Everything You Need to Know About Maxiglide…and More!

Maxiglide Flat IronIf you are an avid “Maxiglider” or are looking to become a new found fan of the Maxiglide Hair Straightener check out these Q&A’s from Maxius Beauty. At StyleBell we love to share what we find with you so  you can make the most informed decisions…. 

How can I tell if the Maxiglide is on? When your Maxiglide is on the blue light at the base of the unit will begin flashing until it has heated up completely and the light will stay blue. Turn your Maxiglide on by using the temperature dial at the bottom of the unit near the base of the power cord. 

How do I clean my Maxiglide? You can remove the plates by pushing in the two buttons on either side of the unit and sliding the plates off. Never immerse your Maxiglide into water — you must remove the plates to clean them. Use a soft cloth or toothbrush and dish soap to gently remove the build up on the plates. completely dry them before they are put back on your Maxiglide. 

Can I use Maxiglide on wet hair?  Virtually any flat iron can be used on wet hair, including Maxiglide because water evaporates at 100 degrees, and practically all irons get hotter than that. But we really don’t recommend it at all. If you are looking for a flat iron that works on damp hair – check out our wet-to-dry flat iron section, that would be a better choice for you.  

Why you shouldn’t use Maxiglide on wet hair: According to Maxius Beauty, when the hair is wet, it has more elasticity, like a rubber band. When you use a hot iron not designed for use on wet hair, you are stretching the hair and drying it. It is a little like ironing a wet wool sweater…it gets stretched and big. As you are stretching the hair it actually gets thinner and weaker – just like a rubber band. Most importantly, if you start with wet hair, what would you do about the hair close to your scalp? Umm… let it stay wet? No. Face it, Maxiglide has over 25 years of styling experience and over 6 years of development, if they say it works best on dry hair, it does. 

Can you use the Maxiglide on wet hair or does it need to be completely dry? Hair should be dry, dry, dry. Read why you shouldn’t use a Maxiglide on wet hair above, I think they really nailed the answer. 

Beyond Straight Temporary StraightenerWill the Maxiglide work on all hair types? Although no product has ever worked 100% on all users, it is extremely rare that a customer will say the Maxiglide did not work for them. If you follow the instructional DVD and styling tips we are extremely confident that Maxiglide will work for you. Please note; we do not recommend use on very damaged or fragile hair, and we always recommend using a thermal protectant before using any heat styling appliance. Try Beyond Straight (pictured left), it helps straighten and protect your hair from the heat – double bonus points!

Can I use Maxiglide on ethnic hair?  You can definitely use the Maxiglide on ethnic hair. We recommend using it on dry hair along with a thermal protectant to lightly coat your hair before you start styling. The thermal protectant along with the ceramic iron will close the cuticle therefore helping hair stay soft and straight and not frizz in humid temperatures.

My hair is very thick and frizzy, will Maxiglide work for me?  To use the Maxiglide if your hair is especially frizzy, dry, brittle or stubborn, first, without applying a lot of pressure, barely close the iron and quickly go over the frizzy, brittle part of the hair which is usually the last 3-7 inches before the ends, with 1 or 2 bursts of steam. (This will soften the hair, much like you would iron out a tough wrinkle in a shirt). Then go over the entire section from the roots to the ends WITHOUT THE STEAM. Please note I really do not recommend the use of any heat styling appliance on very damaged, fragile hair, and I would always use a flat iron with a thermal heat protectant, for added protection.  

Is Maxiglide safe to use everyday? I normally recommend using a Maxiglide once or twice a week. But then again that’s what everyone recommends for all flat irons. We know we all use them all the time! If you really want to use it more often than once a week, just make sure you deep condition your hair before you use it. You must also use a thermal protection product to keep your hair safe from the excessive heat and to keep your hair healthy and in optimal condition. If you’re going to use any heat styling appliance that frequently, just protect your hair and you should be A-OK. 

What temperature does the Maxiglide reach? At the highest heat setting it reaches 430 degrees. We don’t suggest the hottest setting for everyone; please see Maxiglide Styling Tips to find the setting that is right for you. 

What is the difference between Maxiglide and other hair straightening flat irons? Basically all the ceramic irons are the same, there is a heating element and there is a ceramic plate — but that is where the similarity stops. There is very little in common between multi-patented Maxiglide and other ceramic irons. Maxiglide is the only product in the world that detangles, smoothes, hydrates, and straightens the hair in one step and one tool, guaranteed by Maxius Beauty. 

Is the water compartment only for water? YES it is only for water, agua, H2O….Maxius Beauty recommends using distilled or bottled water and avoid using tap water. This will lengthen the lifetime of your Maxiglide. Who knew? 

I seem to see some hair breakage, how do I keep this from happening?  If you use it correctly, Maxiglide does not break the hair any more than brushing or combing does. However, when using Maxiglide, you have to remember not to use any pressure by squeezing the plates together. When using flat plates, including the Maxiglide bonus flat plate, you can use light to medium pressure. But you should never put pressure on the handle when you use the plate with the pins. There is no need to squeeze. The detangling pins glide through and straighten the hair without pressure. Also, you need to be sure that what you are experiencing is real “breakage” of hair. As you know we naturally lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day. When using the ordinary irons, you must first brush the hair over and over to smooth the hair, before using the iron – otherwise you just flatten the frizz! In the process, a lot of weakened hairs that are ready to fall out get trapped on the brush. Yea, we’ve seen that. Every day I see that – whew – it’s nice to know it’s a normal process. 

ResQ Deep Conditioning TreatmentWhen using Maxiglide, since you don’t start by brushing the hair over and over, some of the hairs that are ready to fall out will show up on the Maxiglide. You can distinguish the hair that has fallen from the roots, versus the broken hair, by checking the ends of the hair, looking for the little bulb at the end where it was set in the scalp. These hairs are part of the natural shedding process. You can always try a leave in, or rinse out deep conditioning treatment to help reduce breakage. Check out: Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment, Bain De Terre Recovery Complex Smoothing Cream, Davines Rest Deep Restructuring Serum, ResQ Deep Conditioning Treatment (pictured).

I am experiencing a lot of static with my hair, can Maxiglide fix that?  Yes, we suggest using a thermal straightening lotion, a leave in conditioner, a frizz-fighting serum…we have ons of products to help you in this department. If you want to eliminate static, just check out these sections: Thermal Protection and Styling Products to find a static eliminator that works best for you.

I see a lot of hair from the detangling pins. Is this normal, or should I freak out?  Yes it’s normal. Everyone loses between 50 – 100 hairs a day, and about the same amount will grow back…thankfully! Hair normally is lost during washing, combing and brushing, etc. Since curly/wavy hair (unlike straight hair) does not get combed out everyday or on a regular basis, when you do comb or brush your hair, it seems like you are losing a lot of hair, but in fact, it is the total of one day or any number of days that the hair has not been brushed. When using Maxiglide with the pins, you are also brushing and detangling the hair too. Therefore the hair that is scheduled to fall out will be on your Maxiglide…not the bathroom floor.  

The End Silicone Shine EnhancerDoes the Maxiglide help hair stay frizz-free in humid temperatures?  Yes, all ceramic irons including Maxiglide close the cuticle therefore helping hair not to frizz in humid temperature. But if you use a smoothing balm or serum along with it as you style, your hair will stay frizz free much longer then with just the iron alone. Check out these fab frizz-fighters: GHD Smoothing Balm, Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream, Joico K-PAK Smoothing Balm, Pureology ShineMax Shining Smoother, The End Shine Enhancer.

Is Maxiglide 100% ceramic or is it ceramic coated, and really, what’s the difference? Maxiglide, as with many other ceramic irons, is ceramic coated on high grade aluminum, which, according to Maxius Beauty, is the best combination possible, even better than all ceramic. Why? After almost six and half years of research and development to create the Maxiglide, the engineers and researchers concluded that ceramic/aluminum technology is the best combination. One reason is that they found it to be nearly impossible to polish the edges of the all ceramic plates because it is a very hard and dense material…Maxius Beauty wanted the smoothest and softest surface to contact the hair on the top and the edges of the plates. After traveling the world and attending many industry events, no one at Maxius Beauty found one “all ceramic flat iron” that had a nice, smooth and polished edge. That’s why the Maxiglide (and most of the irons on the market, professional or not) use a ceramic/aluminum combination. It’s better for the hair because of the soft, smooth surface. With the ceramic layer on top of the highly polished aluminum, Maxiglide achieves the smoothest surface especially on the edges. So, when you turn the iron to create a flip, your hair will glide on the plate, rather than possibly breaking.  Ceramic is a soft surface to touch the hair, with aluminum/ceramic you get the great heat conductivity of the aluminum underneath the soft, smoothness of the ceramic, the best of both worlds, and your hair only comes in contact with the ceramic.

I noticed some of the coating coming off of the ceramic pins on my Maxiglide; can this be harmful to the hair?  Not at all. This does not affect your hair or the performance of your Maxiglide; it’s just normal wear and tear over time. It also could be styling product build-up you see coming off, and not the ceramic coating…. Have you ever cleaned your Maxiglide? See above for tips on that.   

I am traveling internationally; will Maxiglide switch voltages from 120V to 220V automatically?  The Miniglide is dual voltage but the Maxiglide is not, but we hear that a 220V Maxiglide might be available in the near future…stay tuned.

Miniglide Flat IronHow come the Miniglide doesn’t have the steam? What’s the deal?  Good question! We asked our friends at Maxius Beauty and the answer is a smart one. The Miniglide does not contain the Steam Burst System found on the Maxiglide because the Miniglide is meant for shorter hair that is much closer to the scalp. A big hot burst of steam near your scalp? No thanks! Good thinking Miniglide.

Want more info? Visit Maxiglide section to learn all about the Maxiglide Hair Straightener and Miniglide Hair Straightener for touch ups on the go, and to view more product details. 


Which Plate Width is Best for Your Hair?

Choosing the correct flat iron plate width for your hair length makes all the difference in your hairstyling time. With such a large variety of flat irons and hair straighteners on the market today, you might be wondering which plate width is best for you? The answer depends on your hair length more than your hairstyling needs. Most flat irons come with a standard 1-inch plate width, and you might be tempted, but if you match your hair length appropriately, you’ll make the smarter decision.

CHI Original 1One Inch for Everyone?
Sure, the 1-inch plate width will accommodate most hair styling needs, but it is really recommended for ‘medium’ length hair only. If your hair length is past your ears yet above your shoulders, (hint, it isn’t considered ‘short’) the 1-inch plate width is probably your best bet. If your hair touches your shoulders or is longer, you should take your time to find a flat iron with a larger plate width. Not only will it cut down on your styling time, it will eliminate the need for multiple passes with the iron, thus reducing damage. If your hair is above your ears, find a plate width less than 1-inch, yes they do exist. But if your hair is medium length, the 1-inch is perfect for you. Some 1-inch irons you should check out are:
CHI Original 1 Inch Flat Iron (pictured), GHD MK4 Hair Straightening and Styling Iron, FHI Technique 1-inch Flat Iron.

HAI 2 Ceramic 2-1/4Long Locks, Larger Plates
For hair that sits on and below the shoulders, or is very thick, A) I’m jealous, and B) you should definitely choose a flat iron that’s either 1-1/4-inches or more. I’ve seen them go as wide as 2-1/4 inches and these larger plates are great for creating smooth styles in seconds. Why go over a small section of hair with a 1-inch iron when you can plow through a chunk with a 2-inch bad boy? The styling time you save by using an iron with larger plates will free up a few extra minutes in your day and will reduce the damage you normally cause by going over the same section of hair multiple times. Some of my wide-width wonders are: HAI2 Ceramic 2-1/4 Inch Flat Iron (pictured), GHD Ceramic Salon 2 Inch Hair Straightener, CHI Turbo Ceramic 2 Inch Flat Iron, HAI Convertable 1-1/4 Inch Flat Iron.

CHI Turbo .7Short Styles, Slim Widths
Slimmer plate widths are perfect for shorter hairstyles. If your hair is above your ears or if you have bangs, a slim 3/4 inch plate width (or thinner) is perfect for you. When styling hair so close to your skin and scalp you should make sure you have the control a thinner plate width provides. If you hair is only a few inches away from your head, you wouldn’t want to go any larger than necessary. Too much hair-to-heat contact will only fry those delicate strands. Plus, if you’re a guy with unruly curls, give it a try…(umh, hello SANJAYA), you might be pleasantly surprised! Check out these fab finds: HAI Twig 3/8 Inch Flat Iron, WEE CHI 1/2 Inch Flat Iron, CHI Turbo .7 inch Flat Iron (pictured), Miniglide.

Though the size of the plates you choose really depend on your personal preference, by taking the time to do a little research, you might find there is a better flat iron more suited for you and your hair length.

If you’d like to learn more, our Best Flat Irons section will set (and get) you straight.

-Straight Belle

Top 5 Hair Styling Essentials

Every hairstyle maven knows that maintaining a great look takes a bit of inspiration, a little personality and some really great products and tools! Keep those bad hair days at bay with these top five essential hairstyling must-haves…who needs a professional stylist?

CHI Rocket Hair DryerA Quality, High Voltage Hair Dryer

You think this one would be no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people are still using sub-par quality hairdryers. With technological advancements and so many great dryers on the market today at every price point, what are you waiting for? Depending on your hair length and thickness, you have such a wide variety to choose from, you’re sure to find one perfect for your hair. My favorite buzzwords: Ceramic/Ionic, Tourmaline, Professional, Negative Ions.

Some of the best-sellers on the market: BaByliss Pro Ceramix Extreme Hair Dryer, CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer (pictured), BaByliss Pro Porcelain Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer, Elchim Galaxy, Super Solano X Hair Dryer. See more hot picks in our Hair Dryer section.

HAI elite Tong Styling ToolA Versatile Ceramic Flat Iron
Also known as a styling iron, this wonder tool is one appliance you should never go without. Available in plate widths from the 3/4” mini though the large 2” width, there is a flat iron for every length of hair. Depending on your hair style and hairstyling needs, some models also come with curved edge plates that will create curls and waves as well as straight styles. There are also wet-to-dry irons that are great for those of you who don’t have the time to blow dry before straightening. Keep in mind that every flat iron needs a safe place for it to rest while in use, or cooling down. So don’t forget a heatproof mat…safety first!

My favorite buzzwords: Ceramic, Ionic, Tourmaline, Professional, Negative Ions, Far-Infrared Heat, Nano, Titanium, Silver. 

Best-selling Flat Irons: GHD MK3 Professional 1” Straightener, HAI elite Tong 2″ Tourmaline Flat Iron (pictured), CHI Original Ceramic 1” Flat Iron, FHI Pink Ceramic 1” Flat Iron, CHI Nano Digital 1-1/4” Flat Iron. See more in our Best Flat Irons section.

CHI 44 Iron GuardA Healthy Heat Protectant
You know you would turn your flat iron up to 600° if you could, but have you ever thought about what you are doing to your hair? Relax, now you can protect your hair as you straighten. Most of today’s heat protectants are loaded with good-for-you heat activated ingredients that don’t just protect your hair from the excessive high temperatures of hair dryers and flat irons, they actually increase the health of your hair as you style. The hotter, the better! Go for it.

My Faves: FHI Heat Hot Sauce, Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Smoother, CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray (pictured), Bain de Terre Shine Serum Anti-Frizz Recovery Complex

See more in our Thermal Protection section.
A Round Barrel Ceramic Ionic Hairbrush
A necessity for every hairstyle, and best friend to your good quality, high voltage hair dryer above is a round barrel brush. You’ll get bonus points here if you have round barrel brush that is ceramic and ionic. The more negative ions you can create while styling the better. With an ionic brush, negative ions are created from the heat of the blow dryer heating the brush. If you are using an ionic hair dryer also, you’ve hit the ionic jackpot. What’s so great about negative ions? They enable the moisture to be sealed into the hair cuticle, and an increased amount of ionic energy allows the brush to slip easily through your hair without pulling or snagging, promising smooth results. Plus a round brush is so versatile, making it easy to straighten or curl. Convinced? I am!

HAI Large Round Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush

My must-have: HAI Large Round Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush (pictured).

Depending on your styling habits, you can choose a brush with a smaller or larger barrel to suit your hair length and texture, but stick with a round barrel to help you straighten and curl.

See more Hair Brushes.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Styling SprayA Superb Styling….X
Please insert your favorite styler for the X. Whether you choose a styling cream, lotion, mousse, serum, gel or spray, you need something to help you whip your style into shape. From creating carefree curls, to gravity defying spikes, to straight smoothing, a good styling product will help take your hairdo to the next level. Hey, those spikes don’t stay up without a little help!
Available in a variety of scents and strengths, I just love to mix and match them together to create my own winning combos! Some top picks are:

Joico Kpak Smoothing BalmStraightening: Alterna Caviar Styling Spray Anti-Aging with Age-Control Complex (pictured above), BioSilk Smoothing Balm Silk Therapy Farouk, Biolage Smoothing Gel Smooththerapie, Joico K-PAK Smoothing Balm (pictured left).

Want more? Check out this Straight Hair Care section.

Curling: Bain de Terre Smoothing Crème Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz, Fudge Oomf Booster, Joico K-PAK Styling Creme Elixir, Pureology PowerDressing, CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze. See more curl caressing concoctions in Curly Hair Care.

With these five essentials your hair will look like a million bucks and who doesn’t want that?