 to 325 degrees. Coarse hair can be styled at temperatures from 300 to 325 degrees.

Tip 2: Take the right size sections. The length of the section should be no longer than the length of the irons plates to be sure that all hair is coming in contact with the ceramic.The width of your section should be the same as the of the width of the iron, or smaller, taking too large of a section can affect the hair in the center by not getting heated properly. This is especially true for coarse, thick and hard to curl hair. 

Tip 3: Work from the bottom up. Section hair into four separate sections for control. Start in one section from the bottom and work up to part line. This way you are able to iron all of the hair section by section laying the straightened hair on top of the previously straightened hair and not disturb the shape you have created. 

Tip 4: Work in smooth fluid motions. Starting parallel to the part get as close to the scalp as you can and glide through to the ends. This avoids any crimps or creases in the hair.                                            

Tip 5: Always comb through the section removing any tangles before gliding the iron through the hair.


Tip 6: Use a shine product on the sections to lock in the shape and add a natural looking sheen to the hair, we recommend natural looking sheen to the hair.


Flat Irons and Wet Hair

Can I use a CHI Volume flat iron on wet hair?  – Kiki via email

NO! A very passionate no, but let me explain…

CHI Volume 3/4Technically you can use any flat iron on wet hair, but that doesn’t mean you should. Your already delicate hair is much more vulnerable when it is wet. This means it’s subject to more breakage and damage then when it’s dry. Doesn’t sound like the greatest time to start running a red hot appliance down your hair strands does it?

No, of course not.

Not only will using a flat iron on wet hair potentially cause damage to your hair strands (as will all flat irons, not just the CHI Volume flat iron) it will also inhibit your styling results, and lead to poor performance of the iron. No one wants that.

CHI Wet-to-Dry Flat IronI would never use a flat iron on wet hair unless it’s a wet-to-dry model, and even then I’d want my hair 90%-95% dry. The healthier you can keep your hair the better, this means only using your flat iron when your hair is 100% dry. Thanks for asking, now please put that notion out of your head.


Celeb Style: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale’s star sure is shining bright in young Hollywood, and so are many stylish looks in this video. Who knew there were so many different ways to wear your hair? Ah, youth.

Ashley proves that all it takes is a little inspiration, imagination, and of course, a few key products! Check out this hairstyle video montage, you’ll see…