Flat Iron Straightening Success

If you are looking for hair straightening tips, who better to get them from then HAI? HAI Elite makes and sells hundreds of flat irons, so if they are giving out some secret, straightening, styling tips for their tools, we’ll gladly take them. Whether you use your flat iron every day, or you’re a newbie, these tips will set you straight!

Tip 1: Adjust the heat according to the texture of the hair. Fine hair should be styled at temperatures from 170 to 225 degrees. Medium textured hair can be styled at temperatures from 200 to 325 degrees. Coarse hair can be styled at temperatures from 300 to 325 degrees.

Tip 2: Take the right size sections. The length of the section should be no longer than the length of the irons plates to be sure that all hair is coming in contact with the ceramic.The width of your section should be the same as the of the width of the iron, or smaller, taking too large of a section can affect the hair in the center by not getting heated properly. This is especially true for coarse, thick and hard to curl hair. 

Tip 3: Work from the bottom up. Section hair into four separate sections for control. Start in one section from the bottom and work up to part line. This way you are able to iron all of the hair section by section laying the straightened hair on top of the previously straightened hair and not disturb the shape you have created. 

Tip 4: Work in smooth fluid motions. Starting parallel to the part get as close to the scalp as you can and glide through to the ends. This avoids any crimps or creases in the hair.                                            

Tip 5: Always comb through the section removing any tangles before gliding the iron through the hair.


Tip 6: Use a shine product on the sections to lock in the shape and add a natural looking sheen to the hair, we recommend natural looking sheen to the hair.


3 Responses

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  2. “Use a shine product on the sections to lock in the shape” – any suggestions here? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a spray on shine product and would love to know some products to check out.

  3. Have you heard of the brand got2b? They make a product called Dazzling Shine Spray that you can find in your local drugstore. If the spray on shine isn’t your thing, try a shine serum instead – I’d suggest Terax Glossing Serum, or The End Shine Enhancing Serum for a glossy shine. You can also try a shine enhancing hairspray like Davines Glam Power Spray – that will add shine to your entire hair style, and will add flexible hold as well, and you don’t need to spray individual sections.

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